Daily Schedule

Thursday, May 25, 2017

1. Vocab set 18
2. Reflective writing piece for display at graduation

Social Studies
1. Current Events
2. Rockefeller & Carnige

1. Demonstrations:  Caedon and Will
2. Making (and describing) waves

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Assembly 8:45 to 9:00

8:45 to 9:00 . Assembly: Announcement(s) & Tech Challenge
9:00 to 9:15 . Bridges (we think that there are only 2 or 3 of them)
9:15 to 9:40 . Towers (there are 14 of them)
9:40 to 10:00 Catapults (6 of them; they'll start even if towers aren't done yet)

Back in class...
1. Current events
2. Next 8 vocab words
3.  Book club meetings (11 to 12)

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Science Fair
1. how many of each type of project are there

Rafting Trip
1. packing list and release form
2. lunch amounts
3. video of some SFA rapids
4. tent group process
5. boat group process

Scott Fried

1. current events
2. vocab set 18
3. empathy slides need graphics
4. science fair worktime

Monday, May 22, 2017
-new seats and current events people

Phoenix Award
-description & ballot

Writing Sample #2
1. Spend a few minutes with the 6-traits writing rubric
2. Discuss the prompt:  Impactful event, person, book, movie, etc
3. Pre-write as needed (scratch paper)
4. Google Classroom assignment

1. come up with a great word (check with me if in doubt)
2. enter it onto the spreadsheet
3. make the slide

1. demo
2. science/engineering fair projects and deliverables
3. making a simple electric motor

Social Studies
1. Empathy-action slide
2. Topics for the final four weeks

Friday, May 19, 2017

Social Studies
1. passback KD Constitution and review how it was scored (and expected answers)
2. current events (and sheets printed)
3. final slides of Early America chapters

1. vocabulary set 17 quiz
2. exposure-interest-empathy-action (slide)

1. Nicole's science demo
2. Applied Electromagnetism
-motor-generator relationship
-Lego Mag-Lev iterative improvements
3. Bill on Magnetism and my questions
4. Making a simple motor

Maker Faire!

Thursday, May 18, 2017


Social Studies
-3 more slides of Early America
-current events

-remaining 8 vocab words of set 17

Fill in this form about the engineering expo
Thomas on magnetism & electromagnetism (quiz after)
Bill on Magnetism and my questions

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

CAASPP Science Test (9:00 to 10:00)

Social Studies
1. Turn in KD Constitution worksheet
2. Current Events
3. Early America: Aidan, Thomas, MicHael, Rhema

1. Aidan can implosion demo

1. More vocab words
2. Check capitalization sheets with those that did the same ones
3. Book Club Groups

Tuesday, May 16, 2017
-yesterday afternoon's volume and overactivity impeded efficient learning
-I'm not going to give up on the teaching & learning as school winds down

CAASPP testing 8:40 to 10:40
1. phones collected & chromebooks out
2. log out of chrome then go to apps and select "AirSecure"
3. wait for session id number
4. when done with test, keep yourself silent and busy until all are done
(after the test, you can do English #3 and Science #3 from the agenda below)

Classtime:  11:00 to 12:55 (no math today)

1. First 8 vocabulary slides of set 17
2. Capitalization (again)
watch this video and write yourself a "rules" card for any you don't know
look at the first 10 pages of this pdf and find 3+ pgs that you need the most
add your name to those page numbers to the "to print" tally on the board
3. For set 16 quiz, use lined paper and use just ten of the words perfectly

Social Studies
1. Current Events
2. Early American presidents & problems: next 3 slides (Jason, Rhema, Andre)
3. After I add the missing questions, you can do and print this test

1. Michael's demonstration
2. Minute (not) Physics on Magnetism (video)
3. Read 18-1 now and tonight (here are my notes)

Monday, May 15, 2017
-new seats & CE (7 have paper done already)

Classtime:  8:40 to 10:40 and 2:00 to 3:20
1. Vocabulary set 16: 
Finish teaching the words,
then study if needed, 
then do the quizlet quiz 
tomorrow, paper test

2. Science demonstration: Taran

3. Constitution
you can do this test tomorrow OR a worksheet (Kids Discover magazine)

4. Early America each-one-teach-one:  
paper copy of topics and teachers (link)
review each slide so far, 
then Lena, Jason, Rhema, Andre

5. Writing sample #2:  
lets come up with a good prompt together.  
Rubric and scores from #1

6. Vocabulary set 17:  
show me 3 words, 
lets choose 1, 
enter onto spreadsheet, 
make slide)

7. Electric circuits
battery & light bulb
series and parallel circuit

Friday, May 12, 2017
1. Finish vocab set 16 slide presentations (quiz Monday)
2. Trip to CMT performance of Evita (story of Eva Peron & politics in Argentina)

Friday, May 5, 2017
-Science Demos:  Gwen, Ayden, Ken
-What work needs to be done for SF trip?

Social Studies
-turn in your letters to Mr. Gogo
-current events for Thursday and Friday people (printed copy from all)
-Early America slides: Ken, Maya, Gwen, Taran, Max

-quiz on charges, Ohm's law, power consumption, circuits

-finish the vocabulary presentations then do the quizlet quiz

Thursday, May 4th, 2017
8:45 to 9:30   Math
9:30 to 9:35  Go to snack shack, form car groups
9:35 to 10:00  Drive do Hall of Justice (190 W. Hedding, SJ)
10:00 to 11:45  Visit courts
11:45 to 12:15  Return to DCS
12:15 to 12:55  Free time in rm 25

Wednesday, May 3, 2017
1. 8th grade gift to school; options and votes
2. Sci Fair 1 participant list
3. Buddy time on field
4. Vocabulary slides
5. Current events
6. Electricity consumption
7. History book summaries
8. Book club groups
HW tonight:  courtroom procedures and questions for the DA and/or judge

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

-first 6-ish words of vocabulary set 16

-definition of voltage, levels of common devices, and the water-pressure analogy
-current is the rate of flow, measured in amperes or "amps"
-resistance is the obstructions to flow and is caused by material type, temperature, and length
Voltage = Current x Resistance
Power (in watts) = Voltage x Current
-measuring the "draw" of various household devices
-videos: Mr Anderson (9:45), Bruce the Brit (11:47), Smart Learning (5:56)

Social Studies
-current events: Kentaro, Rhema, Riana, Taika, Thomas, Lena
Chapter 11: Political Developments in the Early Republic (slides)
Launching the New Government (Parth)
Washington as President (Ayden &?)
Alexander Hamilton & the Federalist Party (DanChi)
Thomas Jefferson & the Republican Party (Michael)

Monday, May 1, 2017
-new seats... pair up with one person that you've never been with, and then with another pair
VoD:  Nature Patterns & Spirals

-write three possible words for set 16
-make your slide (in GC)... find 2 great sentences then make your own

Social Studies
-new current events days
-what other book chapters should we (you) study... and why?

SF planning groups
1. food, shopping, pre-cooking
2. map & locations
3. docent print docs
4. public transportation

-Thomas on static electricity, OR...
-science fair work time... use it well

Friday, April 28, 2017
-10 minutes of room cleaning/organizing

-demonstrations: Maya & Amiri
-what did you learn about engines?
-what did you learn about refrigerators?
-"Absolute Zero" video with worksheet

-remaining skits

Social Studies
-current events

Thursday, April 27, 2017
24 comment/complement/kindness cards

-start making the soda can stove (video)
-any questions on 10-3?

Social Studies
1. current events #18
2. finish amendment presentations

-more vocabulary skits

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

-rm 4 kids will have sci fair projects on display in here, so we can move there to do work
-vocab script, 10-3, CE 18, CS 28, etc

Experiment Fair (9:30 to 10:30)
-some of the experiments are excellent!
-look for the following two things:
-innovative & advanced ideas/topics/questions
-accurate measurement and data display methods

Social Studies
-current events for Tuesday and Wednesday people
-amendment presentations
-choose one, read it, get into groups, discuss 1. main idea, 2. what notes look like, 3. summary paragraph

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

1. Lena's science demo (set up, draw in attention, do demo, explain the science, field questions)
2. discuss & demonstrate (if possible) the stuff that you read about temperature and heat
3. quiz on 10-1 and 10-2

-vocab skit prep and maybe 1 group perform
-analogies: examples and video
-view-do some pdf's here and/or find flash games in yellow section of this page)

Social Studies
-current events
-finish episode 4 (10 minutes)
-amendment presentations

Monday, April 24, 2017

Social Studies
-Johnny Gogo, Deputy DA of Santa Clara County
    -players and processes in the courtroom (layout, roles, procedures, etc)
-return and discuss Bill of Rights scenarios
-amendment presentations

After Lunch:
1. Reading until 2:00
2. vocabulary options for this week: skit OR set 16
3. Constitution USA episode 4: Built To Last

Friday, April 21, 2017
-JoD:  bad wedding RSVP
-more sci demo sign-ups
-frisbee tickets

Social Studies
-current events for Friday people
-all, turn in the paper (name and #17 on it)
-amendment presentations
-Constitution USA "Created Equal" until end

-analogies examples and video
-vocabulary quiz
-analogy activity (view-do some pdf's here and/or find flash games in yellow section of this page)

-questions then quiz on 9-1 and 9-2

Thursday, April 20, 2017
-VoD: Juggler
-JoD:  What do used batteries cost?
-passback 8-3 & Ch8Review

-finish vocabulary set 15
-create a fill-in-the-blank sentence for your word for the quiz and enter it on this form
-writing a newspaper-style article from an interview transcript (from Scope magazines)

Social Studies
-current events
-amendments presentations: Nicole, Maya, Rianna, Jacob
-Constitution USA episode 3: "Created Equal"

-any questions on what you read?
-tonight, read 9-2 and we'll have a 2-section quiz tomorrow

Wednesday, April 19, 2017
8:45 to 9:40 = math
9:40 to 10:40 = turn in science, add to demo calendar, vocabulary, current events, amendments, IWoAH
11:00 to 12:00 = Book club:  Nonfiction meeting #4 (last); last round of teaching then the Kahoots!
12:00 to 12:45 = Assembly on the field
12:45 to 12:55 = clean-up your stuff then others' stuff then my stuff

Tuesday, April 18, 2017
-passback remaining CS 21-26 and 4 more PiF essays

-science topics and reading pace for the rest of the year
-science demonstrations
-types of simple machines and descriptions & diagrams of each
-demonstration of types of machines and some tools that use them
-research good demonstrations and propose 2 (see demo page in hotspot)

Social Studies
-current events
-amendment presentations
-SF themes: art, culture, history, and stewardship
-work on document and learning the stuff then explain it to me

-vocabulary set 15
-start a kahoot for the things you've taught your book club group

School survey, student version

Monday, April 17, 2017
-new seats and current events days
-SF crew to 26 for food, photos, quiz

Vocabulary Slide 15 & Curiosity Slide 26

Amendment Presentations
-chronological order

Calendar on paper for the remaining weeks

Abbi on Badass Women in American History
-her list and notes on Sojourner Truth and Victoria Woodhill
-choose a person of interest and find out lots about her
-add content (your own words, please) to your page
-5 minute notecard-only presentations later this week

Reading 2:50 to 3:10

Friday, April 14, 2017

Thursday, April 13, 2017
-my boss came to work in a new BMW today

San Francisco
-videos, sites, images
-document and organize what you learn
-when you're ready, lets have a chat... I'll probably ask "find-out" questions

Amendments Presentations
-send me link if you haven't
-make sure presentation is public
-add educationally effective images and animations, then practice your presentation

Science Fair
-review the 6(+) possibilities
-what idea(s) do you have now?
-action plan (with dates and deliverables)

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

-with rm 15 kids

Book Clubs
-meeting 3 of four

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

-decide on pattern
-get tile
-get, arrange, and glue down pieces

Social Studies
-overview of the judicial process
-Constitution USA: next 20 minutes of episode 2"Its A Free Country":  

Monday, April 10, 2017
-JoD:  Lawyer says, "My client is trapped inside a penny"
-what we will and won't do this week

About San Francisco 
-useful general information, regardless of which trip you're going on
-drawing the bridge (6:10) and advanced (2:39) and crazy good (4:40)
-cisterns and auxiliary system zones (video)
-Hetch Hetchy dam & aqueduct (video)

Josh on High School

The Bill of Rights
-overview of the first 10 (not in place of your presentations)
-Constitution USA episode 2: Its A Free Country

Things That Are Quintessential SF: 
Cable car & trolley systems
Bridges (GG and Bay) -vid 1
Earthquakes (1906 & 1989)
SF during the gold rush
Cultural Issues:  hippies, LGBT, gentrification, homelessness

Reading Until 2
Curiosity Slide 26 (now) and spreadsheet
Mosaic materials and sketch your ideas
Finish episode 2 of C-USA

Friday, March 31, 2017
-rooms 26 and 29: poetry competition video
-then Trevor Noah in rm 25

Room 25:
-current events
-food and Trevor Noah

Thursday, March 30, 2017

Rm 25:
-SF map
-review the parts of the amendment presentation
-discussion of race
-Cesar Chavez & la huelga (documentary)

Rm 29
-reflective writing about Walkabout
-Cesar Chavez & la huelga (documentary)

Monday-Wednesday = rm 29 Walkabout

Friday, March 24, 2017
-resolution from (or benefits of) yesterday's volleyball discussion?
-final words of set 14

Rm 29: Physics Intensive (day 17 -- last day)
What do machines do?
What are the 4 types of simple machines? (book pix)
Feeling the mechanical advantage of block & tackle systems
Bill on Simple Machines (w/ waffles)

Rm 25: 
-amendment research & presentations
-slide deck, invite me, make public
-learn stuff and then find out if/where it fits
-here is the list of who is doing which one

Thursday, March 23, 2017
-Graduation performances
-next few 6 words of set 14

Rm 29: Physics Intensive (day 16)
-graduation performances?
-demo by Ben Victoria, Takashi
Work and Power
-questions/comments/summary about what you read and then do quiz
-demonstration of work and power and conversion

Rm 25
Back to The Constitution...
-get your preamble paper
-lets chat about the Bill of RIghts
-choose amendment to learn lots more about

Wednesday, March 22, 2017
-first 6 words of set 14

Rm 29: Physics Intensive (day 15)
Walkabout Prep
1. how to add page breaks between sections
2. your single color print page (6 color copies, one per car)

1. What worked with your boat building yesterday?
2. What the ratio means
3. Portion of Bill on Buoyancy

-Bernouli demo 1demo 2demo 3

Rm 25: Nonfiction Book Club Session 2
-current events
-my groups (2 big tables, 1 small table)

Tuesday, March 21, 2017
-I'm shifting my focus, your roles, and our patterns
-vocabulary slide 14 (15 minutes to do it... now)

Rm 29: Physics Intensive (day 14)
-turn in the review questions for 7-1
-thanks for being so "teachable" (Stella's word)
-review what you learned yesterday
-why do some things float and others sink?
-building boats & finding ratio of boat mass to cargo mass
-add your data to the class chart

Walkabout Prep
1. sandwich contents preferences list (lunch on day 3)
2. pizza preference (dinner on day 1)

Rm 25
Turn in your essay pieces: statement, evidence columns, edited draft(s), final
Taika on Down's Syndrome
San Francisco trip page
-map skills
-your research and initial suggestions (chart)

Monday, March 20, 2017
-VoD: Tightrope
-passback vocab quiz 12 and current events 14

Rm 29: Physics Intensive (day 13)
1. Explanation of a "fluid" (vs liquid)
2. Explanation of "pressure" and the common & scientific units
3. Relationship between pressure and elevation & depth (diagram)
4. Tonight, read 7-1 and do the 10 end of section review questions (pg 185)
5. Walkabout document check-up (links, facts, and chart should be done)
6. Quick-response game taught by Stella

Rm 25
1. Vocabulary set 13 quiz
2. Essay status and progress (see steps on board & this spreadsheet)
3. SF locations of interest/activity (find 3, fill in this chart, no overlap)

Thursday, March 16, 2017
-last 6 words
-current events (Thursday)

Rm 29: Physics Intensive (day 12)
Make a centripetal force device
-experiment and document four things (some >1)
1. I notice that there is a relationship between ___ and ____.
2. When I ____, the result is _____.
3. I tested the effect of ____ on ____.
4. This activity makes me wonder ____.

Rm 25
-current events for Friday people
Pay it Forward essay work time

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Rm 29:  Physics Intensive (day 11) -- 8:45 to 9:45
Two more ways to learn Newton's three laws of motion

Walkabout Docs
-so far...
1. doc exists, is public, and linked from my page
2. useful links
3. two categories of facts
today... Daniel, Rohail, Erik, Gavin join groups until all are 3
4. put images into a table

Rm 25: (10:15 to 10:40)
-current events
-vocabulary words (quiz Monday)
-tonight's homework: turn your essay chart into a draft

Book Clubs
1. Random Groups (for just this session)
2. Teach each other about what you read last night (links on homework sheet)
3. Discuss what kind of book you want to read and how to find it
4. Pay It Forward work time; quietly and in these same groups

Tuesday, March 14, 2017
-Pi day activities until 10:30

Room 25
-current events
Branches of Government (2:30 to 3:00)
-finish poster, put on wall, get into original triads, teach each-other
-if you feel like you don't completely understand one of the branches, hang out there and listen to other teachers

Monday, March 13, 2017
-VoD: Fish Skin

Rm 29:
Physics Intensive (day 10)
1. shuffle yourselves into groups of 4 at a table
2. "Probes", one of each kind per person
    1. read and understand it, then decide on your answer and write it (in pencil)
    2. explain your scenario to your table and get their ideas; alter yours if you get convinced
    3. get with others who had same situation, discuss/demonstrate it, and alter yours again, as needed
    4. create a group demonstration and show it to the class

Rm 25:
11:00 to 11:55
Abbi teaches/shows 
1. color-coded claim-evidence-reasoning (grade 9, grade 12)

Reading (1:35 to 2:00)
Abbi Again (2:00 to 2:40)
2. recognizing and writing a good thesis (examples)

Making vocabulary slide 14 (2:40 to 3:20)

Friday, March 10, 2017
-current events

Rm 29: 
Physics Intensive (day 9)
1. exercising/increasing your observation & communication skills:  a burning candle
-setting up the paper & "what you think/know"
-light candle, make observations (. ! ?)
-manipulations & observations
-share info and get more
-final diagram & description

2. review what you read yesterday then take quiz

3. Walkabout document check-up; next step is to add images

Rm 25:
1. Please "turn in" (on wall?) your book club project and fill in this form
2. Finish branch of government poster
3. CS check (22 numbered and on top and spreadsheet updated)
4. What your "Five Paragraph Essay" sheet should look like now
5. Last call for presentations

Thursday, March 9, 2017
-current events

Rm 29: Physics Intensive (day 8)
-gravity and testing Galileo's and Aristotle's theories (does mass effect drop-time)
-dropping your object pairs

-need docent doc invite for GGP, GGB, Hostels
-today, do research and write down two facts lists:  one of basic facts/information and the other of discussion-worthy topics

The Grid, version 2!

Room 25:
1. vocabulary set 12 quiz
2. whole class personal-interest topic presentations (Aiden, Ayden, Caedon, Nicole)

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

7:45 to 8:20 Student Council speeches & voting

Rm 29: Physics Intensive (day 7)
-passback quizzes for 5-3 and 5-4

-docent groups, doc, sites

Friction & Gravity Activities & Videos

Rm 25
-current events (Neha, Will, Caedon, Rianna, Jason, Will)
-book club session 5 of 5
-project sharing & suggestions for improvement
-next book genre: non-fiction

Tuesday, March 7, 2017
-Current Events: Amiri, Ken, Taika, Nicole, Taran, Danchi

Rm 29: Physics Intensive (day 6)
Science demo: Ryan & Nathan

-who in your class is...

-overview (maps, pictures, & itinerary)
-car and room groups will be up to you
-docent topics and groups
-create document, add title and names, then find 10 good sites

Gravity (5-4)

Rm 25
1. lets talk science fair!
2. book club projects should be ready to show tomorrow, turned in Friday
3. purple sheet comes down Friday
4. branches of government work time

Monday, March 6, 2017
-JoD: Police told me my dogs were chasing after people on bikes
-vocab set 12 (word comparisons); remember, quiz on Thursday

Rm 29
Physics Intensive (day 5)
-demos: Nathan & Kamran
-time intervals and the difference between them onto your scooter graphs
-what does a newton feel like (as a push or a pull)?
Friction (section 5-3)
-review the reading & your questions
-pulling objects across surfaces and measuring friction (chart)

-overview (map & itinerary)
-docent groups

Rm 25
-turn in your statement papers
-new seats & CE days
-passback CE 12 and discuss  expected improvements
-branches of government:  posters & questions
-reading 3:00 to 3:20

Friday, March 3, 2017

Rm 29:
Physics Intensive (day 5)
-passback notes/quizzes for 5-1 and 5-2
-predictability of the questions I ask

Kianna's demo & Erik's demo

Graphing A Scooter Ride
-types of graphs and their uses
-get paper, make data table
-establish origin, axes, labels, and units
-plot data and make "best fit" (but not dot-to-dot) line
-add column to data table & add interval timing then change in interval timing
-title and turn in

Rm 25:
-more word sets
-current events
Pay it Forward
-topic to statement

Branches of Government
-question for each person
-continue/finish poster

Thursday, March 2, 2017
-JoD: Rolex & Timex
-next sets of words (Quizlet up, quiz on Thursday 3/9)

Rm 29: 
Physics Intensive (day 4)
0. Add new names to calendar
1. show me your notes for 5-2 then ask me questions, then do the quiz
2. Scooter "races"
    -practice timing events
    -scooter "race" timers collect data
    -10+ riders
    -graph the data of someone's ride

Rm 25
1. Current events for Ayden, Mikey, Andre, Danchi, Thomas, Karina, (Taika)
2. Branches of Government poster & draft of each person's question
3. PI Topic presentation by Aidan or Andre or Ayden or Caedon or Jason or Karina or Maya/Rhema or Nicole
4. Pay It Forward essay: topic to statement

Wednesday, March 1, 2017
-Anyone want to join me and Maya in pursuing senior connections?
-buddy time 8:45 to 9:35 (then to intensives)

Rm 29: Physics Intensive (day 3)
-less than half of you did the demo form (homework).  That's sad and needs action
-choose demo date: Rohail, Zoya, Red, Ryan, Isabelle, Kate, Kianna, Sadie, Daniel
-show me your notes page for 5-1
-any questions?
-defining units of acceleration and centripetal acceleration

Scooter Acceleration Activity
-practice timing and getting consistency
-timers for each marker, their sheets and marker sticks
-riders can trade with timers as requested
-when done, each person makes a data table & graph of a ride

Room 25:  
Current Events
-Rianna, Jason, Amiri, Maya, Neha, Caedon
Book Clubs
-this is day 4 of 5
-project planning time
-have it ready to share next Wednesday, due next Friday

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Room 29: Physics Intensive (day 2)

Daily Routines: 
1. get book and take it home (keep it there), 
2. check hw sheet each night (tinyurl.com/heumannhomework), 
3. read & do notes for quiz & activity the next day

Position and Motion
-5-1 notes
-making your accelerometer
-bring a timing device tomorrow (ie. phone) for scooter races

Room 25:
1. Branches of Government 
-created by articles 1,2, 3 of The Constitution
-meet as groups and review notes/doc
-look at my suggested topics and posters from previous years
-decide what you will put on yours and how you will lay it out
-start working on it, with everyone contributing something always
2. Teaching-Learning Sessions
-whole class or big-group sessions for those that have taught 5 or fewer people

Monday, February 27, 2017
-JoD: 1. what are the strongest 2 days of the week? 2. I thought Friday was a sad day, but...

Room 29: Physics Intensive (day 1)
-team analysis and building activities (bean bag toss and lava grid)

Rm 25:
1. Class Meeting
2. Vocabulary for this week
-finding pairs or sets of words that are related or confused
-examples: flammable & inflammable, valuable & invaluable, implicit & explicit, overt & covert, emigrate & immigrate, Hispanic & Latino, fewer & less, much & many
-think of your own, browse this list (or other), and propose one to me
-make slide that teaches about them
3. Reading time 1:40 to 2:00
4. Fish adoption field trip

Friday, February 17, 2017
-homework check

Social Studies
-current events for Friday people

-turn in section review
-definition, units, and formulas for work and power
-input force & output force, the distance-force tradeoff
-levers, torque arm (ratchet), inclined plane (screw)

-questions on idioms sheet then turn it in
-vocab test for set 11
-Pay it Forward (until end)

Thursday, February 16, 2017
-next few words in set 11
-current events for MicHael, Ayden, Danchi, Andre, Thomas, Karina
-no theme for CS #20; only those done correctly (20, 19, 18, 17) and spreadsheet filled get printed & scored

Physics Lesson
-balancing scenarios: teeter totter, on paper, sticks & weights
-pulley systems
-bolts into a board
-mechanical advantage & the force-distance trade-off: levers, pulleys, wheel/axle

-idioms: examples you wrote and then do the worksheet
-Pay it Forward topic thoughts ("statement" will be next)

After Lunch
-read until 2
-Captain's Coming with rm 26 from 2 to 2:20

Wednesday, February 15, 2017
-next few words in set 11
-current events for Michael, Jason, Amiri, Maya, Neha, Caedon
-Taran's presentation

Branches of Government
-created by articles 1-3 of the Constitution
-get into groups of 3
-decide who will learn (then teach) about which branch
-do initial research (book, videos, websites)
-gather with common-branch groups
-gather information and discuss

Book Groups
-day 3 of 5 (including project)

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

-discuss your translation and add/change if necessary

Constitution USA
-episode 1 (A More Perfect Union)

11-12 (Carol Bauerle here -- be great)
1. Idioms for Valentines Day (11:00 -11:30)
2. Teaching-Learning Sessions (11:30 - math)

plan for tomorrow:
Map Skills and Trip Planning
-Bay Area map and paper map skills
-scooter-tour of San Jose (idea)
-overview of the downtown area
-what areas/events/places in San Jose?
-dividing up the jobs and starting the research/actions

Monday, February 13, 2017
-new seats & current events days
-JoD: The difference between tired and exhausted
-passbacks:  CE 9 and 10 and check CS 19

-Articles of Confederation intentionally didn't provide a strong (enough) central government -- why?
-version 2 is what we still have today, and it has 27 amendments (additions) so far
-the original is on display in the National Archive: 4 pages, well preserved and guarded (image)
-four parts: preamble, articles, bill of rights, amendments
-sections on front of lined paper, preamble translation on the back
-copy the preamble (how I've written it) in left column, and translate it (your words) in right column
-look up or ask about words as needed

After Lunch
-Will's heart presentation & activity
-teaching & learning session until 3
-reading until 3:20

GAP:  2/7 through 2/10 (rm 26 Walkabout)

Monday, February 6, 2017
-before 9, find 3 words that you like from this list, write them (and your name) on paper, and give it to me.

Rm 26:
-physics intensive (day 18)
0.Two days left, so we'll hit two important topics quite fast
1. Browsing chapter 8 on work, machines, and energy
2. The important basics: levers, pulleys, and the force-distance trade-off
3. How to balance weights on a teeter totter but at varying distances from fulcrum

Walkabout Preparation
1. pizza preferences & veggie/gluten-free options
2. group gathering methods: the grid, the circle, cross-check
3. car and room arrangements as of right now
4. meal prep & clean-up crews
5. print-page on-screen... browse other group's links on your topic

Rm 25:
-report card charts: social studies & habits of mind
-Scholastic Reading Inventory:  website
-how to use the 3 Bonnie/homeroom hours on Thurs/Fri?

After Lunch
-reading until 2
-teaching and learning sessions; turn 1/3 of your purples into yellows today

Friday, February 3, 2017
-any edits or additions to the quizlet?

Rm 26: 
Physics Intensive (day 17)
-Bernouli demo 1, demo 2, demo 3

Rm 25:
1. current events (make sure you turn in the sheet)
2. vocabulary set 9 quiz
3. teach-learn & I'll do waffles

Thursday, February 2, 2017
-more words from set 9

Rm 26:
Physics Intensive (day 16)
1. passbacks: your AA, chapter 6 quiz, chapter 7 quiz
2. quiz on 7-2
3. boat design: share what you learned and challenges you face(d)

1. sandwich preferences
2. adding page breaks and table of contents to your doc

Rm 25:
1. passbacks
2. semester 2 homework policy and late pass idea
3. book club project entries?
4. current events
5. report card narrative page
6. two more charts in the progress report page
7. CS 18

Wednesday, February 1, 2017
-passbacks & vocab set 9

Rm 26:
Physics Intensive (day 15)
Walkabout Work
1. invite chaperone parent to your doc
2. doc components: title & team, 10+ links to sites, two sets of facts, images
3. meal crews

-why do some things float and others sink?
-building boats & finding ratio of boat mass to cargo mass

Rm 25:
1. current events Tues & Wed
2. get into "old" book club groups, discuss projects, post on wall, fill turn-in form
3. get into new book club groups, create reading schedule, discuss expectations/hopes, do group reading & analysis

Tuesday, January 31, 2017
-turn in science homework

Rm 26:
Physics Intensive (day 14) 
Attribute Activity
1. Testing it and making modifications as necessary
2. Packaging it up in a sheet protector
1. Units and how they feel
2. Depends on "depth" of water (or air), not the size
3. Weight of the stuff above you at an depth/elevation
5. Vacuum chamber
1. facts lists
2. room groups
3. packing list

Rm 25:
Report Cards
1. grade printouts out, & back signed tomorrow
2. late work problem, trap, and policy change for semester 2
3. the skills/habits report card: what categories, levels, and where the data comes from
4. your input:  each part explained and carefully chosen

Monday, January 30, 2017

Rm 26:
Physics Intensive (day 13)
Fluids and Pressure (7-1)
1. Defining a fluid
2. What is "pressure", what causes it, and what units measure it?
3. Atmospheric and underwater pressure (diagram)
4. Each-One-Teach-One: 
        barometer & weather, 
        hydraulics & machines, 
        diaphragm & breathing, 
        airplanes & altitude

Rm 25
1. Ten word lists need good-use confirmation, revise if needed (initials of author after each line)
2. Vocab set 8: online matching and/or multiple choice test; show me score then redo as needed/desired

After Lunch
-reading Science World 2/15/17 (one+ of each)
-teaching & learning sessions:  try to get half of your remaining blanks filled today

Friday, January 27, 2017
-next few words of set 8 (until 8:52)
-current events 

Rm 26:
Physics Intensive (day 12)
1. Finish & turn in the centripital/gravitational sheet if you haven't already
2. Group quiz of 6-2 that you didn't read
3. Skill building: finding common features & writing rules
4. Walkabout room groups

Rm 25:
Mrs. Heumann will preview book choices and facilitate selection

Thursday, January 26, 2017
-high school info/registration: Prospect in 26, Westmont in 29, DelMar in 2, none-of-the-above in 25

Rm 26:
Physics Intensive (day 11)
-what did you learn about orbits last night?
Three ways to learn Newton's three laws of motion
3.  Bill Nye

Walkabout Work Time

Rm 25:
Ibrahim Ismail: Growing Up Muslim in America

Block A:
-read until 2

Wednesday, January 25, 2017
-next few words of set 8
-passback CE #7
-all 8th picture at 9:00

Rm 26:
Physics Intensive (day 10)
Make a centripetal force device
-experiment and document four things (some >1):
1. I notice that there is a relationship between ___ and ____.
2. When I ____, the result is _____.
3. I tested the effect of ____ on ____.
4. This activity makes me wonder ____.

Rm 25:
-book project work time
-remember the writing part!
-tomorrow Amy will describe the next group of books & the theme

Tuesday, January 24, 2017
-first few words of set 8

Rm 26:
Physics Intensive (day 9)
-meet with "probe" groups and decide how to demonstrate your scenario and conclusion(s)
Acceleration Due To Gravity
-drawing the falling object diagram
-the formula and calculating examples

Centripital-Gravitational Experiment
-the device & how to change variables
-the paper

Walkabout Worktime
-find ten facts of medium interest level

Rm 25
1. current events
2. fixing site links from this page and printing CS 13-16
3. if your column is still empty, present to at least one person today

Monday, January 23, 2017
-JoD: This girl said that she knew me from the vegetarian club
new seats & current events people
-3 kids to host tours today

Rm 26
-passback KD Constitution, HA 8.5-8.8 notes & quiz, HA 8.9-8.10 notes & quiz, map questions.

Walkabout (9:10 to 9:50)
1. sit in Walkabout tour-guide groups
2. any questions about the trip?
3. start investigating your topic and follow these instructions (steps 1, 2, and 3 today)

Physics Intensive (day 8)
1. shuffle yourselves into groups of 4 at a table
2. "Probes", one of each kind per person
    1. read and understand it, then decide on your answer and write it (in pencil)
    2. explain your scenario to your table and get their ideas; alter yours if you get convinced
    3. get with others who had same situation, discuss/demonstrate it, and alter yours again, as needed
    4. create a group demonstration and show it to the class

Rm 25:
-passback vocab set 7, PS soc stu 12/14, Exploratorium, vocab set 5, CS 13-16, and misc
-read Into The Dark Water (Scope, 4/23/12) then do the 4 page worksheet

After Lunch:
-reading (current events ok)
-vocab slide 8 will be homework tonight
-make a web page for your mid-year investigation and put the address here

Friday, January 20, 2017
-selectives selecting until 9:30

Rm 26:
Physics Intensive (day 7)
1. About yesterday and your letters
2. Gravity:  Vertasium videos, discussion of book's graphics, quiz
3. Homework:  make two objects of same size & shape, but different mass

Rm 25:
1. Write a list of sentences, showing how you could/did use your ten words
2. Curiosity slide #16 (13 to 16 get graded this weekend)
3. Book project
4. Teaching/learning sessions
5. Collaborative story

Thursday, January 19, 2017
-math first period

Rm 25 (9:40 to 10:40)
Time to work on any of the following 3 things (only):
1. Book club project
2. Mid-Year Investigation
3. Curiosity slide #16

Rm 25 (11:00 to 11:20)
Rianna on biological 3d printing 

11:20 to 11:50 Walk to theatre
11:55 to 2:00  Hidden Figures
2:00 to 2:30  Walk to DCS
2:30 to 3:20 B-block selectives

Wednesday, January 18, 2017
-Sarah Moffat here to view us test/use the selectives app

Rm 26:
Physics Intensive (day 6)
1. What does a newton feel like?
2. Friction experience review
3. Friction notes, questions, quiz
4. Friction ppt
5. Friction using electronic force meter (and graph)
Walkabout Planning
1. Overview of the trip and what is on my site
2. "Docents" & topics

Rm 25
1. Any CE presentation today?
2. Coming of Age book groups: discussion of projects from list

Tuesday, January 17, 2017
-JoD: tried to buy a lighter on eBay
-P1 math in rm 2 for 9 of you

Rm 26:
Physics Intensive (day 5)
0. tell me who, in your class...
Scooter Graph
1. title and name to scooter graph
2. on other side, add time intervals then differences between them
3. discuss your improvement ideas for the accelerometer
Forces (review)
4. kid's 
video of types forces
5. what one newton of force feels like and how to measure them

7. collecting friction data (you decide best format for a T chart)
    -dragging wood blocks on various surfaces
    -dragging various weights on same surface

Rm 25:
-8th grade graduation photo order form
-no new vocabulary set, but choose 10 words for yourself to practice using
-no new current events this week, but you can get 3xc if you do a whole-class one Wed, Thurs, or Fri
-begin the teaching and learning sessions today

Friday, January 13, 2017

Rm 26:
Mark Alvarez on policework

Rm 25:
1. adding function panel to your candle sheet
2. vocabulary quiz:  just explain what each thing (noun word) is
3. how the purple chart works

Thursday, January 12, 2016
-JoD: How many flies does it take to screw in a lightbulb?
-remaining words from set 7

Rm 26:
Physics Intensive (day 4)
1. acceleration
    -explanation of acceleration
    -why the units are seconds squared
    -a simple accelerometer (string & weight)
    -tonight, use it and come up with a way to improve it (accuracy, scale, usability, etc)
2. Graphing the run
3. Forces
    -show me your notes; if you didn't, please do it tonight
    -review of 5-2 for those who read it

Rm 25:
-current events
-The Story of Us: Revolution
-reading 1:40 to 2:00
-purple chart process explained, and will start next week

Wednesday, January 11, 2017
-next 6 words from set 7

Rm 26:
Physics Intensive (day 3)
1. show me your notes for 5-1 then ask me questions, then do the quiz
2. Scooter "races"
    -practice timing events
    -scooter "race" timers collect data
    -10+ riders
    -we'll graph the data tomorrow

Rm 25:
1. current events
2. book clubs

Tuesday, January 10, 2017
-JoD: chronic diarrhea
-baby pics?
-first 6 slides of set 7

Rm 26:
Physics Intensive (day 2)
1. great level of "cooperative competition" in the lava-grid yesterday
2. exercising/increasing your observation & communication skills:  a burning candle
3. practice taking notes together (dual screens, 5-1)
4. discussion of, then quiz on...
    1. position and motion
    2. speed (units, instantaneous, average)
    3. velocity (adding, subtracting)
    4. acceleration (understanding, calculation, centripetal)
5. making a simple accellerometer

Rm 25:
1. current events
2. intro to war for independence (again) -- Crash Course
3. war wasn't region vs region with a moving battle-zone front line 
4. how the purple chart will work

Monday, January 9, 2017
-new seats & current events days

Rm 26 Physics Intensive (day 1)
-team analysis and building activities (bean bag toss and lava grid)
-preview of the 3 things we'll do: forces & motion, science demonstrations, Walkabout prep

Rm 25
1. vocabulary set 7: a thing
2. let's discuss the passion project
3. review where we've covered in US history so far
4. strengths & weaknesses of the American and British armies

After Lunch
1. read until 2
2. project work time for an hour!
3. on paper, make the book cover and post it

Friday, December 16, 2016
-vocab quiz

Room 26: Constitution Intensive (day 14)
use this form to tell me three things that you've learned during our intensive so far

11 to 12
FRED worktime... and only that.
-make a page on your site, named with your topic, then link to it from this doc

Thursday, December 15, 2016
-finish/review vocab set 6 

Room 26 Constitution Intensive (day 13)
1. Whole class presentations?
2. What question(s) could/should all of your learners answer?
3. Finish episode 2 (Its A Free Country)

Room 25
-Amy & "Tell The Wolves I'm Home"
-1:35 Secret Santa
-2:00 Catalan Christmas

Wednesday, December 14, 2016
-switch at 8:45 today

Room 26: Constitution Intensive (day 12)
1. Teaching-Learning sessions
2. -Kids Discovery on the Constitution:  individual and self-paced (view the pdf and answer the questions)
3. Constitution USA: Its a Free Country (part 2)

Room 25: Book Clubs (session 2 of 6)
-Amy on 'devices'

Tuesday, December 13, 2016
-VoD: 3d virtual reality drawing program
-JoD: How come bicycles can't stand on their own?
-next few words from vocab set 6 

Room 26: Constitution Intensive (day 11)
-how the teaching and learning sessions will work
-teaching sessions can happen any time to any size group
-learners fill in post-it with "_____ to _____" and thing(s) they learned
-dual responsibility:  teach everyone (fill your column) and learn from everyone (fill your row)
Constitution USA: Its a Free Country

Room 25: Nathan Hickson on "How The Internet Works"

Monday, December 12, 2016
-Stella here today
-next few words from vocab set 6 (test Thursday, not Tuesday)

Room 26: Constitution Intensive (day 10)
1. continue your amendment presentation (45 minutes)
2. break (10 minutes)
3. Supreme court simulation with Canh (45 minutes)

Room 25:
11 to 12: Stella stuff

1:35 to 2:00 Read (current events reading but no writing yet)
2:00 to 2:20: Write your current events summary and discussion questions (slide #6)
2:20 to 3:20 Stella stuff, session 2

Friday, December 9, 2016
-any jokes?
-current events #5 in

Room 26: Constitution Intensive (day 9)
-show me your notes from last night's reading, then answer my 3 questions
-sheet with list of amendments
-doc with good samples of each of the 5 things:
1. text  2. translation  3. reason  4. hist fict  5. today
Constitution USA to end of episode 1

Room 25
Unit 2 Packet
-papers out and in order
-fill in scores on cover sheet
-line up holes, paper clip
-your comment then turn it in
MidYear Investigation

Thursday, December 8, 2016
-next few words from vocab set 6

Room 26: Constitution Intensive (day 8)
-one more set of sections from chapter 8 to read tonight
-each of our remaining days will be half amendment project and half video or other thing
-amendment research (Thursday, Friday, Monday) & presentations (Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday)
-overview of each and choosing yours
-slide deck, invite me, make public
-learn stuff and then find out if/where it fits

Room 25
1. Collaborative story time!
-at top of doc, write the "back cover" (or inside flap) description of your story
2. Forces & Motion
-collect papers, put in order, line up holes, paper clip, put in tray
3. Curiosity Slide
-theme for # 13 

Wednesday, December 7, 2016
-any more Exploratorium forms?
-first few words from vocab set 6

Buddy Time (9:00 to 9:45): outside games

Room 26: Constitution Intensive (day 7)
-Stella on Hamilton!

Book Clubs

Tuesday, December 6, 2016
-p1 math
-Exploratorium: leave at 9:50, return at 3:20
-fill in my form

Monday, December 5, 2016
-JoD: Holy water
-first 6 (done) slides of set 6

Room 26: Constitution Intensive (day 6)
-passback preamble, discuss, put into tray
-branch groups:  
1.  simulation of interactions of the 3 branches (non-linear)
2.  each person write a card of the things to teach your "vertical" team
3.  rotate to the three spots, and use posters and g-doc to teach... return to the spot you understand least & ask for more
4.  quiz will be online tonight, take it until you get 100% (or close)
5.  Constitution USA

Room 25 (11 to 12 and 2 to 3)
-Ms Heumann on "Tell the Wolves I'm Home" and setting the stage for book club reading/discussion
1. Current Events
2. Fix/finish your set 6 vocab word
3. Check if your curiosity slides 9 to 12 got printed
4. Best boat building and testing & comparing
5. Collaborative story writing
6. Mid-Year Investigation
7. Experiment with vectors

-Exploratorium trip preview and requirements
-room clean up

Friday, December 2, 2016
-got any jokes?

Room 25:
1. Current Events
2. Set 6 Vocab Word
3. Curiosity slides 9 to 12 printed
4. Best boat building and testing & comparing
5. Wing design "testing"
6. Any missing assignments
7. Collaborative story writing
8. Investigation

Room 26
Constitution Intensive (day 5)
1. three groups meet, share resources, create study document, write questions
2. Constitution USA

Thursday, December 1, 2016
-JoD:  domain name for kid humor site
-final 3 words & "stop-me" review

Rm 26: Constitution Intensive (day 4)
-lets discuss the pre-amble

Branches of Government
-created by articles 1-3 of the Constitution
-get into groups of 3
-decide who will learn (then teach) about which branch
-do initial research (book, videos, websites)
-gather with common-branch groups
-gather information and discuss

Constitution USA
-episode 1 (A More Perfect Union)

Room 25
-review the pages that you read last night
-factors influencing flight, and how lift is created
-wing demonstration and creation
-finish boat test and log data for your best result

After lunch
-read until 2
-vocab quiz
-personal passion topic

Wednesday, November 30, 2016
-JoD: What part did YOU get?
-any more CER sheets?
-next 6 words of set 5

Room 26: Constitution Intensive (Day 3)
-one more map video: continents

Reading review and quiz (for 8-4)

The Constitution
-Articles of Confederation intentionally didn't provide a strong (enough) central government -- why?
-version 2 is what we still have today, and it has 27 amendments (additions) so far
-the original is on display in the National Archive: 4 pages, well preserved and guarded (image)
-four parts: preamble, articles, bill of rights, amendments
-sections on front of lined paper, preamble translation on the back
-copy the preamble (how I've written it) in left column, and translate it (your words) in right column
-look up or ask about words as needed
-start "Constitution USA" episode 1: A More Perfect Union

Room 25:
-current events
-experiment write-up due date & presentation calendar
-building boats & finding ratio of boat mass to cargo mass

Tuesday, November 29, 2016
-JoD: Why is San Francisco so windy?
-next 6 words

Room 26: Constitution Intensive, day 2
-sit somewhere different from yesterday (new people, new place, at a, max of 4)

3. How do flat maps represent a round planet?
4. Projection types; maps & bias, West Wing scene

The US Constitution
-version 1 was called the Articles of Confederation (lasted about 10 years)
    -notes and quiz from last night's reading
    -videos: AoC weaknessCrashCourse#8 (up to 6min)
-forms and purposes of government (doc of videos)

Rm 25:
-current events
-discuss then turn in your buoyancy CER
-7-2 review and quiz
-Bill on Buoyancy

Monday, November 28, 2016
-how was your Angel Island trip and the Thanksgiving break?
-new seats and CE days
-JoD: Why do cows have hooves instead of feet?

Room 26: Constitution Intensive, day 1
-the two intensives w/ a break in between
-your class' character and patterns
-the grid challenge
-overview of the Constitution intensive
-US geography: group map, book section, and my 12 questions

Room 25
-first 5 words of set 5 (quiz Friday at 11)
-collaborative story progress check-in, writing coach job, and story-flow with Dan

-preview upcoming topics and the reading calendar
-manipulate variables in this simulation and do one CER write-up
-tonight, read 7-2

After Lunch
-read until 2
-curiosity slides 9-12 printed Thursday after school
Interest-Based Mini Courses
-browse this page of previous projects and processes
-you choose the topic, you create the course of study, you share your knowledge

Thursday, November 17, 2016
7:30  Please arrive in room 25, gather in car groups at a table, bags underneath
7:40  Leave rm 25, buddy drivers pair up, depart DCS, drive to Tiburon (estimate = 1 hr, 50 min)
9:45  Park in Tiburon, meet at base of ferry pier
10:00 Leave Tiburon.  20 minute trip.

Wednesday, November 16, 2016
-JoD: I wondered what my parents did for fun before the internet
-word slides done?

8:40 to 10:40
Social Studies
-current events paperwork status
-this Kahoot on government types
-the job of the president
-groups of 3, each choose a spread of the pdf of Kids Discover "The Presidency"
-read, decide what to teach, then write group notes here (access to one person per group)
-teach us!

-Amy describes the next book genre and choices
-this doc has book info (find your 1st and 2nd choice)
-collaborative story work time, if we have time

Tuesday, November 15, 2016
-gather by car groups at a table
-Innovation Challenge, science lessons, & protest statue at SJSU

Monday, November 14, 2016
-JoD: It hurts everywhere I touch
-open seating today & Wednesday
-you to Bonnie from 10:10 to 10:40

Social Studies
-no current events for this week except for those missing one (or more) on this spreadsheet
-forms and purposes of government (doc of videos)

-lets wind up the science experiments by Nov 30
-is chart up to day, and is anyone ready to present?
-Air pressure videos (on this page)

-word & slide for vocab set 5 (make it today, but quiz after vacation)
-collaborative story preview & work time

After Lunch
-reading until 2
-your portfolio site: what should be on each page and sub-pages
-car assignments for SJSU and Angel Island

Thursday, November 10, 2016
-On Jan 20, all shredded cheese in US will be banned
-6 more words

Room 29: Constitution Intensive (day 9)
-discuss yesterday's "debate"
-Kids Discovery on the Constitution:  individual and self-paced (view the pdf and answer the questions)
-Constitution USA episode 2: Free Country

Room 25
-6 more words
-vocabulary quiz
-collaborative story writing

After Lunch
-vacuum chamber pressure demo
-read until 2
-optional: Growing Up Fisher pilot episode for "movie day"

Wednesday, November 9, 2016
-JoD: Scary days in US History
-6 more words

Rm 29: Constitution Intensive (day 8)
-missing quiz scores 
-Canh Le runs a Supreme Court simulation

Rm 25
Chapter 7 Forces in Fluids
-preview chapter 7:  3 sections, 3 days!
-define a fluid and pressure
-what causes pressure and what are the units
-diagram of pressure at various elevations (above & below water)
-how lungs and breathing works
-negative pressure in a vacuum chamber

Collaborative Writing Time!

Tuesday, November 8, 2016
-election day!

Rm 29: Constitution Intensive (day 7)
-last night's quiz scores
-kids right to vote (scenes from West Wing episode)
-Bill of Rights list and videos
-West Wing episode on Supreme Court Justice nomination process

Room 25
-first 6 words of set 4
-History Channel "Founding Fathers" video on Revolutionary War

Monday, November 7, 2016
-JoD: What blod type am I?

Room 29: Constitution Intensive (day 6)
-plan for the week: 3 branches teaching & quiz, Bill of Rights, amendments, simulation
-review your group's questions, teach the other 2 using posters, take quiz tonight until perfect
-finish Constitution USA episode 1: A More Perfect Union
-the propositions on the local ballots

Room 25: 
Current Events
-same document this week, but conversation with adult; due Thursday
-proposition overview
Vocabulary Set 4
-run your word by me, look for similar before/when posting, finish slide
-three laws, three diagrams/annotations, on one sheet

After Lunch
-read until 2
Making your digital online work portfolio
1. get online and onto your mydiscoveryk8.org account
2. go to sites.google.com, create button, and name it firstlast
3. edit home page and save
4. make 4 new pages: science, English, history, math, personal
5. changing name & applying a theme
6. embedding documents
7. sharing settings and test from the chart on this page

Friday, November 4, 2016
-got any jokes?

Buddy Time
-name weaves with your buddy (20 minutes)
-games outside: freeze, chaos, blob, clamp

Room 26
-silent dialog (on a wall-screen)
-two-people take on character and setting, then create dialog on a single doc (Dan's prompts)

Room 25
1. Vocabulary Quiz
2. Curiosity Slide (10 at top) and spreadsheet column
3. Current Events
4. Collaborative/cooperative/color-coded story

Thursday, November 3, 2016
-Anne Frank exhibit & video (half do each, switch at 9:15)
-JoD: Know what I tell people who talked behind my back?

Room 26:
-discuss "Thank You Ma'am"
-structure of a story (Dan's doc)
-four part collaborative story: plot, descriptive details, dialog, mechanics

Room 25
-current events
-quiz on "Taxes as Tyrany"
-finish "Electoral Dysfuntion"
-discuss propositions (using Ms Davis' doc)
-experiment stall-out?!

Wednesday, November 2, 2016
-rm 25 with me until 9:45 then to Bonnie
-JoD: What is the dumbest animal in the jungle?

Social Studies
-current events
-take this quiz on last nights reading and repeat until perfect score
-Electoral Dysfunction

Rm 26 (9:45 to 10:40)
-continue with the 3 dialog punctuation practice
-tonight: read short story "Thank You Ma'am"

-book clubs, final meeting for this book

Tuesday, November 1, 2016
-here is the class-switch schedule for this week
-rm 25 to Bonnie, 26 to me

Anne Frank Exhibit for rm 26, (8:45 to 9:45)
-two groups, one to rm 3 the other stays here
-switch at 9:15

Grammar & Stories Intensive (9:45 to 10:40)
1. making/joining a Google Classroom for rm 26
2. punctuating dialog
    -intro video
    -Mr. Dowling's rules sheet and practice sentences
    -page from English workbook

Rm 25 (11:00 to 11:40)
-JoD: Where are your bucaneers?
1. pre-print check on the vocabulary slides
2. teach first 6
3. current events
4. Electoral Dysfunction
5. experiment presentation(s)

Monday, October 31, 2016
-Halloween parade!

Room 29: Constitution Intensive (day 6)
-Stella on Hamilton
-questions into a Google quiz

Rm 25
-new seats
-CE days and changes to document
-VS for this week
-Writing benchmark & SRI & empathy project
-Halloween puns
-planet story (overview and chart)

After Lunch
-reading until 2

Friday, October 28, 2016
-SJSU forms go into the wood box behind the phone
-current events printouts missing for lots of you

Room 29: Constitution Intensive (day 5)
-how did the first week go?
-review 8.9 and 8.10 then do quiz
Electoral Dysfunction (video)
Branch of Government groups
1. what do you know so far?
2. view posters and discuss
3. decide what you'll all teach
4. one MC quiz question per person (on paper) w/o overlap

Room 25
-current events
-curiosity slide and spreadsheet check
-science experiment: Rianna, Amiri, Neha
-Halloween puns (for Monday)

Thursday, October 27, 2016

Room 29
-lets discuss the pre-amble

Branches of Government
-created by articles 1-3 of the Constitution
-get into groups of 3
-decide who will learn (then teach) about which branch
-do initial research (book, videos, websites)
-gather with common-branch groups
-gather information and discuss

Constitution USA
-episode 1 (A More Perfect Union) to end

Room 25:
-Innovation Challenge photo release
-daily edit: President Theodore Roosevelt
-how the daily edits were scored
-current events
-science experiment presentation list
-first law demonstrations
Figurative language: simile, hyperbole, allusion, irony
-My (Not So) Genius Plan (Scope magazine, 4/18/11)

Wednesday, October 26, 2016
-VoD: I want bon bon
-JoD: How sharks hunt

Room 29: Constitution Intensive (day 3)

US History You Need to Know
-reasons and timeline of European exploration of North America
-British colonies and (vs) French colonies & the battles
-war-cost recoup, taxation, and regulations/control from across an ocean
-Declaration of and war for independence

The Constitution
-Articles of Confederation intentionally didn't provide a strong (enough) central government -- why?
-version 2 is what we still have today, and it has 27 amendments (additions) so far
-the original is on display in the National Archive: 4 pages, well preserved and guarded (image)
-four parts: preamble, articles, bill of rights, amendments
-sections on front of lined paper, preamble translation on the back
-copy the preamble (how I've written it) in left column, and translate it (your words) in right column
-look up or ask about words as needed
-start "Constitution USA" episode 1: A More Perfect Union

Room 25
-current events for Jacob, Rianna, Maya, Aidan, Karina, Thomas
-book club session 3

Tuesday, October 25, 2016
-JoD: What is about a foot long and sounds like a sneeze?
-passback curiosity slides 5-8

Rm 29
Constitution Intensive (day 2)
-sit somewhere different from yesterday (new people, new place)

3. How do flat maps represent a round planet?
4. Projection types; maps & bias, West Wing scene

The US Constitution
-version 1 was called the Articles of Confederation (lasted about 10 years)
    -notes and quiz from last night's reading
    -videos: AoC weakness, CrashCourse#8 (up to 6min)

Rm 25
-three recent revelations: walking the dog & worktime unity/productivity & watching the parents at conferences
-sound meter discussion and use
-current events for Tuesday people: article on screen, questions in hand (then turn in)
-science experiment turn in and presentations plan
-discussion and demonstrations of Newton's first law of motion (video ideas then do your own)

Monday, October 24, 2016
-JoD: can you help me round-up my sheep?
-passbacks, CE days for this week, & CE spreadsheet

Rm 29: Government and Constitution Intensive (day 1)
-what are some of your class 'norms' regarding discussions, transitions, behavior, etc
-the purpose, topics, and routines of this intensive

1. Nine big-picture questions doc
2. Purpose of government and it's various forms (discussion and videos)

Geography of the US
1. what do we already know about US and world geography?
2. some basics from two maps (green-edge section of the big book)3. my 12

Homework (tinyurl.com/heumannhomework)
1. Reading 1 to 4 pages per day, with a quick comprehension quiz and/or discussion the next day
2. Being/staying aware of gov-related current events

Rm 25:
1. current events days and the new format
2. vocab set 2: get 3 words and we'll choose 1, make slide (sentences with built in redundancy) now
3. experiment write-up sharing, turn in, and presentations
4. conference topic cards -- be prepared & proactive

Thursday, October 20, 2019
-VoD: Art
-JoD: What is the capitol of Washington?
-how did things go yesterday and how are we doing overall these days?
-next 5 words now (5 after recess, quiz at 2)

Social Studies
-want to discuss debate 3?
-want to learn about the propositions?
Colonies Grow (chapter 4)
-two options:  read 4-4 and teach the content to us OR act out one of the scenes on my sheet (or other)

-what did you learn from the book & from Thomas?
-how to take a "good" reading of force needed to overcome friction?
-same surfaces, varying weight; same weight, varying surface
-find and document situations/contraptions that have designs to decrease friction (now/weekend)

Jacob on his High School experience (11:30 to 11:55)

-tenth daily edit then assemble them in order and neatly
-final ten words then review all quickly
-quiz (matching from quizlet)
-reading obligation for tomorrow?

After Lunch
-read until 2
-vocab quiz
-curiosity slide target topic
    -choose (or create) one that REALLY interests you and has potential for deep exploration
    -create a presentation and write out 5+ thought provoking initial questions
    -make it public and link it (w/o slide id in address) to the cell in the spreadsheet

Wednesday, October 19, 2016
-Stella is teaching today; be good.

-any questions about what you read last night?  then, quiz
-friction activities with Thomas Zscherpel
    -how a spring scale works and what units are used
    -pulling various weights along various surfaces at various speeds
    -coefficient of friction

Social Studies
-France and Britain clash in America

-daily edit: Jimmy Carter
-book groups meeting #2

Tuesday, October 18, 2016
-JoD: Instructions for falling down the stairs

Social Studies
-cnn stu new
-yesterday's read-alowd & write notes was not a good way to learn the stuff; my bad
-review 4-1 w/my notes
-do 4-2 on section-title sheets

-review gravity & motion track then turn it in
-testing the "heavy-light objects fall the same" thing
-water bottles, golf-ping pong balls, heavy/light boxes

-daily edit:  William Penn

Monday, October 17, 2016
-new seats
-JoD: It's THAT guy
-names on the Walkabout Kahoot

Tying Up Loose Ends
-complete slide for vocab set 1?
-curiosity slide #7 and spreadsheet?
-Fire or Everest questions done?

-any updates to the experiment chart?
-writing a good procedure -- ScienceWorld articles
-print yours out tonight and bring it to class tomorrow
-passback quiz sheet and review 5-4 if you want

Social Studies
-current events on paper again; lets fix the low completion rate (and quality)
-chapter 4 in the big book (notes by one person per table, but input by all if needed)

After Lunch
-read until 2 (outside?)
-art lesson from Stella
-your Walkabout drawing

Curiosity Slides & Target Topic

Friday, October 14, 2016
-turn in your current events sheet

Walkabout Follow-Ups
1. remaining presentations
2. reflective writing
4. celebratory artwork
5. curiosity slide #7 (CalCoast Walkabout)

Finish Martian

-daily edit
-gather 10+ words from year's spreadsheet
-single-word slide

Thursday, October 13, 2016
-free time, 30 minutes (while I plan today)
-The Martian (movie) and waffles
-experiment list (on whiteboard)
-reading after lunch
-current events sheet
-Walkabout Follow-Ups

Friday, October 7, 2016
-tell us a joke
-any questions about packing list?
-print pages look good; what about the rest of you 

Social Studies
-turn in your current events sheet
-explanation of four more colonies

-daily edit
-read and respond to either of these Scope articles:

-discussion of the reading on gravity, then quiz
-read some Science World procedures; initial and revised
-procedure testing: have someone read it and tell what they would do

Thursday, October 6, 2016
-packets and grad forms
-VoD: Beach Bubbles (at Stinson)
-JoD: leather armor is the best for sneaking around

Walkabout Stuff
-packing list & personal responsibilities
-pizza preferences
-single-choice sandwich preference
-how shopping will work
-I need someone to make a single-page meal-crew list (g-doc)
-3 ways we'll check that everyone is together

-passback sheets from yesterday
-green light status  (spreadsheet)
-graph types and uses
-getting your data, making your graph

-common features of colony formation
-each section explain your notes
-video 1, video 2 (New England), video 3 (13 colonies)

After Lunch
-reading until 2 (article for CE?)
-Walkabout docent group final doc prep & final single page layout (done by 2:25)
-curiosity slide 6 and spreadsheet; theme is "a person"

Wednesday, October 5, 2016
-JoD: Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day.
-any packets or grad letters
-day 3 lunch sandwich preference sheet
-Montara room groups, Headlands room groups, car groups

Buddy Time (9:00 to 9:45)
-making personalized license plates

-experiment schedule & progress chart
-"probes" -- science scenarios worthy of discussion 

-daily edit
-get into book groups
-Oct 5, 19, 26, Nov 2
-create a reading schedule and each person writes it down somewhere
-play "Zip-Stop": zip pages and stop at a random one.  Read a few paragraphs.  Group tries to guess/create context, backstory, nexts, etc
-run out of things to talk about? do a group read aloud somewhere outside
-browse library catalogs and call bookstores, if necessary, to find out where to get your book

Tuesday, October 4, 2016
-new seats
-JoD: Why is beach sand yellow?
-trip recap: events & atmosphere

Class Leadership
-who usually deserves high respect, looks out for everyone's good, has no personal agenda

-daily edit
-passback remaining photo essays
-book club book choice

-quiz on 5-1 and 5-2
-accelerometer upgrades
-scooter races
-experiment check-in
-LM VFT @ 10

Social Studies
-CE this week in on paper, with adult
-colonies' commonalities & differences

Monday, October 3, 2016
8:40 to 8:45  Check in at homeroom
8:45 to 9:40  Math
9:40 to 9:50  Return to room 25; get into car groups
9:50 to 10:40  Drive to Eagle Creek trailhead (Lockewood@GrahamHill Road, Scotts Valley)
10:40 to 12:00 Hike Eagle Creek to San Lorenzo River to Cowell Redwoods loop
12:00 to 12:30  San Lorenzo river trail to hwy 9@BigTreesRoad
12:40 to 12:50 Drive to Mt Hermon Conference Center (large grass field after the overhead pedestrian bridge)
1:00 to 4:00  Sequoia Adventure Course
4:00 to 4:50  Drive back to DCS

Friday, September 30, 2016
-your jokes
-curiosity slide check-up (5 exists, numbered, & on top)

9:00  Linh on marijuana and addiction
9:45 Matt on trains
10:30 Current Events
11:00  Caps Packet
11:05  Book suggestion presentations
11:20  English Colonies: commonalities, finish notes, read 2nd book
11:35  Acceleration and how to feel, define, calculate, and measure it
11:50  The plan for Monday's trip (hike, lunch, ropes course)

Thursday, September 29, 2016
-JoD: I adopted a camel without a hump

-packet comments and adjustments
-printouts of your proposals...   I'm concerned that many are too hard to vary levels and measure outcomes
-experiment page now has a timeline
-use the paper template for your proposal (x Taika & Rianna, Maya w/ green light as is)
-start working on materials and procedure (g-doc) once I "approve" it

5-1 Motion
-how did you come to understand the reading (what method did you use to) 
-position, speed (instantaneous and average), velocity, acceleration (the definition, the feel, and the units)
-making and testing an accelerometer
-timer check for tomorrow's scooter race

Tara on Hearing (9:45 to 10:30)

Marie on Theatre & Improv (11:00 to 11:45)

After Lunch
-read until 2
-book club selection process
-Walkabout: changes to day 3, teaching topic document check (links, facts/concept, images)
-room & car group formation process

Wednesday, September 28, 2016
-JoD: Woman walks into a bar with a salami & a poodle.

David Lawrence on Geneology

Social Studies
-current events for Andre, Maya, Caedon, Amiri, Taran, Rianna
-colony groups
-finish HA notes, discuss common factors and differences
-read big book (or parts)

-daily edit
-questions on page 1 of caps packet?
-if you didn't read "Thank You Ma'am", do it now (outside)

Tuesday, September 27, 2016t
-JoD: Who said "Itself", "Itself", "itself"?
-passback curiosity slides 1-4 printout
-student council report
-any papers to add to your science packet
-CE: Ken, Neha, Nicole, Taika (Ayden & Rhema tables disperse)

-what experiment(s) intrigued you?
-what comment(s) from me seemed frequent?
-take the next 20 minutes to submit 2 ideas, explained clearly

-daily edit: Ballard & TItanic
-capitalization packet (which parts to do for which days)

Social Studies
-Aku Sorenson on Finland & Sibelius

Monday, September 26, 2016
-JoD:  Why does Waldo wear stripes?
-student council reps? (mtng @1 Thursday rm27) 1: Gwen, 2: Nicole
-choosing a movie for the event at Taran's

-passback dimensional analysis sheet and review as needed
-what are your "bridges"?
-practice problems
-measurement quiz
-start thinking about your "effect of _____ on ______" experiment (page)

-daily edit: Lemony Snicket
-reading photo essay text then viewing pix

Social Studies
-northern, central, and southern colonies (reading/comparing 2 books)

After Lunch
-read until 2
-modifications for Wednesday after lighthouse
-what have you learned about your topic
-document status

-plot:  "it's about a ___ who___"        VS
-theme: "a story that explores/shows/teaches _______"

Thursday, September 22, 2016
-JoD: Insecticide spray

Bill on Travel and/to Cuba

Social Studies
-current events for Thursday people

-review then turn in the lab safety sheet
-memorize one bridge per dimension (length, volume, mass)
-measurement quiz Monday
Animal races
-three groups of 8
-decide on a common unit
-each person convert theirs using dimensional analysis (!)
-list on the board, if discrepancies, meet with animals groups

After Lunch
-reading until 2
-current events for Friday people

English (10:20 to 10:40)
-daily edit
-photo essay work time

Wednesday, September 21, 2016
-Student Council speeches and voting

-lets do some of the problems. and one or two others
-lab safety picture and the assignment

Social Studies
-current events
-my fill-in-the-blank notes from CC US History, Ep2

-review the photo-essay deliverables and adjust timeline

Tuesday, September 20, 2016
-s.l.a.c. issue & ineffective reminder issue
-JoD: How much does it cost a pirate to get his ears pierced?

-Alena on Solar Geometry (9:00)

Dimensional Analysis
-math agreements:  
    1. anything over itself or its equivalent equals 1; 
    2. one times anything is anything; 
    3. over-under cross canceling
-another way to do metrics if you forget the prefix list
-necessary for most standard conversions
-the easiest way to do between-system conversions (homeland & bridge)
-practice problems together on scratch paper
-previewing the assignment -- please show the units for everything

Class & Individual Photos 10:15 (or when parent comes to get us)

Social Studies
-current events for Tuesday people (Taika, Rhema, Nicole, Neha, Ken, Ayden)

After Lunch
-read until 2
Gina on Video Direction (2:00)

Photo Essay
-thanks for the access repairs -- everyone did it

Trip Prep
-car groups for ropes course
-Walkabout teaching session preparation (see list of topics, questions, and doc components)

Other Work or Homework

Monday, September 19, 2016
-change seats
-current events days (Friday person will go Thursday PM this week)
-JoD: Where does Captian Hook go shopping?
-passbacks CE 9/16 and two metrics assignments
-PowerSchool access letters; 1 for you, 1 for parents
-curiosity slides check-up

-Photo-Essay Check-up (topic on chart, doc exists, viewable, titled, table, rows with pic and/or text)

Aislin on Bees (9:45)

Social Studies
-current events spreadsheet
-colonies "Story of Us: Rebels" video

After Lunch
-reading until 2
-PE (or not) until 2:45

Keplin on River Rafting until 3:15

Friday, September 16, 2016
-turn in the current events sheet

Jim Rogers on Space (9:00)

-c.r.c. Metric Mania
-cutting up a meter and demo of the relation between dimensions
-on Monday, bring in a product with metric and standard measurements
-curiosity slide check-up

Duc Nguyen (11:00)

-daily edit
-samples of the rewrite

Andrew Moffatt (2:00)
Recap of the Week

Thursday, September 15, 2016
-JoD: Why did the stormtrooper buy an iPhone?

Michael Tuason on Speakers

-review w/o looking at notes, describe the 5 advantages
-metric worksheet: conversions on front, word problems on back (pic, process, units)

-daily edit sheets (how the routine works) & weekly rewrites
-Amy H on essay editing through analogy
-photo essay work time

After Lunch
-reading until 2:05
-PE until 2:45
-Work time (30 minutes)
    1. Curiosity slide #3 and spreadsheet
    2. Current events sheet
    3. Walkabout:  add images to docs
    4. Magic Treehouse dialog rewrite
    5. Any "0" work
    6. Photo essay

Wednesday, September 14, 2016
-JoD: Kidnapping in the park
-photographers handout
-passback KD PI questions then back
-DWW printouts
-Sarah's message

-comparing metric and standard units (chart)
-the 5 metric advantages
-cutting up a meter to a mm then imaging the super-small stuff
-converting units in the metric system (front of worksheet)
-multi-step problems (back of worksheet)

-Photo Essay work time

Social Studies
-as a review of CC from yesterday, decipher the notes I wrote on the board

Wayman Lew on 3D Spacial Experiences

Tuesday, September 13, 2016
-JoD: A row of books fell on my head

Miana on Fiji

-turn in apple lab if you didn't yesterday
-handout with lab report sections on it (keep for use later)
-scales and increments on graduated cylinders, thermometers, and triple beam balances

-introduction of the photo essay and browsing examples
-lets discuss steps, deliverables, and dates

Social Studies
-I'll check & print DWW reflection papers sometime this week
-Be informed about important stuff (video)
-CNN: European Union, Brexit, N. Korea Nuc, Asteroid
-Crash Course US History episode 1: Native Americans & Spaniards
-book stuff about European exploration

After Lunch
-read until 2
-Keiko on Paper Making
-Walkabout docent groups

Monday, September 12, 2016
-JoD: Beethoven's Grave

(9:00) Joan McCreary on Backyard Chickens

-discuss the apple preservation lab and turn in the lab report
-measurement types, tools, and units (chart and form)
(11:00) Missie Huh on Physical Therapy

After Lunch
-read until 2:00
-PE until 2:45

Walkabout Work
-there will be a help-out list for car groups, room groups, meal making, clean-up, but now lets work on...
-docent groups: 
1.get together at a spot
2. discuss your initial interests in the topic
3. create a doc, make it public, and share it with chrisheumann@gmail
4. do research and start a list of useful sites

Friday, September 9, 2016

Class Discussion
1. list of issues to discuss & time allotment
-why not everyone, on-time? (ie curiosity slides)
-your stuff & trash left around class
-sense of 'family' feels good (and realistic) so far
-Work load?  ok, but add a class time for catch-up/get-ahead work
2. recall & evaluate your "intent for improvement" from 2 weeks ago

Impact of Phones (etc) on Kids & Our Culture
-read and discuss Scope article
-the video & why we're told to watch it

Social Studies
-Current events (7 people?)
-DWW reflection: only one of the 6 is required... due Tuesday

First experiment
-how to keep/slow an apple from turning brown
-three liquids and a control
-check every 15 minutes for 2 hours
-rating scale?

Parent Presentations
1. Helen on swimming and water safety
2. Gina on video direction and recording
3. Brian on Bug-Out Bags

Thursday, September 8, 2016
-JoD: One-Dog Zoo

-identifying attributes of odd things
-work as a table to 'solve' the 14 puzzles

Social Studies
-current events
-exchanging and answering questions from KD Plains Indians

Parent Presentation
-Anna Maria on Affordable Housing

After Lunch
-read until 2
-curiosity slides
-finish DWW and discuss reflection prompts

Wednesday, September 7, 2016
-Bags: Lena, Parth, Jason

Buddy Class
-get your questions, a class list (theirs), and something to write with/on
-tables out of the way
-make a line on the floor (diagonal?), alphabetical by first name, then offset by 3 or 4 feet (odds forward, evens back)
-mutual "interviews" for 60 seconds (30/30?); Jimmy & Chris improv demo
-keep volume to 3-foot range

-name essay components (few done, fewer great; supidat?)
-photo essay

-passback sequences sheet
-share superstition stories and tests
-how a triple-beam balance works

Social Studies
-current events (I filter the spreadsheet to make it simpler)

Tuesday, September 6, 2016
-JoD: Do twins ever realize...
-passbacks: Travel Plan & MouseTrap
-scores entered for a bunch of stuff (0 vs blank)
-assignment score printouts
-Bag of Mikey, Aidan, and Andre
-"speed interviews" questions for buddy class tomorrow (4+)

-overview of the skills so far and those to come

-finding great vocabulary in Calvin & Hobbes comics (spreadsheet)
-vocabulary slide (in GC)
-photo essay

Social Studies
-current events (help me fill in the chart as the 6 get ready)
Kids Discovery on Plains Indians (pdf)
-you'll write questions that someone else will answer
-you'll score their answer (0, .5, 1) and I'll score your questions
-levels of questions: (ok, good, great) and examples

After Lunch
-read until 2

Friday, September 2, 2016
Selecting Selectives
-do we have 2 people doing yearbook?
-work crew: Taran, Gwen, Cole, Erik, Ben

-jokes:  yours
-Bags: Ayden, MichaelM, Karina
-trends I'm seeing and choices they'll force
-new seats & CE days

-habits of the scientific mind (definitions & superstitions)

Social Studies
-current events
-travel plan
-what Native American still lives?

-point values for sentence complexity entries are on the spreadsheet
-grammar "game" and show me scores

After Lunch
-read until 2
-curiosity slides spreadsheet (topic column and link column)
-? until 2:45
-Matt on Trains

Thursday, September 1, 2016
-JoD: I'm afraid knot
-Ropes Course signature
-Bag o' Taran, and Bag o' Thomas

-assemble the mousetrap and compare with others, tape to paper
-sequencing assignment (linear, diverging, converging)

-increasing sentence complexity (and interest)

Social Studies
-current events: Ayden, Amiri, Danchi, Taran (Lena table disperse)
-share your travel plan idea

-Alma Karas

After Lunch
-read until 2
-Nate until 2:45
-DWW  to 3:15
-Clean Up

Wednesday, August 31, 2016
-selectives handouts and assembly
-Bag of Will, Bag of Amiri, and Bag of Ken
-parent presentations/activities start tomorrow
-after recess you'll go to Bonnie until 11:25 then to Dan until math

-sequencing as a science activity (Rube Goldberg mousetrap)

-use post-its to label the Name Essay components that you have, then paper-clip & turn in

Social Studies
-current events
-travel plan:  getting around your local world w/o parent driving you
-decide on one and write it up on the sheet I give you (HW)

Rooms 29 and 26
1. my intensives: Constitution and Physics
2. -DaVinci's bridge -- how to bridge a gap (river, ravine, street, etc) that is wider than your materials are long
-load-bearing rule-conforming solution video

Tuesday, August 30, 2016
-fire drill at 10:15
-School improvement construction projects work crew -- Thurs B-block selective
-passback "New Worlds" questions (I scored 7 of the questions)
-Bag talks by Neha & Nicole; audience comments/questions only when asked for

-what do you remember about the scientific method?
-scientific method review and handout
-simplified (common sense) version is called CER (claim, evidence, reasoning)
-lets review the front of the experiment analysis (study time vs test score) sheet

Social Studies
-current events (on screens)
-keep your table engaged in your (then any) current events until I call time

Native Americans & Geography
-groups 1, 2, and 3 each at a double-table
-each person summarize their section using notes from all 3

Your Name essay
-time & energy allocation for the whole process
-write the topic for each paragraph vertically in the adjacent left margin... should match outline
-read to an adult tonight and elicit revisions then write final copy; bring all components tomorrow
-(pre-write, outline, and printed & edited drafts)

After Lunch
-read until 2
Curiosity Slides
Dances With Wolves
-a novel (for the time) view of Native Americans and the geography of the plains
-Directed by Graham Greene and Kevin Costner

Monday, August 29, 2016
-JoD: The Jurassic Park dinosaur is a hybrid
-Thurs-Fri: how were you, how was the plan, how was she?
-cell phone guidelines from last Wednesday
-scores/grades discussion and the up to "B" recovery process for most assignments
-assignment wall and board sheet drawing volunteers
-passbacks and how stuff gets graded (and why)
-You In A Bag for Caedon, Jacob, Danchi

-review then re-collect the sci-meth packet
-"code breaker" as a science skill

Social Studies
-CE process for this week (spreadsheet)

European Exploration
-the 5-G motivation for exploration
-predict then fill in last question and turn in the video questions

Native Americans
-get History Alive book and in 3s at a table (or place)
-preview the maps, migration, lifestyle, and (8) regions
-read about each, clustered by region, putting questions and statements here (GC)

-overview of the essay construction components and the reasons to do them
-editing processes
-have an edited draft read (comment & improvements) with (not by) a peer and a parent

After Lunch
-read until 2
-school improvement work-crew (selective)
-PE 2:10 to 2:45
-living with intent

Friday, August 26, 2016

-go over and then turn in the scientific methods worksheet that you got on Wednesday
-each person explain their science careers slide in about a minute

Social Studies
-current events by Rhema, Karina, Jacob, Parth, Gwen Michael
-finish and turn in the US map
-do this US Geography kahoot

-find a partner and a quiet place
-read your name essay to someone once w/o comments
-get general feedback; overall impressions
-then re-read together and get specific improvements (more than just spelling & grammar)
-repeat with a second person
-this weekend you should do essay-improvement with an adult (final copy and components due Wed 8/31)

After Lunch
-read until 2
-code breaker (30 minutes?)
-game time... face-to-face games (not single-player  online games)

Thursday, August 25, 2016
-Welcome, Ms Garcia!
-there is a seating chart by the whiteboard.  Will can be 5th at any table

Social Studies
Current Events
-Mikey, DanChi, Taran, Amiri, Lena, and Ayden will lead their current events with their table

Improving A US Map (2 day project; 30 ot 40 minutes per day)
  1. Get the 11x17 map and the big history book (use pages RA6 to RA9)
  2. Label and highlight lakes, rivers, and a bit of the oceans (lightly)
  3. Label and shade mountain ranges
  4. Label and shade environments (or biomes or climate areas)
  5. Label the states and some major cities
  6. Label some parts of our bordering countries.
  7. Point to and describe 3 things of personal interest and educational value, using the space in the margins.
  8. Grading sheet is here.  Make sure you have all of the components done well.
-get a big blue science textbook (bottom shelf)
-read section 2 of chapter 1 (pgs 12 to 18)
-discuss answers to questions 6, 7, and 8 on page 19

Your Name Essay
-explain the Your Name essay and its components to Ms Garcia
-you can use about 20 minutes to continue the rough draft that you started yesterday
-those who have a rough draft should print and read it with someone (not a hand-off)

After Lunch
-quiet reading until 2 or 2:10
-PE from 2:10 to 2:45
-do code breaker OR "freeze tag" improv (example)

Wednesday, August 24, 2016
-You in a Bag: Taika, Maya, Gwen (remember the upgrades)

Science (9:15 to 10:00)
-results of your initial research into careers; you'll explain yours to the class on Friday
Scientific Method
-science as a verb and science as a noun
-the "traditional" scientific method (ppt & examples), printed notes
-start Scientific Method worksheet (due Friday; what I'll look for on each page)

My Name Essay (11:00 to 11:30)
-the organization document should look something like a table of contents
-writing time... use it well and challenge yourself to do impressive (not just adequate) writing

Worktime (11:30 to 11:50) then clean-up
1. continue name essay
2. careers slide
3. sci-meth sheet
4. name magnet

Tuesday, August 23, 2016
-JoD: When a bug hits the windshield
-Chromebook contracts
-name card & your question for me (samples)
-remind list (text a message that says @heukids to 81010
-You In A Bag: Rianna, Max, Rhema

-exploring science-ish careers (instructions)
-so, browse a few, research one, add and fill in a slide
-explain it to class on Friday

-making a bridge with materials shorter than the gap, second round
-river (not lake) scenario
-load bearing 

Social Studies:
-current events: tell us the topic, disperse if necessary, leaders run your 5-8 minute sessions
-a long but good overview of exploration of the Americas (600 years in 90 minutes)
Mankind: The Story of All of Us (episodes 7 and 8): New World and Treasure
-here are the (not great) notes that I took while we watched it last year

-show me your My Name essay's info/ideas page and the outline
-if outline is a doc, create a page break then copy & paste it and convert to a draft

SSR 1:35 to 2:00

Aspects of Us form and samples
1. Your family and you
2. Talent, passion, or perspective
3. Embarrassing moment
4. User's manual of me

Teamwork Training Activity
-9 groups of 3
-stack your 9 cups into a pyramid
-rubber band and string device
-person 1 rotates forward one, person 2 rotates forward 2
-practice then time it
-person 3 rotates 3 up and person 1 rotates 2 back

-code breaker
-stick bridge

Homework Preview & Room CleanUp (3:10 to 3:20)

Monday, August 22, 2016
-JoD: Pteradactyl
-stable seats for the next 2 weeks
-debrief last 'week'
-Chromebook/Internet Agreement
-math and PE (M-Th 2:10 to 2:45) start this week
-the assignment wall
-preview current events process and choose a person for T, W, TH, F
-You in a Bag presentation date selection

Preview of the Week
0. Ms Garcia here Thursday & Friday
1. General: Class goals and agreements, Aspects of Us, 
2. History: Current events and native cultures
3. English: My Name essay organization, draft, and edits
4. Science: Curiosity slides; creativity & innovation;  start science

-define and describe "science" as you see/know it
-divisions, subdivisions, and overlap/integration of science(s)
-front of worksheet together, back is classwork (or homework)
-engineering: science applied to structures, machines, devices, etc
-DaVinci's bridge -- how to bridge a gap (river, ravine, street, etc) that is wider than your materials are long
-load-bearing rule-conforming solution video

Outside Challenges
-webbing cone

SSR (1:40 to 2:00) 

Current Events sheets (2:00 to 2:10)

PE (2:10 to 2:45)

My Name Essay
-my demo of the next step
-show me your pre-write for the my name essay
-now, cluster the info into categories/topics
-then, decide on an order
-rewrite (word process); no need for complete sentences or too much detail/elaboration/style

Name Cloud about You
-name it with your name
-export and dropitto.me/chrisheumann; password is heumann

Friday, August 19, 2016
-JoD = yours
-name card and question 3
-what planner do you use?
-Chromebook health & screen-time discussion
-trash analysis
-moving & washing rocks

Similarities & Differences
-random groups of 4
-get sheet and I'll give instructions
-find the most interesting thing that you all have in common and not in common

-circle of chairs with stool in center
-"switch up if you..."
-elimination round:  center person says something true about someone else and takes themseles and chair out


Geography of the US
1. what do we already know (group knowledge)?
2. some introductory videos (JayWalkingRegionsExpansionStateRap25 Maps)
3. some basics from two maps (green-edge section of the big book)
4. my 12 questions

You've Changed
-two lines facing each other
-one person takes pose and/or decorates themselves
-other person turns around as first person makes a change
-partner turns around and tries to see the change
-trade roles and repeat

Code Breaker
-overview of the process
1. gather information about people (on paper) and more than you need
2. decide on your criteria and your people
3. when its your turn, call up your people and put them in order; they field questions
4. others guess at your "code" or progression
-starting with someone who has an easy code
-call up your 5 people & we ask them questions to decipher sequence or commonality


Reading (1:40 to 2:00)

Name Magnet draft and/or Word Cloud (2:00 to 2:30)

You In A Bag:  things that represent or mean a lot to you.
  1. something soft
  2. a gift you received
  3. a meaningful quote (on paper)
  4. and a sealed container with a secret inside

Thursday, August 18, 2016
-JoD: 27!
-name card and question 2
-can your table's collective brain reconstruct the path through the grid?
-email list accuracy

Homework Check
-join GC, list typed, have chapter book

Slap Happy (9:20)
-groups of 5 or more on double-table or on floor
-instructions and example
-play until the last pair

Two Art Activities (9:40 to 10:40)
-half-class doing each, trade after 30 minutes 

Name Plate for Your Drawer
-view videos and try some letters on scratch paper
-bubbleangled block3dFanFold
-tomorrow I'll get your magnet and you can start the permanent one

Word Cloud
1. go to www.tagul.com, click "get started" and create an account
2. import words and try various options of each feature then choose the best
3. click "save changes" and you can revise/export later (stored in gallery)


High-Altitude View of the Year (11:00 to 11:30)
-intensives & HAM
-P3 routines
-nightly routines
-core time
-day and overnight trips

Balloon Challenge (11:30-11:50)
-blow up a balloon (to minimum) and tie it to ankle
-last two balloons alive "win"
-second round, un-popped decide when game over

Your Name essay (12:00 to 12:45)
-overview and example
-start your "pre-write" -- unorganized ideas, images, and diagrams


Reading Time (1:40 to 2:00)

Balloon Towel Toss (2:00 to 2:30)
-groups of 4 with 4 balloons and one towel
-1. toss and catch a beanbag and then a ball
-2. toss and catch a balloon
-3. toss to another group to catch
-4. simultaneous cross-team toss
-5. challenge another team to the "sitting duck challenge"

2:30 to 3:10 Improv Game
-warm-ups:  amp-up-and-down circle then whoosh, bang, pow
-scenes from a hat

Homework Preview, Chairs Up & Clean Up (3:10 to 3:20)

Wednesday, August 17, 2016
-tell me who you are if I don't check you off the list
-welcome assembly 8:45 to 9:00ish
-four per table
-guy and his giraffe
-name card (big, bold, both sides) and question 1

Summer recap conversation (9:30-10:00)
-move tables towards door and chairs into a circle
-highlight in one minute (not less, not more)
-overview or instance

Break (10 minutes)

The 64 square challenge (10:20-10:40 & 11:00-11:20ish)
-3 groups of 9
-the grid, team locations, the process, and the rules
-trial & error, learning from mistakes, and creating/communicating/revising a system
-discussion afterwards?

Creating Table Configurations (11:50-12:10)
-four forward
-one on each edge
-two and two
-double-table (2 on each edge)
-board room (crates at legs)
-amphi theatre

Make a list of words & phrases that describe you (10 min min)


Storage Container:
Measurement systems (ppt)
-create chart
-understand base units and prefixes
-cutting up a meter (to mm then imagining beyond)

Storage Container

Turning Preferences into Practices and Policies
-this was a great and important year because...
-write big & dark on post-its and place onto board
-create categories, then groups make a poster-sheet that includes
  -We believe that...
  -It looks/sounds/feels like...
  -So we will ____ because _____.

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