Week 12 - Fri 25 Mar

Welcome to the RPM Seven Day Soundtrack, week ending Friday 25th March 2022, your weekly musical immersive experience....oh, and poetry is back too, as I'm sure you'll be pleased to know; over to....

Tony -

"Sorry that I missed out last week. I really enjoyed seeing everybody's selections for 'Desert Island Disks' and when the madness that is my life at the moment subsides a little bit, I plan to work through the many suggestions that I have no idea of. Meanwhile, here are my 3 for this week. Best wishes to all as ever."

Steamy Windows by Tony Joe White - "Tina Turner did a fantastic version of this song - when I first heard it it made me sit up and take notice. Like Nutbush.... it never fails to make my toes tap. This version, by the song's composer, is a bit darker and bluesy but nevertheless I like it just as much. I only have the cd album but maybe one day will find a decent vinyl version to go with his other LP's."


After Midnight by JJ Cale - "This is one of many songs that JJ wrote that others re-recorded - notably Eric Clapton. Originally penned in the mid-60's as a single it was included in his album 'Naturally' (which had a great cover by the way)."


4+20 by Crosby Stills Nash and Young - "Here's a short but beautiful track from CSNY's Deja Vu. I first heard this album while admiring the cassette tape player fitted to the brand new Ford Capri that one of my computer shift's dad had bought him. The same guy's dad (from a trip to Brazil) also bought him the first LCD wristwatch I'd ever seen and it looked space age against the Red LED watches that preceded. Although attributed to CSN and Y it's really a solo track by Stephen Stills which the others refused to contribute to for fear (in their eyes) of ruining it."


Jayne -

"Equinoctial greetings to all RPMers. Here are three tracks that I hope you will enjoy."

Pass It On by Omar featuring Terri Walker -


Gatekeeper by Eska (In The Woods 2012 Barn Sessions) -


John -

"Hi RPMers, Hope you're all enjoying this wonderful weather. Here's a sample of what I've been listening to in the past seven days..."

Tell Me When My Light Turns Green by Dexy's Midnight Runners - Like Jackie (and possibly a few other RPMers), I belatedly became aware of a glaring omission in my Desert Island Discs.... How did I allow myself to miss out 'Searching For The Young Soul Rebels' by Dexy's Midnight Runners?!? It was my 'Mystery Album' choice in September 2019 and in my conclusion to the accompanying blurb I stated that ''Searching for the Young Soul Rebels' is an album that is firmly within my list of 'top ten all-time favourite albums'. Others drop in and out but this is firmly anchored mid-table". Well, some kind of mental block must have presented itself on the day I wrote the list. So, to make amends..."


Slow Death by The Flamin' Groovies - "A band who definitely wear their influences on their sleeve..... I bought this on a 7" four track EP in the summer of '77 from a small independent record shop in Deptford. Since then I've bought a few other records by The Flamin' Groovies including the amazing 'Shake Some Action' LP."


Take Me Girl, I'm Ready by Jr Walker & The All Stars - "Music to make you smile!"


Philip -

"Well, who would have thought it possible? Bo Jo has sunk to a new low even for him. Perhaps it's time to stop calling him a clown given that his latest outrageous statement shows what a truly foul individual he is. His attempt to draw a parallel between Brexit and what's going on in Ukraine can't be put down to buffoonery or careless choice of words. He did this on purpose. It was a pre-meditated, calculated, deliberately divisive disgrace that dragged Britain's name deeper into the mud. And as for Rees-Mogg effectively saying we shouldn't bother in present circumstances to hold our leaders to account, words fail me except to say it's typical Rees-Mogg.

Enough already! This week I've been getting very nostalgic... hence my first choice.

Best wishes to all RPMers "

Rawhide Theme by Frankie Laine - "In about 1963 I got a "Rawhide Annual" for Christmas. I think by Xmas 1964 I'd moved on to Z Cars (Fancy Smith, Bert Lynch, Inspector Barlow etc)."


Mamas Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up To Be Cowboys by Willie Nelson - "Willie's sister Bobbie, who died recently at the age of 91 (two years older than Willie) can be seen playing piano in this clip. Willie phrases like a jazz singer (and nearly loses the tune once or twice, but he's allowed to - he's Willie Nelson!)."


I Can Still Make Cheyenne by George Strait - "One of the most irritating things I've seen on "Pointless" recently was Richard Osman's pronunciation of this as "Shay-Enn." Surely he knows better?"


Piers -

"I can no longer bear to watch the news. So I have been listening to lots of blues mainly from the 60s 50s and earlier, Little Walter, Slim Harpo, Junior Wells... but sometimes it gets to a point when I have heard just too much dumpty - dumpty - dumpty - dumpty blues... I love it but it can wear away at my Gyri And Sulci until my brain is as smooth as a billiard ball, and it starts to bounce off the sides....that's when I need piano players!"

Murder Gonna Be My Crime by Sippie Wallace -


Make Me A Pallet by Jimmy & Mama Yancy -


Nobody Knows You When You re Down And Out by Pine Top Smith -


Dave -

"Hi everyone, hope all is well. Enjoying your tunes. Here’s my 3 this week."

Twist In My Sobriety by Tanita Tikaram -


Don’t Fight It Feel It by Primal Scream -


Jackie -

"I had Sam Cooke in my desert island albums selection, but it could easily have been any of these..."

Hard To Handle by Otis Redding -


What's Going On by Marvin Gaye -


Get Ready by The Temptations -


Alan -

"Three bands from the eighties and early nineties who promised to break through but somehow..."

Leilani by Hoodoo Gurus (from 'Stoneage Romeos' LP released March 1984. Demon label) - " 'They come from the land Down Under', to quote Men at Work, but the Guru's hearts seemed somewhat closer to mid sixties USA to judge from the 'Stoneage Romeos' album which was packed full of prime garage band music coupled with a blast or two of the Buzzcocks fiery punk pop (witness the similarity between this track and the 'Cock's 'Moving away from the Pulsebeat' debut album track). Formed in Sydney in 1981, this track was their debut single, released in October 1982, before being re-recorded for the SR album. The bands love of cult TV and film was reflected in their choice of album title (taken from a Three Stooges short) and a sleeve dedication to 'Get Smart', F Troop' and 'Petticoat Junction'. 'Leilani' itself is based on the 1950's movie 'Bird of Paradise' (starring Jeff Chandler) and the song tells of the beautiful daughter of an island chief who leads an idyllic life with her boyfriend until she is compelled to be cast into the volcano as a tribal sacrifice to placate the mountain god. Despite her boyfriend's pleas, she chooses the path of duty. Her boyfriend, left alone, finally concludes that at least her death served a purpose while his life without her is a waste. At the time of the release of the SR album the band toured Europe and the USA where they gained considerable popularity on the college circuit and were rewarded with a couple of high placings on the Billboard 'Modern Rock' chart with 'Come anytime' (No 1) and 'Miss Freelove 69' (No 3). There were sell out tours of the USA with the Bangles, a live concert on MTV and their follow up albums also made respectable showings in the Billboard Top 200 Album charts over the next few years but a plateau seemed to have been reached and, after further US and Australian tours, the band split in 1998. There were a plethora of compilations and a live album released following their demise so it was no surprise when the band reconvened in 2003 to re record their 'What's my scene' single as 'That's my team' in aid of the National Rugby League team and a breast cancer charity. There followed a new contract with EMI and the band recommenced touring and releasing new material which continues to this day."


Locked out of the Love-in by One Thousand Violins (from 'Hey man that's beautiful' LP, released 1988. Immaculate label) - "Formed in Sheffield as The Pageboys in 1984, the band changed their name to One Thousand Violins in 1985 and were rewarded with two Peel Sessions which saw the self referential b-side 'Like One Thousand Violins' secure a place in 1985's Festive Fifty' chart. That was followed by several 'indie chart' (remember that?) hits over the next couple of years and, in 1988, they released their debut album which featured this little goodie. However, the lack of mainstream success and financial problems saw the band split in 1989 with lead guitarist Colin Gregory finding some limited popularity with the late 'baggy' era Dylans who scored a couple of 'indie' hits, recorded two albums and were signed to Atlantic in the USA before splitting in 1993. Strangely, Japan retrospectively picked up on the Violins and issued a collection of the band's recordings on a limited edition CD in 2000 and this was followed by the comprehensive 'Halcyon Days Complete Recordings 1985-1987' collection on Cherry Red in 2014."


Fire Music by Family Cat (from 'Furthest from the sun' LP, released June 1992. Dedicated label) - "In common with Sheffield's finest, The Comsat Angels', it's difficult to understand why the Family Cat never fulfilled their undoubted promise. Their debut single, 'Tom Verlaine' was the NME single of the week and featured in the 1989 Peel Festive Fifty and they also recorded three Peel Sessions. ' Furthest from the sun' was the band's second album and featured a clutch of fine songs and, as a bonus, backing vocals on several tracks were by P J Harvey who had supported the band at Aylesbury Civic Centre in December 1991. Despite the excellence of their singles, including the Tory baiting 'Bring me the head of Michael Portillo'* released in 1994, and continuing favourable critical reviews, the band never broached the album Top 50 and only placed two singles in the lower reaches of the singles Top 50 before splitting in 1995.

* 1997 was the year Portillo lost his seat in Parliament and I am not ashamed to say my oldest son and I sat up until 0310am just to savour the moment. It would be nice to say that the event changed Portillo but, despite the excellence of his TV series, his political outlook still seems to be to the right of Thatcher when he appears on political shows. His tacit support for Brexit is, as usual for Tories, somewhat two faced. Having spoken of being broadly in favour of the rest of us leaving Europe and, as a result, being limited to spending no more than 180 days per year in the EU, he recently announced his intention to buy property in Andalucia and live there full time!"


Bonus Track -

"Bonus request for this week, please Tim, instead of any comments."

The War Drags On performed by Donovan -


Nina -

"Hi folks. Belated Happy St Pat's day for last Thursday, to be sure..."

Ride On by Christy Moore - "Soul searching & beautiful."


The Rocky Road to Dublin performed by Luke Kelly & the Dubliners - "Joyous & jiggly!"


Night Visiting Song performed by Luke Kelly - "His last performance apparently. Heartfelt & haunting."


Bonus Track - "Brief poetry track, please Tim...(No problem, Tim) 50th anniversary of the Bogside Massacre on 30th January 2022.

Russian forces fire at unarmed civilians in Ukraine

During the Troubles the British army did the same

Conflict causes such loss and pain."

The Road to Derry by Seamus Heaney -


"Take care all."

Tim -

"Here's three from this week's listening. Plus, coincidentally, more poetry...as I'm sure you knew (Nina?), last Monday was World Poetry Day."

Bonus Poetry Track -

Resistance by Simon Armitage - "The poet laureate's response to the Ukraine invasion."


You Can't Kill Me by Gong - "Still playing Gong post gig...they were great, btw....and here's the present incarnation performing (live) a song which appeared on Camembert Electrique way back in 1971. Some or the lyrics are possibly a bit "hippyish" and of their time, but I've always interpreted the first verse as meaning you can't kill a person's or people's spirit...."


Cluck Old Hen performed by Alison Krauss and Union Station - "Now, I'm sure you've all been wondering where your banjo tune of the week has gone....and this one has stuck in my head recently. Not newly learnt, but reassessed after seeing this Alison Krauss and Union Station vid. How many variations upon a simple tune can ya do?.....well, lots apparently."


The Time Is Now by Oysterband - "And Read The Sky is still having regular plays...it's so good to hear John Jones' voice again."


'Til Next Time...