Week 30 - Fri 23 Jul

Hey, keep that dial on 11!.....it's time for the RPM Record Club Seven Day Soundtrack, weekending Friday 23rd July 2021. Over to......

Alan -

"Just finished re-reading the rather excellent '500 Lost Gems of the Sixties' by Kingsley Abbott. This is a book which does exactly what it says on the tin. Of the 500 seven-inchers listed I have around 20, with probably around a hundred or so of the others on albums and compilations, which means I still have plenty to try to track down. Each entry has a 'thumbnail' critique of the single plus either a photo of the disc, the artist or an interesting article or object from the period. There's even a potted history of how the 7" vinyl single came about!!!

Here's three from my collection which appear in the book."

Mind Excursion by The Trade Winds (7" single released mid 1966. Kama Sutra label) -


I Wonder by The Crystals (7" single released April 1964. London American label) -


Love Hit Me by The Orchids (7" single released November 1963. Decca label) -


"Next week's selections may be groups mentioned in Sam Leach's excellent book 'The Rocking City' about the early Beatles and Merseybeat scene.......... possibly!!

Stay safe everyone (especially if you are approaching 81 years old!!!😱)"

Philip -

"In answer to your question last week, Tim, yes "A Fabulous Creation" was certainly an influence, and I would also recommend the highly enjoyable "1971- Never A Dull Moment" and "Uncommon People: The Rise and Fall of The Rock Stars." All excellent reading in which Mr. Hepworth makes many valid or at least arguable points- just don't expect to agree with every single one.

And another thing... hands up those who would be proud to be considered "Woke," that is to say in favour of greater equality, tolerance, and social justice. I strongly suspect that to be "Anti-woke" is to be against these ideals. Why would you be, unless you consider them in some way threatening to your own status? The so-called "culture war" being stoked by right-wingers is intended to divide us and divert attention from the real issues.

I wasn't going to have another rant this week but couldn't resist...

Back to the music, and this week I have chosen songs from my three latest acquisitions."

Ramblin' With The Day by The Rose City Band - ".....from the "Earth Trip" album. Ripley Johnson gets "far out" again on the West Coast... possibly even "cosmic"......"


Step In by Cedric Burnside - "......from "I Be Trying." From the North Mississippi hill country, Mr. Burnside keeps up an old family tradition, assisted on this number by Luther Dickinson, who is of course also following family tradition. I think "awesome" just about covers it, don't you agree Tim?


Snowin' On Raton by The Flatlanders - ".....from "Treasure of Love." It's off to West Texas for this rather beautiful version of a Townes Van Zandt song, with dobro and production duties handled by their long-time associate, the great Lloyd (father of Natalie) Maines.


Jean -

"I was thinking about tunes that were very atmospheric in their day and were big hits too. These are just a few that sprung to mind. The first 3 always make me think of hot summer days in the States. The last (bonus track) just conjures up a wistful feeling of hope. Regards to all the RPM gang. Take care. "

Summer (The First Time) by Bobby Goldsboro - "Written by Goldsboro and recorded in 1973. Lyrics were very risqué at the time."


A Summer Place (Percy Faith version) - "From the film released in 1959. It was also a big hit with lyrics for Andy Williams in 1962."


Wichita Lineman performed by Glen Campbell - "Written by Jimmy Webb in 1968 and a big hit for Glen Campbell."


Bonus Track:

Midnight Cowboy performed by John Barry - "From the 1969 film starring John Voight and Dustin Hoffman."


Piers -

"Some tracks from long, long ago (Uncommon times!) which still resonate through the years..........Once again, a theme that I may return to soon!"

The Way Young Lovers Do by Van Morrison -


Fairport Convention - Autopsy


John -

"Hi RPMers, hope you're all keeping safe and well."

Willy Of Winsbury peformed by Pentangle - "This is from the album "One More Road", released in 1993 by a 'later' line-up of Pentangle (but still with Jacqui McShee and Bert Jansch in the ranks). Very mellow to begin with but I love the way the whole band kicks in around 3:50. A different version by the original line-up had previously been released on the Solomon's Seal LP in 1973, with the slightly different title of Willy O'Winsbury. There are loads of versions of this song, among them superb renditions by Sweeney's Men and Meg Baird. The song "Farewell, Farewell" by Fairport Convention on their album Liege and Lief is an adaptation featuring new lyrics by Richard Thompson."


Jazzz by Blackbeard - "Each month in Mojo magazine there is a feature called 'Buried Treasure' which plucks a long lost album from obscurity and gives it a full page review and reappraisal. Most albums featured are ones that I'm not familiar with and, almost certainly, ones that are not in my collection. But.... this month the LP in question (I Wah Dub by Blackbeard) was one that I own and it was interesting to read someone else's (retrospective) opinion. It's just a great example of early eighties British dub reggae."


Supposed To Be Free by Steamhammer - "Opening track from their excellent second LP, released in 1969."



"Hi folks. Hope you're all well. Had a 2 week catch up; double bonanza of aural treats. Particularly enjoyed the FIAF inspired choices, great reminder of a fab weekend & note to self - tabla hand practice.

Completely agree with Piers, Tim's legendary stage management skills are the bomb. Very grateful for his curation of this collective too - thanks, Tim!

3 songs that particularity resonated this week.."

Breakout by Swing Out Sister -


Ever Changing Moods by the Style Council -


Riot Squad by Bad Brains - 'cos when it's been another week of 1 thing after another, shouty frenzied jumping around helps.

Keep on, even when it's dark..


Dave -

"Hi RPMers.........hope you are well. Here’re my 3 favs........"

Shoot the Singer by Pavement -


Tony -

"Best wishes everybody - we don't seem to have escaped the masks as yet but hopefully soon - I'm getting tired of my glasses fogging up when hunting some more music."

Needle In A Haystack by The Velvelettes - "Have been around charity shops again this week and turned this nice one up."


Tell Me What You Want by Jimmy Ruffin - "Same again - a nice find unexpectedly because of the shop location but 3 big boxes of 45's to choose from. May be more tomorrow as I'm off to a sale of donated vinyl somewhere in South Norfolk which name escapes me as I write."


Stockholm Blues by Tony Joe White - "And finally, a reminder to myself of seeing Tony Joe some years back - very glad I took the opportunity while I had the chance. He was backed by Ian Siegal who is also another very handy blues ace."


Jayne -

"Good wishes to everyone. This week I’ve opted for a couple of tracks that have recently been on the reserve list (ambient Americana and a classic Icelandic track) and some sparkling new summer soul. Keep on keeping safe…"

Strewn All Over by Blank Gloss - "........a duo from Sacramento."


Echoes Of Joy by Stone Foundation -


Morra -

"10 years since Amy Winehouse joined the 27 Club so here’s my 3 from that club."

You Know I'm No Good by Amy Winehouse -


Heart Shaped Box by Nirvana -


The Soft Parade by The Doors -


Jackie -

Alright Now by Free - "Swimming at Helmsley open air pool this week, there were not one, but two sets of twins...........one had a tattoo which just said FREE. Not sure to what it was referring, but obs. made me think off this song."


Debussy Cello Sonata 1st Movement performed by Abel Selaocoe - "Saw Abel Selaocoe this week performing at Birdsall House as part of the Ryedale Festival."


Tim -

"Here're my three from the past week............"

Hotel Room by Smoke Fairies - "Smoke Fairies celebrated the 10th anniversary of the release of their Through Lowlight and Trees album last weekend with a streamed concert from the Italianate Glasshouse, Ramsgate, playing all the songs from it. Here's a rather good low-fi version of Hotel Room as nothing from the Glasshouse concert is available on Youtube."


Privet by Simon Armitage - "Not music but still a performance utilising language, Simon Armitage came to the Milton Rooms in Malton last Tuesday to read from his Magnetic Field book. This wasn't a dry poetry reading; Simon was engaging, humorous in that brilliant dry Yorkshire way and explained that he regarded his poetry as the same as having a conversation. Privet was a particular standout poem with added poignancy to the moment as it was the first time he had read the poem since the recent death of his father, who as his says in the film here, appears at the end of the poem like an actor in a silent movie."


Writing On The Wall by Iron Maiden - "How coincidental! I had a Maiden track last week and the lads this week release a new song as a precursor to a new album, released in September. Suitably epic, I'd say."


......'Til next time..........