Week 47 - Fri 19 Nov

Welcome to the RPM Record Club Seven Day Soundtrack, week ending Friday 19th November 2021, an ideal accompaniment to breakfast, brunch, lunch, afternoon tea or just a brew or a few jars. So, assemble the appropriate comestibles and get listening........over to....

Jean -

"I was at Zumba this week, so I think a few of the tunes are appropriate this time."

Twistin' the Night Away performed by Sam Cooke -


Giant by Ran'n'Bone Man and Calvin Harris -


Piers -

"What I have been listening to other than friends and acquaintances performing.....

There has been a lot of music playing in the house this week, some great new releases, and old favourites. These selections are a glimpse into one gloomy weekday afternoon. They had the desired effect of brightening my life for a while."

Superstar by Sonic Youth - "Unexpectedly, I really enjoyed listening to this. It is part of the soundtrack of the very adult themed film 'Juno' which was the favourite movie of our niece Ana Lotta, who then watched the 'VHS Video Tape', and played the music endlessly as a preteen. (I admit that I enjoyed the entire soundtrack, and not just for nostalgia sake!)"


"And that reminded me of the album, The Creek Drank the Cradle by Iron & Wine. Heres' a track from it..."

Bird Stealing Bread by Iron and Wine -


"... and also reminded me of..."

Comme À La Radio by Brigitte Fontaine and Areski Belkacem avec Art Ensemble Of Chicago –


"The next Jewel session in Fakenham is on the 16th of December and will feature Birdsong... (Kevin & Brigette Savage). I imagine a few Carols will be played too. It would be nice to see any of you there..."

Tony -

"I was tidying up my chaotic looking music room this week and putting a number of album/singles in cases and decided to spin a couple of compilations so I could do it to music. here's a selection taken from them both which I enjoyed. Best wishes to all you RPMers."

Hello Hello by Sopwith Camel - "From a Buddah compilation called Leaders of the Pack. This short-lived US band had a minor hit with this in the mid-60's. For some reason it kicks off with a bar or 3 of "Trambone" which was done by Chet Atkins and Duane Eddy. I referenced this album in my top 5 acquisitions of 2019."


Boom Boom by Blues By Five - "I have this track on an Decca/EMI double album compilation called "Made In Britain" - a compilation of early UK released tracks in the R'N'B idiom. This was the only release by this band with a song written by Andrew Loog Oldham on the 'B' side. I've never seen a copy of the original Decca disc on my travels but understand that it's worth a few bob so I'll keep an eye out I think."


Baby What You Want Me To Do by Jimmy Reed - "This song is referenced on the same EMI compilation recorded by a band called The Cruisers - a band formed in the early 60's and not a bad version but I've decided to offer the original version by Jimmy Reed which notably does not include the title of the song anywhere in the lyrics - he sings "Baby Why'd ya wanna let go"."


Nina -

"Hope you're all well. I'm on the road again in Terry T4, house hunting & exploring in Cornwall. Longer, darker nights are a great opportunity to listen to lots of cracking music - thanks for all your choices.

My 3 this week were suggested recently by various (non RPM) friends. Take care, all.


Living Darfur by Mattafix -


Put Your Records On by Corinne Bailey Rae -


Fire, Guide Me Home by Benjamin Haydock -


"Bonus Track - Pretty please, Tim!" (...oh, alright, Tim)

Malamente by Rosalia - "Dunno about you, but a priest/KKK character performing skateboarding tricks always gets my attention!"


John -

"Hi RPMers, what a great variety of tunes and songs we had last week (plus a poem).... and I'm devastated that Jack White doesn't trust me!

Here are my three for this week...."

Fairies Wear Boots by Black Sabbath -


Jah Bless Africa by Misty In Roots -


Rose Darling by Steely Dan -


Dave -

"Hi fellow music lovers hope you all are well . Here’s my picks this week."

Refractions (in the Rain) by Clinic -


I Saw Reflections by Little Wings -


Philip -

"Greetings to all RPMers, and I trust everyone is remaining safe and well.

This week I have received by post Lenny Kaye's new book, "Lightning Strikes," an entertainingly written account of rock and roll history based on the idea that the music often developed through local "scenes," stating with "Memphis 1954," taking in the "scene" in which Mr.Kaye had personal involvement (New York, 1975) and in which the most recent such scene identified is "Norway 1993." Yes, you read that right. Norway. Norwegian "death metal." Sorry Lenny, I think I'll give that one a miss.

Before Chapter One, however, there is a Chapter Zero, "Cleveland 1952" which is where and when Alan Freed began his celebrated radio broadcasts.

This Chapter includes references to three records which serendipitously are all available on an album issued on HMV's Giant Steps label about 12 years ago. The album is called "Still Stompin' At The Savoy," and is an expanded version of an item from the 1980s, a limited edition album available only by post from the NME.

Here are those three songs, all from the 1940s."

Romance Without Finance by Tiny Grimes and Charlie Parker - "Tiny Grimes played a four-stringed guitar. Asked why, he said that he couldn't afford the other two!"


The Hucklebuck by Paul Williams - "A much covered tune with versions by country bands, Irish showbands, and even a ska version."


We're Gonna Rock, We're Gonna Roll by Wild Bill Moore -


Alan -

"As promised, three more 'hens teeth' this week. Something completely different next week, to quote Mr Python, not vinyl or those shiny silver thingies, instead a veritable Beatle-fest of scarce/rare videos of the band I've found on Yootoob this week."

She's Got the Time by The Afex - (7" single released September 1967. King Records. This from 'She's got the time' EP released 2012. Acid Jazz label)

"Initially recorded by US garage band The Poor, the song was composed by 'P. Rich', who was later to become slightly better known under his given name Tom Shipley of Brewer and Shipley fame. Here, Dagenhams finest mod squad strip the almost folk rock influences from the original version, add a groovy organ and turn it into a template for the Manc baggy scene of the nineties. They had started out as the Sceptors in 1964, still only in their early teens, Despite sell out gigs throughout Essex and regular supports at the Marquee, early interest from EMI withered and it was left to London's King Records to sign them up following support slots with John Mayall's Bluesbreakers and Cliff Bennett and the Rebel Rousers. Although there were radio plays and further gigs the band faltered when the music scene moved on. Just two other tracks were recorded and these, plus both sides of the single, were released on the EP in 2012 by the excellent Acid Jazz label.

Copies for the original single change hands for around £300 to £350..... when they come up for sale!!!"


Need Your Lovin' by The Muleskinners- ' (7" single released early 1965. Fontana label. This alternate version from 'Knockout R&B with.... released 2010. Acid Jazz label)

"Some confusion for me here. The sleeve notes to the EP make no mention of the Fontana single, but do confirm these four tracks were the basis of an unofficial release on the tiny Keepoint label* in 1964. I'm presuming these are demo's, perhaps for their Fontana audition, as the 'official' release is much tougher and less frantic. Back to the band and the main point of interest is usually that Ian McLagan was keyboard player before leaving to join, initially, Boz and the Boz People before being poached for the Small Faces. However, the Muleskinners had built a formidable reputation before then, thanks to vocalist Terry Brennan, late of the Roosters (who's line up also included Tom McGuinness and Eric Clapp), and by becoming the regular back up band to Howlin' Wolf, Jimmy Reed, Little Walter and Sonny Boy Williamson on their UK tours in the mid-sixties. Such was the Wolf's affection that he 'unofficially' adopted the band and regularly referred to them as 'his boys'. Copies of the 7"er are valued up to £300.

*Keepoint seems to have been a label used by various London area Councils, schools etc for private pressings but, strangely, they also released a 10" album by one of our previous neighbouring Notts village brass bands, the very excellent Creswell Colliery Band........"


Don't Want That by The Betterdays - (7" single released late 1965. Polydor label. This from 'Howl of the streets' EP released 1991. NTB label)

"There's a pretty full overview of the Betterdays in my 'Can blue men sing the whites' featurette so I'll just reiterate that here was a band capable of making the Stones sound like Hermans Hermits, so fiery is their sound! The band would always drop any song played or recorded by the Stones or the Pretty Things which the band already had in their set and quickly replace it with another blues number. Of course, as the Stones and Pretties increased their output, that meant that there were fewer blues tunes for the Betterdays to bring into the set!! UK wide touring was not, unfortunately, reinforced with regular gigs at any of London's premier clubs and so the band slipped under the radar somewhat at the very time when their contemporaries were packing 'em in at the Marquee, Crawdaddy and Flamingo. The demise of the band followed Polydors 'request' that they record a cover of the Beatles 'Norwegian Wood', a track that, presumably, Polydor thought may move the band into another market and a direction which the label felt could justify further expense except, to that date, publicity and financial backing by Polydor had been conspicuously absent. Following a life-threatening operation for keyboardist Bob Pitcher and his subsequent conversion to Christianity, the rest of the band called it a day.

For those with deep pockets, Discogs currently have a VG copy of the 7" for £200!!"


"And, not for one moment thinking that Tim was referring to my occasional lukewarm attitude towards Led Zep's many monumental achievements🙄........... here's part of the introduction to a review of the recent 'Yardbirds '68' album from Salon Magazines Colin Fleming which coincides entirely with my thoughts on Zep:

" I’m going to preface this argument about a recording I bet you’ve never heard by saying...........( Led Zep are) a band that I’ve been listening to almost as long as I’ve listened to anyone. Which, I realized long ago, is kind of weird, because I don’t think Zeppelin is very good. They’re an act that it feels like you ought to like............"

But here's another point of view, from the Mail on Sunday review of Percy's latest recording last weekend:

" Robert Plant could have spent the past week celebrating the golden jubilee of 'Led Zeppelin IV', the greatest LP in the whole world of hard rock......"

I too have (or had) every Zep album (with only LZ1 being purchased around the time of its original release), all of which now reside at Daniels place.... all bar 'IV' strangely, which turned up in our kitchen recently! I should also add that I did witness the band at Nottingham Boat Club (as small as it sounds!!!) on 6th April 1969, just a few months after LZ1 was released.

And, to show that Page already was 'stretching his wings' for what was soon to follow, here's a hopeful bonus..."

Dazed and Confused by The Yardbirds -


"...as for Jack White!!! (and I love the White Stripes!!) ...White himself confesses, "Sometimes I think I'm a simple guy, but I think the reality is I'm really complicated, as simple as I wish I was!"

Keep on rockin' Jack!!!!!

Keep well everyone."

Tim -

"Here's my post COP26 Led free 3......no idea what Alan was talking about, btw 😎."

Shepherds Hey performed by Sam Sweeney - "This is true folk music evolution....Sam Sweeney really gets inside this trad morris dance tune and turns it from a thing of rumbustious boisterousness into a thing of subliminal calm. To my mind, Sam's doing the same for English music as Martin Hayes did for Irish music in the early 90s. Performing in York tonight (Fri 19th) at the Centre for Early English Music...we have tickets."


Newcastle to Peterborough / Neike Javy'a by Richard Durrant - "Still lodged in the BnB cleaning ghetto blaster...."


Pyramydion by Ozric Tentacles - "Just picking out random Ozric albums with the run up to their appearance in York at the start of December....well, to be more precise, It's Ozric Tentacles Electronic which is Ed Wynn and son Silas performing as a duo....it's still gonna being epicly cosmic, though."


...'Til Next Time.