Correcting Chapter Tests:

About once every 6 days the students take a 15-point test (or quiz or whatever) consisting of about 30 multiple-choice questions that I select from the publisher's question bank. The software that I use is called ExamView and allows me to create 4 versions of the test, each with scrambled question and response order (called ID A, B, C, and D). To correct those multiple choice questions, please follow the process outlined below:

1. Get the tests: If you are correcting on the day of the test, get the tests from the 4-tray stack at the front of the room. If you are not correcting on test day, the stack of tests should be in the "for parents" tray on my desk by the window.

2. Get the answer keys: There should be a set of answer sheets in the same location as the tests. If not, check the "answer key" section of the stacker that is on the right side of the desk.

3. Make stacks: Put all of the version A tests together (regardless of period), and all of the version Bs, and version Cs, and version Ds. Add the answer key to each stack and paper clip them together. It's smart to correct stacks one side at a time -- that way you can probably memorize the answers, and are more likely to be accurate.

4. Match-up & correct: The spacing and numbering of problems on the answer key should match the spacing on the answer key. Put them close together and go down the page comparing answers. If the answer is right just leave it alone. If it is wrong, please just circle the problem number on their test (don't write in the correct answer). Mark the total wrong for each side under a slash at the bottom corner opposite the 3 holes. If the assignment is more than one page, the number wrong always goes diagonal to the staple, no matter what side you're on. If they get none wrong, just put "-0" in that spot. By the way, it is a good idea to look for a series of similar wrong answers -- the answer keys have been wrong in the past.

5. Side 2 & score calculation: Continue this process for the back side. After each one, it is time to calculate their score...

6. Calculate Score: Add together the numbers below the diagonal slashes on both sides of the sheet and write it at the top of the front. (That is the number of problems they got wrong, but each problem is not worth a whole point.) Then put an = sign after that number. Next, calculate how many times 2 goes into that number (ignoring fractions) and write it after the equals sign. (That is the number of points that they missed). Lastly, subtract that number from 15 (total points possible on the test) and write it as a fraction over 15.

Example 1: -4 = -2 = 13/15

Example 2: -9 = -4 = 11/15

Example 3: -1 = -0 = 15/15

Example 4: -11.5 = -5 = 10/15

7. Sort By Class, Alpha 1st: Your piles are still in version number, regardless of class. Now, please separate the tests by class period and put each class pile in order alphabetical by first name. This makes it easy to put the scores into the gradebook as well as identify any missing tests.

8. What if: If you don't finish any step, use the yellow Post-It note to write down what side of what class that you corrected, and stick it to the answer key. That way I have a record of who corrected what.