Week 40 - Fri 7 Oct

Welcome to the RPM Record Club Seven Day Soundtrack, week ending Friday 7th October 2022. Time to settle back into your comfiest comfy chair and imagine there are no crazy politicians or mental dictators for a few hours, just great music....over to....

Jackie -

"Here's a couple I heard this week whilst out and about."

Living Next Door To Alice by New World -


Dirty Old Town performed by The Dubliners -


John -

"Hi RPMers, Hope you are all fit and well."

"For your info...."

"And here are three tracks I've played this week..."

Walk Away Renee by The Truth -


The Motherland by Royal Sounds -


Kevin -

"Hi RPMers. Writing to you all on a wet miserable Wednesday looking forward to putting on the PMs speech at the conference of the uncaring and watching the slow handclap....

Thoroughly enjoyed the tunes and detailed account of our cabinet of Ms.Truss(t).

Anyway kicking off with..."

Flat Foot Flewzy by New Rhythm and Blues Quartet -


"Next is a tune by Mahalia Jackson. I was clearing out my dads house yesterday and came across a record of hers including several others less desirable ( Slayed by Slade anyone?)."

Just a Closer Walk With Thee performed by Mahalia Jackson -


"Lastly is a tune that kept popping onto my daily Spotify mix, dread to think why, hopefully more to do with my other music choices than personal attitudes or outlook."

Street People by Bobby Charles -


"Till next time and possibly a new conservative leader...?" (Loving your optimism here, Kev. Tim)

Philip -

"In my diatribe a couple of weeks ago regarding imaginary enemies that the Tories would blame for their own ineptitude I neglected to mention an "anti-growth coalition," but I suspect Liz made this one up especially for Conference. It is of course just another variation on the old Tory conspiracy theory which presents them as friends of "The People" standing up against a "metropolitan liberal elite." (Crikey- do they mean me?) Thank goodness we've got all those non-elitist multi-millionaire Eton and Oxbridge toffs looking after our best interests. Remind me to doff my cap or tug my forelock next time I see one.

Meanwhile, here's some new music I've been listening to this week."

Can I Call You Rose? by Thee Sacred Souls - "Described in one review as "Hispanic low-rider soul." Beautiful album."


I'm Just a Clown by Charley Crockett - "Country music, yes, but Country that fans of Boz Scaggs, for example, might appreciate."


The Downward Road by Jake Blount (Pronounced "blunt" apparently) - "From his new concept album on Smithsonian Folkways that you might expect to be a bit of a downer, given that the concept is that the human race doesn't have much of a future. Some of the music is, however, quite uplifting and decidedly spiritual."


"Best wishes and good health to one and all."

Dave -

"Hi everyone, hope you all had a good week . Here’s my 3."

Blue is Beautiful by Make-Up -


I Dig A Hole by The Rodger Sisters -


Alan -

"As the Buzzcocks once put it so succinctly, 'Noise Annoys', so here's three which really 'float my boat' (or whatever this weeks 'hip' phraseology is!!)."

Black Rebel MotorCycle Club- 'Spread your love' (from 'BRMC' LP released 3rd April 2001. Virgin label)

"Here's who inspired this week's choices. This week Sky Arts showed a BRMC 2017 concert from Germany featuring the then latest of a long line of differing band members. One thing that has never changed in concert, however, is the throbbing, almost pedestrian feedback laden sound which owes not a little to the Velvets and the JAMC (see next selection). Add in a harmonica, as on 'Spread....', and I'm hooked. This perhaps unintentional parody (surely?) of where the majestic 'Spirit in the sky' meets the 'rave up' era Yardbirds was used in the 2003 Diesel Van film 'A Man Apart' (never actually seen one Guv!!) and also featured in the TV show 'Skins' (hmmm!!! a 'teen' TV show apparently). Even the US ad-men got in on the act, placing the song in a series of commercials for Ketel One vodka as well as The Cosmopolitan hotel in Las Vegas...........Good taste!!!!!"


Jesus and Mary Chain- 'Blues from a gun' (from 'Automatic' 10" die cut gatefold sleeve LP released 9th October 1989. Blanco Y Negro label).

"Temporarily reduced to a duo, the Reid brothers relied on a drum machine and synth bass for the 'Automatic' album and were rewarded with generally negative reviews but a number 11 placing on the charts masked fans disappointment for the moment. Perversely, 'Blues....' became their most successful US single to date and time has proved kinder for the album, with both fans and critics reconsidering the album's merits. Pitchfork magazine wrote that "conventional wisdom wrongly calls [Automatic] the dud of the band's discography, but in hindsight the album feels like a career peak". The XS Noize website posited that "Automatic” was a bit of a career peak for the band. It displayed true Reidian greatness taking pop sensibilities, infusing them with anger and dipping them in a lysergic acid coating to draw the savvy listener. The band would set up a jigsaw puzzle to dissect, loading it with quandaries into sex, money, materialism, drugs and death all set to a soundtrack of thumping chaos." Couldn't agree more............ and neither could US grungers The Pixies who had the good sense (and taste) to cover the JAMC's excellent US follow up single 'Head On' as the title track to their own 1991 EP."


Buzzcocks- 'Moving away from the pulsebeat' (from 'Another music in a different kitchen' LP released April 1978. United Artists label)

"The mid seventies saw perhaps the musical equivalent to religion's 'Great Schism' with pop in all its forms fracturing and never coalescing around a single band or movement in the way that happened (in general terms) with the Beatles/Stones era.......... Yadda, yadda ,yadda............ I was gonna groan on about how Punk changed the musical world map in 1975/76 but instead I'll just say play this track very loud. Following their debut 'Spiral Scratch' EP the group enjoyed a run of ten classic 'pop' singles including the confrontational 'Orgasm Addict' , the ultra catchy 'Love you more' and the much covered 'Ever fallen in love (with someone you shouldn't've)' and, included within that run, as a limited edition one sided promo 12" was 'Moving away....' which, unsurprisingly, failed to trouble the charts. Although lead singer/songwriter Pete Shelley died in late 2018 the band continues to tour with guitarist Steve Diggle taking over the lead role."


And news just in............

"Police are searching for a mystery blond who pushed The Chancellor of the Exchequer under a bus around 9am last Sunday morning. The suspect was later seen in a blacked out Range Rover in the Downing Street area of London. Meanwhile, according to Mr Kwarteng's budget of less than two weeks ago, the total future of the UK economy depended on dropping the top tax rate by 5%......... so what happens now??? Apparently we would all have accepted the reduction if it had been better explained!!! OK, so I get a decrease of 1% on the tax on my measly pensions and someone on £1,000,000 a year gets £55,000? Anyone think of a good way of explaining that and making it acceptable to me and millions of others?

According to Mr Rees Mogg, of course, the 5% reduction was only the 'flotsam and jetsam' of the special operation..... no sorry that's Mr Putin's non-war...... budget..... no, not a budget, that would need oversight by the OBR.......... I remember, it's the 'Growth Plan 2022'!!!

And it's interesting that Liz Truss confirmed that the 'triple lock' would definitely be honoured next April.............. Of course, she still has to be in No 10!!! And can she please stop telling us she 'understands'.

Meanwhile, pictures of Ms Truss and Mr Kwarteng (AKA 'dead man/woman walking') entering the Tory Party Conference back door have been published in The Scum. It's believed a fresh supply of human blood had been delivered shortly before they arrived!!!"

Nina -

"Hi Folks. Hope you're all well. It was National Poetry Day on Thursday, as an erstwhile wordsmith I bid poets hip hip hooray!

Here's my 3, they're spoken word-y."

Nobody Knows (Ladas Road) by Loyle Carner - "Exceptionally talented, love his work."


Under Dubwood by The Dubwood Allstars - "Dylan Thomas + Richard Burton reworked by Jamaican producer King Tubby. What's not to love? 😁"


The Type by Sarah Kay - "She's awesome, in my opinion."


Bonus Track - "Will it be in? Up to you, curator Tim. Not so long since my last cheeky extra, but Prof John Cooper Carke is hard to better.. 😁" (Pushing yer luck a bit, but go on....Tim)

Twat by John Cooper Carke - "...from 1982, interesting given the then Prime Minister. Now a.k.a. Ode to Liz Truss."


"Take care, all. Cheers!"

Piers -

"Hi Folks,

Without resorting to artificial means, please ask yourselves...

How long have the Conservatives been in power?

Does it feel like only 12 years?

This is the proof that we need to show that maybe I am a dog! (and possibly you too?)

Remember - The Conservatives have been in power 304 dog years."

I'll Fly Away being played on the hammered dulcimer by Martin Moore -


Country Life performed by The Watersons -


It's Alright, Ma (I'm Only Bleeding) by Bob Dylan -


Tony -

"All of a rush yet again, so here's my 3 for the week without too many frills.

Best wishes to all as ever."

If I Needed You Emmylou Harris - "A song written by Townes Van Zandt and recorded by Emmylou with Don Williams on her album 'Cimarron'."


Busted Ray Charles - "Here's a song for today from the great Ray Charles Robinson."


Killing The Blues by Robert Plant and Alison Krauss - "Revisiting the brilliant album Raising Sand for this track. Saw them at Wembley when they toured the album - unforgettable."


Jayne -

"Good wishes dear RPMers; it’s all gone a bit traditional this week…"

Strolling Down The Highway by Bob Jansch -


Adieu To Old England performed by Shirley Collins -


Some Old Salty by Lal Waterson and Oliver Knight -


Tim -

"Here's my three picks from this week's listening."

Guitar Town by Steve Earle - "Wednesday was vinyl night at the Sun in Pickering and I'd been asked to bring an LP to start the night. Steve Earle's 1986 album Guitar Town, was what I took along. Here's the opening and title track...."


Like A Rolling Stone by Bob Dylan - "...and here's my first 7" choice from this weeks singles selection. Just one of the best rock songs ever."


The Swallow's Tail Reel performed by Dervish - "Had Dervish's Spirit album on in the car for my trip to York this week, and although it's possibly their weakest album after the pointless Irish Song Book effort, it does contain this brilliant version of my second favourite Irish reel...my favourite being Cooley's, of course."


'Till Next Time...