Week 41 - Fri 8 Oct

Welcome to the RPM Seven Day Soundtrack, week ending Friday 8th October 2021, with hopefully (fingers crossed it works "live") some new added technology; yes, embeded audio which isn't from U-toob. So let's head off down that meandering, never ending musical road of adventure and discovery and see where RPMers have got to this week...over to...

Nina -

"Hi folks. Hope you're all well. Returned to Norfolk from the land of pirates, smugglers, surfers & cream teas. Already planning my next escape, so "in motion" type choices fit the bill this week. Take care, all. Cheers!"

Be Quiet And Drive (Far Away) by Deftones - "Bit of a shoe gazing throwback. They just needed Dave Grohl on drums..."


Roam by The B52's - "Joyous, upbeat, love the harmonies & Kate Pierson's huge smile."


Passenger by Iggy Pop (live at Manchester Apollo in 1977) - "I've said it before, but it bears repeating 'cos I love him so much - in a parallel universe, Iggy's my dad."


Alan -

"This week it's three from, in my, ahem, 'unbiased' opinion, Norfolk's finest 'indie' band(s) of the early 00's, and I'm pretty sure no-one at RPM will have heard these tracks before. I played a track by Revolve ('Alchemy') on 7th July 2015, and they are featured here alongside the later line up, The Collectors."

'06 by The Collectors - (CD single released 2008. Allsorted label).

"Here's the band's final single 'top side' released on the local, and short lived Allsorted imprint just in time for their UK tour of Lincoln, Leeds, Glasgow and Barrow in Furness (!!). Shortly afterwards the members dispersed into graphic design, accountancy and University. In common with their other singles I had supplied a copy to ITV's teletext 'entertainment' pages (remember those?) and, once again the band were rewarded with a very favourable review. At this time, lead vocalist and guitarist Daniel was still only 20 but was showing remarkable maturity in his lyrics, guitar playing and arrangements and this is reflected in the regular gig opener on offer here which starts off at a brisk pace until the afterburner kicks in and the tempo becomes positively frantic."

01 '06.wav

Wolf River by The Collectors - (CD EP released 2006. Private presing sold at gigs)

"Once again a very good review from ITV, with this track mentioned as the EP's highlight with an 'atmospheric, swirling guitar and moody vocals'. Daniel was a big fan of Jeff Buckley and this track is an homage to Jeff following his (probably) accidental drowning in 'Wolf River'. Daniel cleverly posits that having to live up to his father Tim Buckley's fame (as in "You had your fathers eyes, you had his way with words.....') may have been a continual personal problem for Jeff's further development and, perhaps, led to his entry into the treacherous waters whilst fully clothed and under the influence of copious amounts of drink."

02 Wolf River.wav

?Strange? by Revolve - (home demo, recorded at Georges farm loft in Deepest Norfolk, unreleased)

"Here's the earlier line up (different bass and drummer) with a nine minute sprawling, almost psychedelic mass (or should that be 'mess'?) of squalling guitars, insistent bass line and pounding drums plus, as a bonus, a brief cowbell interlude and an almost continual drone of feedback!! Extremely lo-fi, Daniels vocals, such as they are, are buried deep in this primitive song which was the highlight of the bands early sets around 2002/3. The band were still only around 15 but played regularly in Norwich's Marlborough Arms and Queen Charlotte pubs in addition to auditioning for the BBC with '?Strange?'. This saw the sound engineers looking nervously at their needles nestling continuously in the red zone and the programmes 'talent scout' harrumphing and nervously tugging at his tie before giving the band the thumbs down!! PLAY LOUD..."

03 -Strange-.wav

(All songs: copyright Daniel Watson.)

"These three tracks will shortly be compiled as part of a one-off eight track vinyl album featuring the 'surfer' photo with additional artwork by The Collectors 'artist in residence' John Scarratt who has had several solo exhibitions in Norwich and has received many plaudits for his illustrations, posters and video work. His clients include Norwich City FC, Dr Martens and TV station Dave.


Keep safe everyone."

Piers -

"A guitar based week...Something pretty..."

Kensington Blues by Jack Rose -


"...but... also, in the week during which the relatives of the rednecks, that threw rocks, at six year-old Ruby Bridges (who had to be escorted by federal marshals to insure her safe enrolment at the William Frantz Elementary School in New Orleans in 1960) were in court having invoked privacy laws, to try to ensure that the images of their relatives should not be shown in a way in which they could be identified..... I think that a couple of protest songs, are relevant."

To show that we knew what was happening to the planet way back when...."

No Deposit, No Return Blues by Sandy Bull -


"And back to the deep South...."

Crazy in Alabama by Kate Campbell -


Jean -

"This week I’m going back to the 60s and some of my favourite dance songs. Best wishes to the RPM gang and look after yourselves. How about a reunion before Christmas?"

Let's Twist Again performed by Chubby Checker - "It was said that he lost half his body weight by Twisting. He used to be Chubby."


The Loco-Motion performed by Little Eva - "I hadn’t realised how skin tight clothes were on US TV in the 60s."


Dancing In The Street performed by Mick Jagger and David Bowie - "I know it was Martha and the Vandelas in the 60s but I love this version and video."


Philip -

"This week I tried to watch a recording of Mario Van Peebles' film "Posse," but gave up on it because it was all style (and a bloody irritating style at that) and very little substance. It promised to be more than that in an introductory narration on the under-representation on screen of the contributions of black people in the development of the American West. (Sidney Poitier and Harry Belafonte made a better movie in the 70s entitled "Buck and The Preacher"). That narration was spoken to camera, rather than as just a voice-over, by Woody Strode, which inspired this week's selections- all to do with films that featured Mr. Strode. Best wishes to all RPMers as ever."

The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance by Gene Pitney - "Written for the film but in the end not used on the soundtrack, it was nevertheless a No. 4 hit in the U.S."


Theme from "The Professionals" by Maurice Jarre - "Remember the closing dialogue? J.W.Grant (Ralph Bellamy): "You bastard." Rico (Lee Marvin): "Yes sir. In my case an accident of birth. You sir. You are a self-made man"."


Theme from "Once Upon a Time in The West" by Ennio Morricone - "Woody Strode was one of the three gunmen in the opening sequence meeting Charles Bronson's "Harmonica" off the train."


Jackie -

All Shook Up performed by Elvis Presley - "This came on whilst in a shop in Pickering last Monday....which is market day and well worth the visit."


Jayne -

"This week’s selection represents a summary of my week. Sending positive vibes to everyone…"

Running on Empty by Jackson Browne - (thanks P)


October Song by The Incredible String Band -


The Breakfast Song by Matthew P -


Tony -

"Just back from London, so not much time to prepare but here are 3 random tracks for this week. Best wishes to everybody as always. Gettin' colder and darker aint it?"

Since I Fell For You performed by Dinah Washington -


Don't You Feel Like Crying by Solomon Burke -


Promised Land performed by Johnnie Allen -


John -

"Hi RPMers, I hope you're all enjoying the Indian Summer before it turns into the English Winter! I've been listening to quite a variety of music over the past seven days; it's been one of those weeks when I've played stuff that hasn't hit the turntable, CD player or car stereo in many a long month - even the portable cassette player came out of retirement to give us my first choice..."

Pray For The Day by Magnum -


Is This Called Home by Lucy Rose -


Dave -

"Hi RPMers, enjoyed your play list last week . Hope you are all keeping well . Here’s my 3."

Rats On Rafts by Tokyo Music Experience -


Un Jour Ou L'autre by Juniore -


Tim -

"Three from the past week's listening."

Over Your Shoulder by Motorhead - "Dug out some old Motorhead...love the way Mickey Dee swaps the emphasis of the drum beat to really screw up your sense of where beat 1 is happening. Killer track."


Sad Days, Lonely Nights performed by The Black Keys - "Hill country blues how it should be played. The masters."


The Lord Stepped In (Taking Back Control) by Alabama 3 - "Alabama 3 are so good at mixing blues and gospel with electronic dance rhythms...and the cutting political humour of the lyrics is highly entertaining as well. There's probably more to come from this album in future weeks..."


...'Til Next Time...