Week 3 - Fri 15 Jan

Welcome to the RPM Seven Day Soundtrack, week ending Friday 15th January 2021. More mellifluous music with which to sooth yourselves....and it seems there's an outbreak of bonustraxyitis this week, to boot...............So, relax with a vermouth cocktail and it's over to...................

Jayne -

"Thank you RPM comrades for being there and sharing your musical soundscapes. My three this week are all festival performances (same tours but not necessarily at the same venues) and remind me of the sheer joy of being in an audience, sharing the experience."

The Lion’s Roar by First Aid Kit -


Shut the Catflap by Baskery -


John -

"Hi everyone, I hope you're all keeping safe and well. Here are my selections for this week......"

Lost All Day by Dinosaur Jr. - "This is one of those songs that reminds me of something else.... but I can't quite put my finger on it. There's a bit of Big Star (vocal melody) and a bit of Crazy Horse (guitars) but beyond that....."


Down The Road Apiece by The Rolling Stones - "The are many peaks and troughs in the timeline that traces the recorded output of The Rolling Stones. Alan will probably disagree but I think the peaks for their album releases were 1964-65 and 1968-71. For singles, I would say 1964-66 and 1978-81."


It Came Without Warning by Iain Matthews - "This is from 'If You Saw Thro' My Eyes', one of his many solo LPs. He started his musical career with Fairport Convention and I think the songs on their first two albums featuring Iain's vocals are superb, especially 'Book Song'. I'm also fond of the work he did as a member of Plainsong; particularly on their first album 'In Search Of Amelia Earhart'."


Philip -

"I hope everyone is still remaining safe and well, especially since we are now hearing of local cases of Covid.

It seems that Trump and his gang of neo-fascists (or whatever you want to call them) are defeated for now, but it seems some Republicans still want to present themselves as "Trump continuity" candidates, so perhaps that defeat is not final and conclusive.

Speaking of "gangs," here are three more likeable ones, but in respect of the first choice I recommend that if you are sensitive to flashing images, you avert your eyes from the first few seconds of the video."

Funk#49 by The James Gang - "Whatever happened to that guitar player?"


Jungle Boogie by Kool and The Gang - "If this conjures visions of a slinky making its' way downstairs, please accept my apologies."


Rappers' Delight by The Sugarhill Gang - "This recently became popular again, thanks to Bill Bailey on "Strictly." The Bernard Edwards bass-line got reused again by Queen."


Nina -

"Hope everyone's doing ok. Thanks as ever for the ace selections, especially the Ozrics hit, Tim - just the job.

Not to be gloomy but nearly 1 year since 1st Covid 19 case in the UK & where are we? 15k daily death toll on Wednesday..yikes..

Thank wotsits for music & the many varied ways of exercising during the restricted freedoms of lockdown.

Can't abide squeaky Joe Wicks, so I present the FNM workout courtesy of Chuck Bosley (R.I.P.) & Mike Patton.

Star jumps & exuberence from Chuck, long hair side sways, jumping on the spot & stomping around from Mike. Plus the ever-tricky press up over an amp - an advanced move & clearly not the easiest to stand up from..styling it out with a forwards roll is a good option."

We Care A Lot performed by Faith No More - "Here's two versions of We Care A Lot; 1987 protest song, backlash to insincerity, Live Aid etc & still rings true in my humble opinion. Besides politics, there's chunky, funky slaptastic bass & a pounding drumbeat, what more do you need? Crank it up, belt it out, forget the world & shake the bobbles off your hats."


Sad Cowboy by Goat Girl - "Here's something newer. Some aspects of the You Tube community are up in arms about their move from guitars to a more electro sound but I prefer their recent releases and don't care..a lot 😉...."


Jean -

"I’ve used ‘river’ as my theme this week.........."

Down by the Lazy River by The Osmonds -


Take Me to the River performed by Al Green -


Green River by Creedance Clearwater Revival -


".....because I wanted Gerry Marsden as a bonus track."

Ferry Across the Mersey by Gerry and the Pacemakers -


Piers -

"Increasingly I have been watching TV since the 1st lock down began. It started with a dose of Star Trek every weekday evening! (Though Jayne has 'had words' with me about my attempts to play along with the theme from the first series, utilising my trusty Acme Swanee Whistle… ), But, getting back to the point, this week there was a show which I came across, which made pleasant alternative to 'watching the detectives’. KT Tunstall presented an hour long documentary dedicated to Ivor Cutler. She included some gentle covers of his songs which were beautifully considered and affectionately rendered. She performed on his own instruments, and chatted with his family and friends, many of whom were in tears recounting their memories. Well worth digging out if you have a spare hour to while away."

I’m Going In A Field by Ivor Cutler -


To A Mouse by Battlefield Band -


The Cheese Alarm by Robyn Hitchcock -


It has been one of those weeks in which it would have been easy to post a at least a handful more stand out tracks, and it has again been had to narrow it down, and because I have been ‘Watching the Detectives’ (No not that), could I please include this joyous bonus track…..

You’re Wondering Now - Andy & Joey


Alan -

"Some great stuff again last week, however, it was upsetting to see a Citroen Safari, one of my most favourite estate cars ( a sort of precursor to 'MPVs' for those young 'uns amongst you) totalled in the excellent surf 'homage' by Nervous Twitch.

Nina posited "P.J. who??" for the Nick Cave cover by Fever Ray (who've garnered several plays recently on the excellent Sunday Morning Radio 6 show with Cerys Matthews if my memory serves me correctly?) so, as I know Nina prefers Polly's early stuff, here's three 'pre-glam' collaborations from my collection for all of you to enjoy."

Broken Homes by Tricky with P J Harvey (CD single released 1998. Island Records) -


Crawl Home by Desert Sessions (from Desert Sessions Vol 9/10 CD compilation released 2003. Universal/Island label)


Colour Me Grey by The Family Cat (from 'Furthest from the sun' album released 1993. Dedicated label)


And as a bonus:

Henry Lee by Nick Cave and P J Harvey - "Here's Peej and Nick with a memorable passionate kiss 'n cuddle on the, perhaps unfairly criticised, 'White Room' from 1996 (just wish they'd covered Nancy and Lee's 'Sand' or 'Some Velvet Morning' during their time together)."


Tony -

"Here's my 3.........."

A Trick Of The Tail by Genesis -


Conquistador by Procol Harum -


Sea Of Heartbreak by Don Gibson -


Jackie -

Dark Was The Night Cold Was The Ground by Blind Willie Johnson - "This was chosen on Desert Island Discs this week.........."

Last Man Standing by Bruce Springsteen - "Bruce is still being played a lot...."


Morra -

There’s a Riot in Cell Block Number 9 performed by The Coasters - https://youtu.be/0ZE-BOfRi80

Teen Riot Structure by T-Rex -


White Riot by The Clash -


Dave -

"Hi RPMers.......hope all is well. Here are 3 songs from bands I have seen at the UEA, in those care-free, happy gig going days !!! "

Is It Too Late by World Party -


Ballad of Katie by Hothouse Flowers -


Lighten Up The Load by Del Amitri -


Tim -

"After including the title track from the Alasdair Fraser and Tony McManus album as one of my choices last week , the CD stayed in the laptop for a few more days. It caused me to reflect upon and pull out to play, some other folk favourites that have made a big musical impression upon me."

Roslin Castle / Miss Gordon of Gight performed by Alasdair Fraser and Tony McManus - "Some more from these master musicians to start us off....."


Gypsy Davy performed by Cordelia's Dad - "This song is from one of my top folk albums.....ever. Cordelia's Dad started life as a hardcore punk band playing trad songs. Comet was their first acoustic outing in 1995....and it is killer from beginning to end. As a musician, it's probably the album that single handedly influenced my change of guitar tuning from boring ol' standard to the fantastic droney modalness of DADGAD. You wanted to know that, didn't you?""


On The Edge by The Oyster Band - "...or Oysterband as my favourite folk roots rockers refer to themselves nowadays. Here's a track from their more acoustic tinged 1999 album, Here I Stand............still topical and relevant today.............we're still on the edge, looking over."