1st Seven Day Soundtrack

Week Ending Fri. 4th Sept. 2020

Welcome to the premier edition of the Seven Day Soundtrack. What's caught the attention of RPMers ears this week? Without further ado, in order of arrival in the inbox, it's over to..........

Alan -

"Gosh....... it sure is bright out here!!! Feeling a bit agoraphobic.............. "My blanket.... my blue blanket!!!!" No blue blanket so some nice new (well, old actually!) black vinyl will more than substitute..............

As promised, I'm just giving you the music and the barest details this week so, here's three 'girlie' type beauties just received (there were actually four singles received but surely, as everyone knows 'Louie, Louie' by the Kingsmen which has taken me ages to replace, here's the other three).................Let's hope being allowed out of the isolation room hasn't happened too soon!! Keep safe everyone."

It's in His Kiss by Ramona King (Warner Bros single. US issue, released February 1964) - "Originally recorded by Merry Clayton in 1963, Ramona released this on WB, without the 'Shoop, shoop song' sub-title, in 1964. Quite different to the well known Betty Everett hit including a brief 'double tempo' outro.... neat!!"


Somewhere Over the Rainbow performed by Patti Labelle and her Belles (London American single, released January 1966) - "Here's Patti and the gals, 'pre-Bacofoil', almost over-emoting this Judy Garland classic from the first ever Hollywood psychedelic movie. 'Course the Germans got their towels on the sunbeds first with 1920's super weird 'Das kabinett des Doktor Caligari', Check that one out if you haven't already experienced it.... great stuff. For the video, not sure of the show but, introduced by Otis, here's a great live version."


Girls Grow Up Faster Than Boys Do by The Cookies (Dominion US label issue, released November 1963) -

"Gulp!!!! Rihanna look out!!!!: Check these lyrics for 1963...........

"Girls grow up faster than boys do

So, baby, I'm old enough for you

Once you used to date my big sister

Now, baby, she's too old for you

Won't you take a look at me now

You'll be surprised at what you see now

I'm everything a girl should be now

Thirty-six, twenty-one, thirty-five"

"Lyrically puts the Beatles 'I want to hold your hand' (released the same month) to shame!!!! One of the greatest ever girl groups!"


Dave -

"Hi RPMers.......September already !!! Where has the year gone !!! Here’s my 3 of the week......"

Anywhere (Two Lone Swordsmen Remix) by Beth Orton -


Feathers by Andrew Weatherall -


My Religion is You by The Flaming Lips -


Aiden -

"Here's my 3......"

Doorman by Slowthai -


Tourettes by Nirvana -


We've Got a File On You by Blur -


Piers -

"Hi Guys.........What a great selection for the final week of the isolation booth. Thanks for keeping me entertained….

Amongst listening to your choices, and lots of other music, (including courtesy of a tip off, some live Valerie June on the Deering Banjo site, which proved well worth a listen), as musical forgetfulness has been setting in, this week I have been concentrating on relearning a couple of Canadian waltzes on my Mandolin which I first heard whilst playing with my mate Fred. I first met Fred back in the early 1970s, when he was playing fiddle, in a band, with a mutual friend. I have missed playing with Fred over the last 6 months. He often comes up with interesting fiddle tunes from Canada. One, written by April Vertch, a lovely, simple melody intended as a memorial tribute to her friend and mentor John Hartfield, is called ‘A River Boat Has Gone’.......I may come back to next week.......

But I am going to concentrate on the other; The Ookpik Waltz, which was written in the 1950s by Frankie Rodgers, as a relatively swift waltz, (Btw. An Ookpik is the Inuit name for a revered, tiny, and highly endangered, species of Arctic owl.) I have been learning it from a couple of modern interpretations of Frankie Rodgers's waltz, and, although you may disagree, I have been struck by just how different these versions are."

The Ookpik Waltz performed by Chris Thile -


The Ookpik Waltz performed by Altan -


And finally the original glorious….

Frankie Rodgers


John -

"Quite a difficult choice this week as I've been listening to a fair variety of stuff - I've narrowed it down to these three but I've also enjoyed listening to Skin Alley, Black Sabbath, Black Uhuru, St. Thomas, Peter Tosh, Imarhan (again), The Last Poets, Doll By Doll and Lenny Bruce... among others. I was also reminded of how wonderful the music of Earth Wind & Fire is after hearing it in the film Untouchable. "

Rhapsody In Blue by Ekseption - "This Dutch band fused classical music with progressive rock in a similar way to Beggars Opera, ELP and the original line-up of Renaissance, to name but three. I never really took to ELP, yet they were far more popular than the other two mentioned and, despite the best efforts of friends and colleagues, I was unable to appreciate them to the same extent that they did. Conversely, Beggars Opera, Ekseption and Renaissance certainly were my cup of Earl Grey. I'm also quite fond of the occasional flirtations that Jethro Tull and Curved Air have had with classical music. (Imagine this track in the hands of seventies film director Pete Walker... just the thing for his London to Brighton car chase scenes etc.!)"


Right Time by The Mighty Diamonds - "Title track from their highly acclaimed debut album from 1976."


Song For You by Willie Nile - "Back in September 2014 (in the good old days when we could meet without fear or trepidation at Elsing Village Hall) my choice for that month's theme* was 'The Day I Saw Bo Diddley In Washington Square' from Willie Nile's fifth studio album 'Streets Of New York'. This is from his seventh studio album called 'The Innocent Ones'. As a social crusader, Willie Nile deals with a number of issues but I believe he's also a bit of a romantic!

* The theme was 'Born In The USA' and the guest biscuit was Maryland Cookies.


Jayne -

"Hello RPM comrades.........as we’ve traversed to a new universe (Seven Day Soundtrack), I’ve seem to have come up with three random choices. I came across the Pat Quinn song on a political blog this week and I believe is regularly covered by Christy Moore, the second provides a fond memory of seeing this AKA Spatial Orchestra line up and the third speaks for itself."

Samson by Jerry Dammers Spatial AKA Orchestra with Rico Rodriguez -


Tour de France Theme by Pete Shelley (used on ITV4 coverage before the current one) - "As it started this week at last….and enjoying the coverage so far….."


Jean -

"I’ve been listening to the BBC Sounds App and the programme Another Country with Ricky Ross. This week he reminds us that Willie Nelson is celebrating the release of his 70th solo album. What an achievement and he’s definitely not a retiring type. Here’s some of my favourite songs of his."

You Were Always On My Mind by Willie Nelson -


Help Me Make it Through the Night by Willie Nelson


Have You Ever Seen The Rain by Willie Nelson -


Morra -

" Here are my three............."

Funky Weekend by The Stylistics -


Snack Attack by Godley & Creme -


Goldust Woman by Fleetwood Mac -


Philip -

"Greetings and best wishes as always to all the RPMers. I thought it was about time this week to get back to some good old four-square, meat, potatoes, and two veg British Rock. So........"

A Little Bit of Love by Free - "I have seen Free described as a sort of British Creedence Clearwater Revival. Although the bands sound nothing like each other I can sort of see what was meant. London and San Francisco in the late sixties were hot-beds of experimental, psychedelic and "progressive" sounds, and both of these bands went against the grain (I've just remembered the title of that old Rory Gallagher album) by broadly sticking to a "back to basics" approach... and were all the better for it."


Roll Away The Stone by Mott The Hoople - "My favourite band when I was in sixth form. All together now... "There's a rockabilly party on Saturday night..." Sadly when Free and Mott disbanded all we got in exchange was the rather dull Bad Company. Actually that's not quite true- there was of course Ian Hunter's solo career.


"Please allow him to introduce himself......."

Once Bitten Twice Shy by Ian Hunter - "This of course features Mick Ronson with his most interesting and gifted collaborator. For what it's worth, the drummer became one of the founding members of Foreigner."


Tony -

"Here are my 3 for this first week of the new system. I've not included any spiel this time to keep it simple......."

Persuasion performed by Richard and Teddy Thompson -


Somewhere Down The Crazy River by Robbie Robertson -


Nina -

"Hiya........Here we go again. Got prepped in good time this week. Hope everyone is well.....Take care until next time, folks "

In Hell I'll Be In Good Company by The Dead South - "Stumbled across this, never heard of these guys before. Bit genius; quirky, there's a story, fab lyrics, cool synching & enjoyable banjo, what's not to luv?"


Freedom Rides by FINGERS Mitchell Cullen (Denmark Markets 2012) - "Happened upon this dude too, no words......"


Ya Bassa by Clanadonia - "And lastly......what's that I hear you all cry? Please can we see some Scottish drummers & bagpipes recorded a bit shakily on someone's phone during the Edinburgh Fringe? Right you are. These guys are awesome......"


Tim -

"Goodbye Iso Room....possibly?........Hello Seven Day Soundtrack...............The choices were very quick this week as I've only played 2 LPs and an EP..............."

Budg and Snudg by Stick In The Wheel - "Still in the shed CD player last weekend, this is the "folk rock" side of Stick In The Wheel........with a little help from melodeon maestro, John Kirkpatrick, as well."


Ascension by The Comet Is Coming - "Dug out The Comet Is Coming's Death to the Planet EP / mini LP for a bit of late Thursday night vibeyness (think I just invented that word). Apparently, research suggests; "The album is a particularly effective intervention at night when we're approaching bedtime. Sleep has been identified as an absolutely critical factor in wellbeing and listening to a low tempo relaxing album can help get us into 'sleep mode' and increase the likelihood of a solid 8 hours of rest and recovery. For that reason alone we should all be switching off the TV and listening to an album before bed every night."...............this was about as low tempo as I could get.........slept like a log.

Btw.......make sure your bass is cranked up to get the max from the cool synth bassline."


Man Alive by Deep Purple - "Whoosh! is the brand new album from Deep Purple........It's been on pretty much continuous play all week.....ousted Stick In the Wheel from the shed CD player, stayed on the house record deck until Thursday night (see above selection) and also migrated to the car for the return to work. Quality rock music."