Week 16 - Fri 22 Apr

Welcome to the RPM Seven Day Soundtrack, week ending Friday 22 April 2022. We don't stand on ceremony here, so dig in to another smorgasbord of carefully selected musical delicacies.....over to....

Tony -

"Here's my 3 for the week which I had to change, as I had anticipated I would include a track from a recently won rare 78 rpm which the seller subsequently found he had carelessly broken!

Best whishes to you all and enjoy the sun while it hangs around."

Down Where The Drunkards Roll by Richard and Linda Thompson - "This is from their album 'I Want to See the Bright Lights.......'. I've seen Richard, Teddy and his sister live but never Linda and she majors on this particular track."


Liar by Argent - "This track was released by Three Dog Night as their first single which I remember being played when it first came out, but it was written by Russ Ballard of Argent and I like this version. Can you think of anybody who it might apply to Philip?"


When All You Got Is A Hammer by Gretchen Peters - "A brilliant track from Gretchen which got some airplay when the album first came out. It's a clever musical description of PTSD which every conflict (including the current one I'm sure) seems to result in causing many deeply troubled sufferers. How could anybody emerge unscathed from the horrors of war, that we who have not personally been caught up in, can only imagine as we stare via the safety of our tv screens?"


Philip -

"So BoJo is sorry. Again. Except of course he isn't, apart from being sorry he got caught and sorry that others can't see that he is so special that rules as they apply to others don't apply to him. There is never any trace of regret, remorse or even recognition of wrongdoing in his apologies, and this is just par for the course with him since his schooldays.(You might know the story that his Headmaster wrote to his father pointing this out... I wonder if Stanley patted him on the back and said "Well done my boy").

Apparently, at the age of 23 he was on The Times' journalism training programme and wrote an article quoting his godfather, a historian called (if I recall correctly) Colin Lucas. Other historians pointed out that Mr. Lucas never said any such thing and that the quote was a fabrication. BoJo was sacked and said that he felt shamed and that it was "a bit of a bummer, actually." However, did he blame himself in any way? No, of course not. He blamed the "snivelling fact-grubbing historians" who called him out.

Facts eh? Damn things are a bloody nuisance to someone like BoJo. And still some of my neighbours can't see through him and declare themselves to be "Boris fans!"

Best wishes and good health to all RPMers, and I hope you enjoyed the rant, Alan. (...and Tony. Tim.)

This week, a Robert Earl Keen sandwich, between two numbers from the fine new OCMS album."

Paint This Town by Old Crow Medicine Show - "The title track."


Paint The Town Beige by Robert Earl Keen -


Lord Willing And The Creek Don't Rise by Old Crow Medicine Show -


Piers -

"Two Dylan covers this week and then the Mamas and Papas..."

With God on Our Side performed by Buddy Miller -


Maggie's Farm performed by Rage Against The Machine -


California Dreamin' by The Mamas & The Papas -


Jackie -

"At the moment there is an amazing planetary alignment in the early morning sky of Jupiter, Venus, Mars and Saturn, joined this weekend by the moon. So here's my choices..."

Jupiter, the bringer of jollity by Gustav Holst, performed by the Chicago Symphony Orchestra -


Mars, the bringer of war by Gustav Holst, performed by the Chicago Symphony Orchestra -


Venus, the bringer of peace by Gustav Holst, performed by the Chicago Symphony Orchestra -


Nina -

"Hi folks, hope you're all well. Completely agree with Tim's comments in his latest email; last week's selection was an absolute belter - thanks everyone! Thoroughly enjoyed listening to & reading about your choices. It's a lovely community to be part of.

Lively, bouncy kinda vibe this week. Have a fun weekend and take care everyone."

Come on, Be a No-One by The Cribs - " "Most consistently good band to come out of the UK in the past 15 years or so" according to 1 YouTube commenter.. I'll let the illustrious RPMers decide."


If You Wanna by The Vaccines -


Talk by Beabadoobee - "New, but sounds straight out of the 90's to me..in a good way."


Alan -

"Three 'quirky' 45rpm b-sides that hit the deck in the last seven days."

Satisnek the Jobs Worth by Amen Corner (b-side to 'Bend me, shape me' single release January 1968. Deram label)) - "Probably closer to their live mod/soul sound (Sue saw the group at Donny Race Course around this time) with its Hammond heavy sound. 'Satisnek' of course is (cigarette brand) Kensitas spelled backwards and, to my knowledge, 'jobsworth' didn't seem to come into common parlance until a few years after this? 'Bend me...' was a cover of the American Breed's US charter from 1967 but it was originally recorded by The Outsiders In in 1966 whose later line up included Jimmy Fox who founded the James Gang."


See Me Back by The Merseybeats- '(b-side to 'Last night (I made a little girl cry)' released October 1964. Fontana label) - "Quite how (and why) Lennon and McCartney didn't sue the 'Beats for this blatant, and inferior, 'adaptation' of 'I call your name' is beyond me. The top side is a goodish beat ballad which gained later covers by Steve Lawrence in May '65 and US group the Pleazers the following month. Lennon had written 'I call your name' prior to forming the Beatles and it was offered to Billy J Kramer who placed it on the reverse of late 1963's 'Bad to me' single (another Lennon/McCartney song). Lennon was dissatisfied with Kramers treatment and so the band recorded it in June 1964 with a view to it being included in the 'Hard Days Night' film. Because of its similarity to 'You can't do that' (initially included in the 'live' set in the film but later expunged and relegated to the 'non-film' side of the soundtrack album), the song was placed on the 'Long Tall Sally' EP in the UK and the second Beatles album in the US. Those two songs were the first to feature George Harrison's recent gift of a Rickenbacker 360/12 direct from the manufacturer and, in 'I call your name', the band featured an early experiment with the ska rhythm in the chorus."


Disturbance by The Move - (b-side to 'Night of fear' released Dec 1966. Deram label)

" 'Night of fear' is one of my favourite singles of all time but one wonders how the lyrics got past the BBC censors. Here, on the b-side, is a Roy Wood composition which deals with the consequences of a head injury sustained when he was accidentally dropped by his mother when he was a baby (not a true story I hope!!). It's the record's closing effects which truly bring home the 'disturbance' the song's subject suffers from which adds a terrifying ending to the track. In the film clip the band are featured being sartorially equipped in order to appear on a rare Italian video wearing some white moc's very similar to a pair I wore to the Blacksmiths Arms which I coupled with green trousers, dark blue tab collared shirt and a long blue plastic 'mac..... which prompted George (the landlord) to throw me out for 'disturbing' the customers!!"


Alan's Musical Funnies -

Bonus Track -

"The horror, the horror...................... "

Reuters by Wire -


"Stay safe."

Dave -

"Hi my music loving friends. Here’s my 3 this week."

The Cutter by Echo and the Bunny Men -


She Belongs To Me by Bob Dylan -


Is It To Late by World Party -


Jayne -

"With good wishes to RPMers one and all, x."

First Light by Hidden Orchestra - "This week I’ve been awake between 3 and 5 am on a couple of occasions and have watched the sky lighten and heard birds fill the air with song. This track for me reproduces that indeterminate time when the night sky moves from blackness into a grey blue fuzziness and the start of the dawn chorus."


I Shall Not Be Moved performed by Taj Mahal, Ry Cooder and Joachim Cooder - "A (sometimes) tired old song given new life…"


Sister Rosetta by Alabama 3 - "…and an old (never tired) song."


John -

"Hi Everyone, I hope you're all keeping safe and well. Here are my choices for this week..."

Just Like An Arrow by Magnum - "On more than one occasion, I have had a discussion with Tim regarding the question: 'What is Magnum's finest album?'. Tim has steadfastly stuck with 'On A Storytellers Night' whereas I've always felt that 'Chase The Dragon' edged it slightly. Last Saturday at the Record Fair in Norwich I did some 'trades' with another dealer which resulted in 'On A Storytellers Night' coming into my possession. Hence a chance for a bit of re-evaluation.... a mammoth Magnum session ensued with the two aforementioned LPs hitting the record deck (plus the Live LP 'Marauder'). The results were inconclusive (they're all great albums) but I must say that I now have a much greater appreciation of 'On A Storytellers Night'. "


Dream Variations by Idlewild - "Also at the Record Fair I picked up a promo CD of Idlewild's most recent album 'Interview Music' at a bargain price. This is the opening track."


Happy Jack by The Who - "Another recent purchase was John Entwistle's biography 'The Ox' by Paul Rees. An excellent read which has prompted me to pull a few Who albums off the shelf and onto the record player. To accompany the first few chapters dealing with The Who's formative years, 'Meaty Beaty Big & Bouncy' was the obvious choice as it contains all the classic early singles. This is one of my favourites."


Tim -

"Here's three from my week's musical mix....."

Big Fat Earth Worm by Richard Durrant - "Is it classical in a folky prog way, folk in a proggy classical way or prog in a classical folky way? No doubt it's Richard Durrant, anyway....."


Francie Campbell's / Out of the Ashes performed by Matt Malloy, John Carty and Arty McGlynn - "The pairing of Matt Malloy (flute) and John Carty (fiddle) is just spot on...as proven on these tunes."


Hold Me In Your Arms by The Black Keys - "I was reminded why I was so originally impressed with the Black Keys when I listened to their Thickfreakness album again this week; it's a mighty slab of modern blues, for sure. So here's a sample..."


'Til Next Time...