Daily Schedule

Friday, August 18, 2017
-JoD = afraid not
-name card and question 3
-what planner do you use?

Choosing dates for You In A Bag:  
   5 things that represent or mean a lot to you and provide "material" for your first speaking session.
  1. something soft
  2. a gift you received
  3. a meaningful quote (on paper)
  4. a sealed container with a secret inside
  5. and a family tradition
Geography of the US
1. what do we already know (group knowledge)?
2. some introductory videos (JayWalkingRegionsExpansionStateRap25 Maps)
3. some basics from two maps (green-edge section of the big book)
4. my 12 questions

-circle of chairs with stool in center
-"switch up if you..."
-elimination round:  center person says something true about someone else and takes themseles and chair out


You've Changed
-two lines facing each other
-one person takes pose and/or decorates themselves
-other person turns around as first person makes a change
-partner turns around and tries to see the change
-trade roles and repeat

Attribute Activity
-observing common attributes
-finding single and multiple traits and confirming with yes/no cards

Code Breaker
-overview of the process
1. gather information about people (on paper) and more than you need
2. decide on your criteria and your people
3. when its your turn, call up your people and put them in order; they field questions
4. others guess at your "code" or progression
-starting with someone who has an easy code
-call up your 5 people & we ask them questions to decipher sequence or commonality


Reading (1:40 to 2:00)

Command Games (2:00 to 2:30)

Improv Game (2:30 to 3:10)
-warm-ups:  amp-up-and-down circle then whoosh, bang, pow

Thursday, August 17, 2017
-JoD: 27!
-name card and question 2
-debrief yesterday
-when expectations and performance are discrepant
-can your table's collective brain reconstruct the path through the grid?
-email list accuracy and additions

Homework Check
-tech use agreement, list of words, have chapter book

Similarities & Differences
-random groups of 4
-get sheet and I'll give instructions
-find the most interesting thing that you all have in common and not in common

Name Plate for Your Drawer
-view videos and try some letters on scratch paper
-bubbleangled block3dFanFold
-tomorrow I'll get your magnet and you can start the permanent one


Your Letter to Me, My Response, LL, BG, HF
-overall clarity and often details/visuals
-paper with three sections and explanations/intentions for each

Word Cloud
1. go to www.wordart.com, click "get started" and create an account
2. import words and try various options of each feature then choose the best
3. click "save changes" and you can revise/export later (stored in gallery)

Balloon Challenge 
-blow up a balloon (to minimum) and tie it to ankle
-last two balloons alive "win"
-second round, un-popped decide when game over

Your Name essay (12:00 to 12:45)
-overview and example
-start your "pre-write" -- unorganized ideas, images, and diagrams


Reading Time

Balloon Towel Toss
-groups of 4 with 4 balloons and one towel
-1. toss and catch a beanbag and then a ball
-2. toss and catch a balloon
-3. toss to another group to catch
-4. simultaneous cross-team toss
-5. challenge another team to the "sitting duck challenge"

Homework Preview, Chairs Up & Clean Up

Wednesday, August 16, 2017
-tell me who you are if I don't check you off the list
-four per table, two with five
-name card (big, bold, both sides) and question 1
-JoD: guy and his giraffe
-welcome assembly 9:00 to 9:15ish

Summer recap conversation (9:30-10:00)
-move tables towards door and chairs into a circle
-tell us, in one minute (not much less, not much more)
-overview or instance

The cyclical pattern of school start attitude & year long consequences

Break (10 minutes)

Following directions practice (link)

The 64 square challenge (10:20-10:40 & 11:00-11:20ish)
-3 groups of 9
-the grid, team locations, the process, and the rules
-trial & error, learning from mistakes, and creating/communicating/revising a system
-discussion afterwards?

Creating Table Configurations (11:50-12:10)
-four forward
-one on each edge
-two and two
-double-table (2 on each edge)
-board room (crates at legs)
-amphi theatre

Make a list of words & phrases that describe you (10 min min)