Retired in June, 2018: Thirty years ago I stepped into my first classroom as an immature passionate twenty-something with big energy and few responsibilities. Three amazing decades and three wonderful schools later I leave immensely appreciative of every experience and all the growth. I was good at my job much of the time and learned to get better through successes and struggles. The universe has taught me humility over hubris and that learning should be achieved with compassion, humor, and connections. I hope you grew somehow from whatever time we had together. For the next few decades I’ll fully invest in the house and family, and whatever little jobs, spontaneous travels, and good deeds life offers.

Classroom Website: The domain www.heumann.org points to this page of the Google site that I created for my class and parents. The navigation box on the left side of this site will get you to many of the online resources I created and curated over the past decade so I hope you find something useful.

Personal Website: There are pages on this site relevant to family or just for me to reminisce on projects and passions of my past.

DCS Alumni: come to the gathering at Vasona on the first Sunday after July 4th. All the info is at www.tinyurl.com/dcsalumni