Week 33 - Fri 13 Aug

Welcome to the RPM Record Club Seven Day Soundtrack, week ending Friday 13th August and certainly not unlucky if you wrap your ears around these sounds, as chosen from the listening of RPMers. Over to.....

Nina -

"Hi folks. Hope everyone's well. Camping with my sis & niece this week, ie. Mainly dancing to poptastic cheese as well as playing games & having fun on the river Wensum. Time for intense duets when it's late & the campfire's glowing...Take care, everyone. Hasta lluego"

Like I Used To by Sharon Van Etten & Angel Olsen - "Stylishly potent video & lyrics"


All Flowers in Time Bend Towards the Sun by Jeff Buckley & Elizabeth Fraser - "Apparently unfinished, but stunningly beautiful regardless."


The Water by Laura Marling & Johnny Flynn - "Resonates on several levels."


Piers -

"From the age of thirteen when the first Beatles singles were released, I was, am, still I guess, a huge fan of The Beatles but, although I certainly heard the live recordings from Shea Stadium etc., way back when. I never bothered to check out all the bootleg live material that used to surface from time to time.

Until relatively recently I thought that the 'Holy Grail' of bootleg material must be unreleased Beatles tracks…. I was really surprised to find that there are loads of them! Some are a bit (!) sub standard but... it's The Beatles!"

The Beatles - Quinn The Esk... whoops sorry!

Watching Rainbows by The Beatles -


Sour Milk Sea by The Beatles -


A Case of the Blues (from Rare and Beautiful Songs; the lost album) by The Beatles -


"Not really a bonus track, but I will include this link just as information for anyone that is interested... These have been knocking about for a while in various mixes and formats. Relatively interesting even if, as is usually stated, it is John playing bass…

The Beatles - "The Palace Of The King Of The Birds"


There is also an interesting FM Radio interview called ‘Yellow Matter Custard’ on You tube."

Tony -

"Getting this to you before I disappear for a couple of days...Best wishes to you all."

Heart Shaped World by Chris Isaac - "I like just about everything that the charismatic Chris Isaac does. This is a fine live rendition."


I Can't Make You Love Me performed by Bonnie Raitt and Bruce Hornsby - "What a combination; the sublime voice of Bonnie Raitt and the unmistakable sound of Bruce Hornsby on keys."


King Bee performed by Slim Harpo - "The Stones were sufficiently impressed by Slim Harpo to include this on their very first album and they didn't try to mess it around too much apart from adding some great guitar licks. They helped the Americans to 'discover' what had been under their noses for years and gave all the great blues pioneers a chance to make a bit of cash and find some deserved fame."


Morra -

"My feeling Irish 3."

Lisdoonvarna by Christy Moore -


Christy’s Song by Brendan Grace -


Horse Outside by The Rubberbandits -


Jayne -

"Hi RPM friends - it is so good to meet up in this safe space. Here are my three for this week."

Love Will Be Reborn by Martha Wainwright -


On The Beach Where The Sun Doesn’t Move by Robyn Hitchcock -


John -

"Hi everyone, hope you're all keeping fit and well. Here is a selection of what I've been listening to this week."

Limelight by Rush - "My favourite track from their Moving Pictures LP."


Empire Road by Matumbi - "This is from Matumbi's Seven Seals LP which I picked up last weekend at the Norwich Record Fair. First one for 18 months and there was a really good buzz - a great day out!

Apparently, this is the theme tune to a TV series of the same name from the late seventies. Although the song seemed familiar to both Sal and myself, neither of us recalls ever watching it....!"


Party In The Arc by Croft No. Five - "This band headlined Stage 1 on the final night of the 2006 Cambridge Folk Festival - awesome! This is a live version of a track from their second album Talk Of The Future (2004)."


Jackie -

"Last week, the boy Ewan walked Hadrian's Wall in three days. So, as LongShoreDrift haven't posted their Marching Road song online, here's the next best thing."

I'm Goona Be (500 Miles) by the Proclaimers -


Alan -

"Sticking with more 'recent' stuff for another week, here's three slices of 'indie' from the vaults."

Air France by Blueboy - (from 'Meet Johnny Rave' EP, released January 1993. Sarah Records.)


My Life is Wrong by East River Pipe- (from 'She's a real good time' EP, released May 1993. Sarah label)


Step Into My Office, Baby by Belle and Sebastian - (7" single released 17th November 2003. Rough Trade label.)


Hopeful Bonus request 🙏......... Following the poetry outbreak a couple of weeks ago, this is Paco Ibanez from his Dali sleeved 1964 album "Poemas De Federico García Lorca Y Luis De Góngora" with a poem by Lorca entitled "Casida de las palomas oscuras" ('Home of the Dark Doves').


"Stay safe, keep the goodies coming in (loved last week's Nirvana/Astley mash up!!!)"

Jean -

"I’ve just seen that there’s to be a concert in New York at the end of the month. I thought I would play three of the headliners. Keep well everyone. Enjoy the music."

(You Make Me Feel Like A) Natural Woman performed by Jennifer Hudson -


Black Magic Woman by Santana -


That's The Way of the World by Earth, Wind and Fire -


Philip -

"Greetings to all from Swanton Morley. This week I am again going to select tunes from a recent acquisition, namely the new Los Lobos album "Native Sons," which is a tribute to the music of L.A., including the Hispanic elements. I could choose anything from it really, as it has long been my contention that Los Lobos are one of the great American bands, deserving to be held in equal esteem to The Band or Creedence Clearwater Revival for example. I'll go for 3 of the less obvious covers."

Los Chucos Suaves - "...a song written by Lalo Guerrero, 'The Father of Chicano Music'."


Never No More - "...a jump blues by Percy Mayfield."


Flat Top Joint - "....a Dave Alvin number for The Blasters, who helped Los Lobos come to an Anglo audience via signing with Slash Records in the early '80s. This is a live version of the song."


Dave -

"Hi RPMers, hope all is well with you all. Here’s my 3 favs this week."

Margaritas at the Mall by Purple Mountains -


What'd I Say by John Mayall's Blues Breakers with Eric Clapton -


Tim -

"Not a huge quantity of listening this week; just a few albums which I've been listening to repeatedly."

Brainstorm (Jam) by Hawkwind - "When I discovered Hawkwind in about 1981, there were a number of hard to find and therefore mythical recordings of the band from the 70s which we NWOBHM chaps continued to look for in back street record shops and second hand emporiums. Glastonbury Fair was one (only a single HW track but whole sides for Pink Fairies and Gong), Watchfield Festival was another (don't bother; terrible recording) and the Greasy Truckers Party recorded at the Roundhouse was the third. The original Greasy Truckers LP was a compilation of live recordings from a benefit concert in February 1972, featuring not only Hawkwind, but Man, Brinsley Schwarz and Magic Michael...all very 70s underground, in other words. Byzantium were also due to perform, but, due to one of those common at the time power cuts, never actually appeared. There were only 2 HW tracks taking up the whole of side 4 and a wait of 35 years followed until a CD release in 2007 emerged of the whole event. Now, whatever you might think of Record Store Day, the good thing for HW fans this year is the RSD release of the complete Hawkwind Greasy Truckers set as a double vinyl LP package, the recording's true spiritual home...and very nice too. The track I've gone with here is the kind of noise vibe impov that was one of the attractions Hawkwind held for me at the time...and in fact, still does. It's a work in progress which the band are grappling with in the live environment before nailing the definitive version 7 months later on the Doremi Fasol Latido opus. Turn the lights off, the strobes and oil wheels on...and if you really wanna go wild, light a joss stick, perhaps."


Blind Lemon and the Hook Man by Luther Dickinson - "Still playing the Hambone's Meditations album and here's another great tune played live by the man himself..."


Steppy Downs Road by Sam Sweeny - "This is just sublime, uplifting, joyful fiddle playing from a true virtuoso. Found on his recent Unearth Repeat album, go get it now.....and go see him live in November. (Got our tickets sorted for York). Why did he mess about in Bellowhead when he can write music like this?"


...'Til Next Time.