Week 37 - Fri 10th Sep

Welcome the the RPM Seven Day Soundtrack, weekending Friday 10th September 2021. Embark on another magical musical mystery tour right now; over to...

Jayne -

"In the midst of a long journey, so this week, here are three from the van…"

Dúlamán performed by Altan -


Henry Martin performed by Bert Jansch -


Piers -

"Jayne and I have spent the last week, sleeping in a cabin in the woods, exploring the astounding prehistoric landscape around Kilmartin, and paddling our Canadian Canoe on Loch Awe. I presume that by the time that Most of you see this, on Saturday morning, we’ll be tootling down the motorway back to Norfolk…. We are probably somewhere near Loch Lomond by now!

Over the years I have noticed that there are quite noticeable cycles in the music that I listen to. I often progress from Jazz to ‘Old Timey’ and ‘Blue Grass’ and then into Ska and reggae. It isn’t deliberate it just happens that way. You can tell what point I am at on that cycle with this week’s choices…"

How Mountain Girls Can Love by The Stanley Brothers -


Hypocrites by Jimmy Cliff -


Johnny Too Bad by The Slickers -


Alan -

One 'genre' which I don't think we've covered in any depth within SDS is 'krautrock'... so here's three from my (admittedly small) collection.

Restless Skylight Transistor Child suite by Amon Duul II - (from 'Dance of the Lemmings' double LP, released March 1971. United Artists label.)


Father Cannot Yell by Can- (originally from 'Monster Movie' s/t LP. This from 'Cannibalism' double comp LP, released 1978. United Artists label)


Der Elektrolurch* by Guru Guru- (originally from 'Guru Guru' LP, this from 'Der Elektrolurch' double comp LP, released mid 1974. Brain label)

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fLgjaWGLXUY (*full version)

"Congratulations if you managed to get through all three in their entirety........... easy listening it ain't.

Keep safe..."

Philip -

"I don't know about the other RPM members, but I still get a thrill from discovering a new artist- new to me at any rate- that I think is great. This week's selections are the first three tracks on the new album "Long Time Coming" by Sierra Ferrell, who like John R. Miller is signed to Rounder Records. Does the quality drop after these three? No- I could have chosen any of them as the standard of singing, songwriting and musicianship is fantastic throughout. In fact the only complaint I have about the CD edition is that the accompanying booklet contains no musician credits. Of course you can look these up on Google, and some of the names involved (those familiar to me) are Chris Scruggs, Tim O'Brien, Sarah Jarosz, Billy Strings (not his real name folks but it suits him), and the ubiquitous Jerry Douglas (Does the man ever rest? I could listen to him play any old time. In fact, I could listen to him play "Any Old Time").

Best wishes to one and all."

The Sea by Sierra Ferrell - "Featuring musical saw- now there's something you don't hear every day."


Jeremiah by Sierra Ferrell - "The song that was apparently her Rounder debut."


The Bells of Every Chapel by Sierra Ferrell - "She likes this one."


John -

"Hi RPMers, Firstly, I hope you're all keeping safe and well. Secondly, a belated R.I.P. to Lee 'Scratch' Perry - A true innovator. Thirdly, here are some tracks I've been listening to this week..."

African Children by Aswad -


Sons And Daughters by The Decemberists -


Earthquake Driver by Counting Crows -


Morra -

"Feeling summery..."

Yellow Bird by The Paragons -


Zombie Jamboree by Harry Belefonte -


Paper Doll by The Mills Brothers -


Dave -

"Hi fellow music lovers. Enjoying you tunes as always here’s what I have enjoyed this week."

I Want My Minutes Back by Snapped Ankles -


El Caminos In The West by Grandaddy -


Tony -

"Best wishes to everyone - keep the great stuff coming."

Seven Nights to Rock by Moon Mullican - "I have several USA albums and a few 78's by Moon - including this one on a Red Parlophone 78. I was reminded of it last night when at my Jump Jive class (hard to do with two left feet)!


Devil Woman by Marty Robbins - "I found some nice footage of Marty singing some great lyrics about a Devil Woman. Cliff decided 14 years after Marty first recorded it to do the same title, different song."


Nadine by Chuck Berry (backed by a young dude called Keith) - "Time for a bit of one of the most innovative lyricists in rock music. I like this live version even though he sacrifices the clever 3rd verse about commandeering an already full yellow cab to pursue naughty Nadine. Instead he gives us a bit of a guitar break and his famous duck walk. He also manages some great syncopation throughout and just when you think he's lost his way he gets back on track without really missing a beat. Also note how he lets the band know he's finished at the end.


Nina -

"Hope everyone's well & reveled in the gorgeous sunshine we had this week.

Found myself drawn to folk-y covers, gentle listening to accompany hot days, paddle boarding, sea swimming & sipping chilled rosé. Now off to Cornwall in Terry (VW T4 van) to catch waves, scrumpy, smugglers & cream teas. Laters, music lovers."

Landslide covered by the Petersens - "The Bluegrass Waltons, so achingly wholesome. Reckon they've got a punky black sheep tucked away somewhere.."


Harvest Moon covered by Reina del Cid & pals -


Gentle On My Mind covered by Molly Tuttle & pals - "Great cover by the superbly, in-the-vein-of-Enid-Blyton named Molly Tuttle."


Jackie -

"Have been at Bristol University this week, so here's a musical antidote."

Another Brick In The Wall Pt2 by Pink Floyd -


Wonderful World by Sam Cooke -


Tim -

"Three songs from albums listened to this week..."

Hell On Earth by Iron Maiden - "From new release Senjutsu."


Popscape by Ozric Tentacles - "From last year's Space for the Earth LP."


Maid of the Mill by Sam Sweeney - "From Sam's recent Unearth Repeat album."


'Til Next Time...