A few words about this book! 

There is no doubt that those who prayerfully read this book will receive an abundance of blessings.  This book, under its each sub-title, gives the reader the necessary comfort, courage, counsel and warning and talks to him like a friend.  Though many others have interpreted the Song of Songs, God has used my younger brother-in-Christ in a different and superb manner which would definitely bring about great blessings. 

Bro.N.Samuel, Editor, Deva Ekkalam, Kotagiri, Nilgris (Tamil Nadu).

Brother Job Anbalagan's book The Voice of My Beloved based on the verses of the Song of Solomon is indeed a wonderful book, since it is the fruit of his hard work and his personal experience which is a result of his daily walk with His Beloved for the past 15 years.  It reveals rare insight into His word and I am sure that these rare thoughts will lead the children of God into a deeper spiritual experience.



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This book penned by our dear Bro.Job Anbalagan is a simple and good wake-up call to the Church to rise up to be the bride.  She should be like the wise virgins who were waiting, watching and ready for the Bridegroom.  I believe this book will create a desire in all a fresh love for the Lord Jesus Christ.


Sadhu Sundar Selvaraj, "Jesus Ministries", Chennai.