Week 28 - Fri 9 Jul

After a brilliant summer break at Folk in a Field, let's catch up with what's caught the ears of RPMers since last we met. Over to.....

Tony -

"Here are my choices, and best wishes to all of you as ever."

The Race Is On by Dave Edmunds and Stray Cats - "I bought 3 records this week - this is one of them - a single I haven't heard for a while and a good pressing with a picture sleeve. Sadly Dave is retired now but I still love his output. The same goes for the Stray Cats and especially Brian Setzer - this is a band born out of time as they look and sound as if they've been lifted straight out of the 1950's."


Sunday Morning Coming Down by Kris Kristofferson - "This is a track from another bought this week - "The Songs of ..." which I already have but this was a lovely clean pressing in a crappy sleeve but with the lyric sheet for 50p."


Stainsby Girls by Chris Rea - "The 3rd record was a Glenn Campbell LP on the Ember label but I'd rather add this one in. I don't think we've had a track selected so far by Chris Rea - a very underrated singer songwriter. This track was first released on "Shamrock Diaries" and is in tribute to his wife who came from this area near his home town of Middlesbrough."


Jean -

"This week I’m making a statement about the last 2 years...."

"We’ve been...... Under Pressure......"

David Bowie and Annie Lennox


".......but got through With a Little Help from My Friends......."

Joe Cocker


"......and Music has seen us through and kept us happy."

John Miles


Dave -

"Hi RPMers, hope you are all well. It was lovely to catch up with some of you last weekend at Folk in a Field. What a fantastic weekend. Here’s my 3 of the week. Cheers!"

Break The Circle by Ajay Srivastav -


Sweet Thing by Van Morrison -


Alan -

"Three tracks which hit the TEAC deck this week. Stay safe everyone."

You'll Never Walk Alone performed by Patti Labelle and her Blue Belles (7" US issue single, released late 1962. Parkway label)


(I wanna) Testify by The Parliaments (7" US issue single, released June 1967, Rivelot label) -


Sand by Nancy Sinatra (and Lee Hazlewood) (from 'How does that grab you' LP, released May 1966. Reprise label) -


Jackie -

"Myself, Tim and Nina saw Jon Boden LIVE in York a few days before going to Folk in a Field, so here's some JB......voice of an angel."

Rose in June performed by Jon Boden -


Cinnamon Water by Jon Boden - "This is about swimming in the wild.....something I love to do as well."


Going Down To The Wasteland by Jon Boden -


Bonus Track - Raglan Road performed by The Dubliners - "Morra dedicated this to me when he played the open mic at Folk in a Field.........then suddenly, shattering the quiet attention of the intimate audience, my phone went off; yes, I was that person that everyone looked at. So here it is so I can hear it in full."


Philip -

"This week I thought I'd go for a Moorer sisters special, starting with elder sister Shelby Lynne. Best wishes and good health to all."

Telephone by Shelby Lynne (from 2003 album "Identity Crisis") - "Shelby has been compared to past greats such as Bobbie Gentry and Dusty Springfield, and has recorded an album of songs associated with Dusty. ("Just A Little Lovin'"... which came out in 2008 and includes only one Shelby original among the covers)."


Send Down An Angel by Allison Moorer - "...........the younger sister, from her Y2K album "The Hardest Part." Return of The Grievous Angel? Who came up with that idea? Never mind, it's a good song. Nay, a Righteous Song!"


Not Dark Yet by Allison Moorer and Shelby Lynne - "The sisters do Dylan, from their 2017 album of the same title. This version is an intimate live performance at Electric Lady Studios."


Nina -

" Hope you're all well. Hugely enjoyed the Folk in a Field festival and seeing Jon Boden in concert in York. Such a treat to listen to live music again.

Also did some catch up/repeated listening this week from the RPM website.

I agree, John - listening to others' choices sparks all kinds of musical synapses, it's great. Take care & keep well everyone."

Toma a Casa (Live) by Maneskin - "Nothing to do with football. Bit of Italian language practice for Jackie 😉"


Can't be Funky by Bush Tetras -


Dark Side by Tim Minchin - "Amazing pianist & very funny......his Eddie Vedder impression is Hootie & the Blowfish-esque though."


Piers -

"Over the week-end some of us met at the ‘Folk In A Field Festival’, it was a proper wonder. I loved it! Well organised, great layout, huge temptations, (by way of the ‘Ballard Banjers’ stall) and of course great music.

By coincidence the music lovers that gathered in that folky field included eight members of RPM contributors! Nina, Anto, Dave, John, Jackie, Tim, Myself and Jayne! Therefore a forum quorum!!! (Albeit a little scattered!). So, there is no need for me to play anything fiddly or twiddly as heard at said FIAF festival.

Although I admit, that I am very tempted to include something by ‘3 Daft Monkeys’. Having seen them many times over the years, (and I have to say that their performances are never slack), they were on top form, at FIAF, despite being sans their drummer! FIAF felt as if, like a festival Cinderella, after a long sleep, and a kiss, the world of music was coming alive again. Oh and Ajay Srivastav!!!!!

Thanks Tim, for the huge amount of effort that you put into the weekend. Not just this year, but for every FIAF that people have enjoyed, rarely noticing your input. Cheers!

But RPM… after the festival I needed to realign my audial tastebuds so’s to speak, as a result this week I have been listening to something a little different….. Lots of early Jazz, including, Johnny and Baby Dodds, Bix, Bechet, Spanier and this classic............"

Doctor Jazz by Jelly Roll Morton -


And a bit of later jazz…

Blue Nile by Alice Coltrane -


And some trance blues

Black Witch by Otis Taylor -


Jayne -

"Here are my 3 for the week."

God’s Away On Business by Tom Waits -


Orison of Union by Alasdair Roberts with Völvur -


Viimeinen/Last by Minna Koskenlahti -


John -

"Hi RPMers, It was great to see many of you at Folk In A Field last weekend including, of course, our glorious leader! A fantastic festival.

Here are three songs I've enjoyed this week....."

Big Time Operator by Zoot Money's Big Roll Band -


Tomorrow's People - The Children Of Today by McDonald & Giles -


I've Been Loving You Too Long by Otis Redding -


Morra -

"Here's my Folk in a Field 3....what a great weekend."

Bramblefoot by Stuart Forester - "....not at FIAF but just the right accompanying soundtrack for the weekend........"


Procrastination Day by Chad Mason - "FIAF mc is also a performer....."


Last Man to Fall by LongShoreDrift - "......as are the festival organiser, stage manager and assistant stage manager."


Tim -

"Here's my three......two with a Folk in a Field slant and the third influenced by meeting an old friend at the festival."

Golden by Ajay Srivastav - "My stand-out performer at Folk in a Field.......check out his albums Karmic Blues and the recent Powerless, where you will find this song.......I had to do a last minute change as Dave snaffled my song choice. Seems Ajay made a big impression on us RPMers with his blues / Indian music cross-over vibe."


Jaybird performed by the Ballard Bootleggers - "Here's my friend Leon Ballard (guitar), fine banjo maker, and his children Dixie (12) on accordion and Huckleberry (9) on banjo playing the Boat Stage open mic at Folk in a Field. We worked out we meet up about every 10 years, so it was nice to catch up again! His family band were a hit and asked to play the stage again the following day."


The Midleton Thief / The Lobster by Damien O'Kane and Ron Block - "Chatting about banjos and banjo players with Leon at his stall at the festival, I mentioned the Banjophony album to him......which he was not familiar with!! When I got home, I had to give it a play."


........'Til Next Time.