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Listening To Life's Soundtrack....

“Striking back in a rejection of today’s single song, downloadable, 20 second attention span, music as background noise, pick and mix culture, take some time out to listen to albums in the way in which they were conceived; from beginning to end.

Stop multi-tasking, switch off the mobile, sit still for 45 minutes and open your ears.”

That was the RPM Record Club statement of intent back in 2012 when it all began. Meeting at Elsing Village Hall in mid Norfolk on the first Tuesday of the month, an RPM Club night evening had two sides to it………just like a vinyl LP!

Side 1: The Mystery Album - chosen by a randomly selected RPM Club member and played all the way through……yes, all the way through. …(shock!). The format didn't matter; vinyl, CDs, USB memory sticks and 'phones were all acceptable.

Side 2: The Monthly Theme - a different theme each month and a chance for each RPMer to play a song relating to the theme in some way......however obscure.

Plus; tea, coffee and a different guest biscuit each time.

That was then. We heard a lot of great music, had a lot of fun and made some new friends.

But.......Things change......

Firstly, the Covid 19 pandemic caused the village hall doors to close and then main RPM instigator, Tim, moved to (gasp) North Yorkshire!

However, being a resourceful bunch, these events influenced how RPM exits today.

The pandemic initiated the idea for the Isolation Room Listening Booth which in turn has morphed into the RPM Seven Day Soundtrack (7DS), a weekly update of what RPMers have been listening to.

Even though this format has elbowed out the Mystery Album, albums are important and are still played by RPMers at home....it's where a lot of the music which finds it's way into the Seven Day Soundtrack is curated from.

To listen to

The RPM Seven Day Soundtrack

Just go to the 7DS page, click the arrow for the drop down menu

and there's a link for each week from which to choose from.

Don't forget.....there's also an extensive archive to explore; past 7DS-es, The Isolation Room Listening Booth, plus playlists of all the meetings going back to the first in 2012. There are also interesting, informative articles at the Soundcheck page, plus lists; end of year ones, National Album Day ones, artists played and past themes ones and of course the biscuit one.

Keep that dial set to 11...