Week 44 - Fri 29 Oct

Welcome to the RPM Seven Day Sound Track, week ending Friday 29th October 2021. What was on RPMer's sound systems this week? Over to....

Jean -

"This week I watched a documentary on Motown and it was marvellous. Gordy and Robinson have such a great friendship and their enthusiasm to tell the story was wonderful. Therefore, 3 Motown favourites of mine."

I Heard it Through the Grapevine by Marvin Gaye -


Superstition by Stevie Wonder -


Piers -

"I was looking on YouTube for an instrumental version of the traditional song Booth Shot Lincoln, to learn. Although it started out as a mournful narrative song describing the events of Lincolns' assassination, over the years it has become accepted as an Appalachian, fiddle tune, which I have only ever heard played in a quite jolly manner. Amongst several other versions, I found this one which I think is quite lovely….."

Booth Shot Lincoln performed by Befangled Night Bird -


"Or there is this…"

Booth Shot Lincoln performed by Hesperus Early Music Ensemble -


"Or even this mellow version by Cordelia’s Dad..." *

Booth Shot Lincoln / Hangman's Reel performed by Cordelia’s Dad -


*("Found on their Comet CD, one of the best folk albums ever...in my opinion." Tim.)

Philip -

"Back to the seventies again this week for some "cult" acts, which I'm defining as people who never gained a mass audience and became "pop stars," but for whom a loyal coterie of fans are prepared to declare that their ineffable genius warranted greater public recognition (while privately being rather pleased to be members of an elite cognoscenti who share a secret appreciation that others are too blind/deaf to see or hear). I'm not getting at anyone here- the fact is I recognise myself in that description."

I Saw The Light by Todd Rundgren - "A Tony Blackburn record of the week I believe, back in the day. Todd of course was all over the pop music map, from impenetrable prog to unlistenable metal, but he was best at British Invasion inspired power-pop. Here's a live version featuring Daryl Hall."


September Gurls by Big Star - "...Featuring the voice of former Box Top Alex Chilton."


Overnight Sensation by The Raspberries - "Possibly the most over-the-top production outside the works of Phil Spector (and maybe Roy Thomas Baker), but incontestably one of the great singles of 1974."


Jayne -

"Greetings to RPMers and thank you for the regular collective soundscapes. I hope everyone is well (both physically and mentally). This week's choices come courtesy of late night Radio 3."

Inspirit by Juianna Barwick -


John -

"Hi RPMers, here are three tracks from albums I've been listening to this week. All reminded me of the times I've seen the bands in question in a live situation..."

Free Hand by Gentle Giant - "I saw Gentle Giant at Borough Road College in London in 1971. All I can remember is that it was very dark, there was a lot of swapping of instruments (which included a cello and various wind instruments) and some very complex music. This clip is from much later and was first shown as part of the BBC's Sight & Sound series. The whole concert is available on YouTube."


What Is Life by Black Uhuru - "When The Rolling Stones played Wembley Stadium in 1982, Black Uhuru were one of the support acts. Unfortunately, the coach that was conveying us to the concert encountered numerous delays on the way so we only caught the last ten minutes of Black Uhuru's set!!"


The King Will Come by Wishbone Ash - "I first saw Wishbone Ash at the Reading Festival in 1975. I've seen them at a few other places since, including the legendary Oval pub on Dereham Road in Norwich."


Tony -

"Here's my 3 selections for this week. I'm very happy to go along with John's suggestion for a get-together on first Tuesday in December - we can agree what we can do thereafter. I'm not up with suitable venues i.e. not too unreachable for all who would like to meet but am very happy to turn up to wherever is decided."

For The Roses by Joni Mitchell - "Title track from her superb 1972 album. I've selected from this album previously but still revisit her early stuff on a regular basis."


Queen of Dreams by Strawbs - "From their 4th album "Grave New World"."


Can't Let Go by Lucinda Williams - "I first came across Lucinda Williams via Bob Harris when he played this track one evening. She is a one-off and I was desperate to see her live but never thought I would get the chance - wrong - she played Cambridge Junction and she was great."


Nina -

"Hope you're all well. Heard the latest? Conservative MPs voted in support of dumping raw sewage in rivers. Literally up shit creek.. don't gulp whatever you do!

Thank wotsits for music & the RPM massive.

3 tunes I particularly enjoyed listening to this week."

Week Of Pines by Georgia Ruth - "...At Radio 2 Live in Hyde Park 2013."


Hold Your Head Up High by Darlingside -


Ready to Start by Arcade Fire - "...Live on Austin City Limits, 2012. Saw them live at Latitude 1 year, colossal sound & any sparkly dress wearing drummer gets my vote."


"Stay strong & be well, folks."

Jackie -

"We went to the Barbican in York to see Richard Thompson last Monday, so here are my RT acoustic choices."

1952 Vincent Black Lightening -


Bonus Track -

I Want To See The Bright Lights Tonight -


Alan -

"As promised (or should that be threatened?) last week, it's back to the sixties. One area I haven't visited previously, mainly as most of my collection of the genre is on compilation albums, is Jamaican Ska. However, a couple of weeks ago I had to walk into Watton as the car was being serviced and took the opportunity to make perhaps only my second or third call into a charidee shoppe in the last 18 months. Spotting a small box of singles I plucked out a handful to look at and was surprised to see that the top one for the next fistful would be on the very collectable white and red Island label from the mid sixties. Containing my excitement I flicked through the dozen or so I had pulled out. In that handful were a couple of singles on the Treasure Island label...... so excitement went up several more notches! As I went through the forty or so singles, yet more ska singles, on either Jamaican labels or the famed Blue Beat imprint emerged. By the end of my search, I had a total of nine singles dating from 1961 to 1968, the classic period for early Ska to Rocksteady. 'How much?' was my next question. 'They're 50p each' said the lady. 'No, I'm sorry........ they're 25p each'............. Well, what could I say? A quick valuation in the RRPG showed that a couple were in the £60 bracket (in mint condition... which they're not), a couple were £20-40 and the balance were a tenner. All in all, in mint, they would have totalled over £200! In my excitement, however, I forgot to ask if there were any more singles in the backroom so a further expedition is on the cards soon!!!

Here's three from the haul."

Lay It On by Melodians - (Island label, released 1966)


It's Raining by Treetops (actually by Three Tops.) - (Trojan label, released 1967)


Ten Commandments of Love by Prince Buster - (Blue Beat label. released 1963)

PC ALERT: For those easily offended........


Bonus Track - "And, hopefully, a bonus of one of my most favourite Ska tracks, 1965's prime 'chukka chukka' classic single, Baba Brooks and his Band 'One Eyed Giant' (another possible PC alert!!) from the essential 'The Trojan Story' triple album, released on Trojan (natch!) in 1971.


"Keep safe........... no expeditions to any reunions for me I'm afraid until this damn virus is more under control. 'We're going to follow the science''........... didn't Doris once say that???"

Dave -

"Hi RPMers...I would be very much up for a meet up...I saw a very good documentary on Moe Tucker by Cam Forrester called Foundation Velvet: The drumming of Maureen 'Moe' Tucker. If you have some time, we’ll worth a watch.

Here’s my 3 tunes."

Some Days Are Better Than Others by U2 -


Sally Ann by Milltown Brothers -


Going Out With God by Kinky Machine -


Tim -

"it's been a lovely week in which we had visits from two couples of Norfolk friends, Jayne and Piers being one party who stopped off on their journey back south from Shetland via Whitby's Musicport festival, for a brew and a chat.

Jackie's choices have our main musical event of the week covered, if you disregard the acoustic session at the Kings Head in Kirkbymoorside, that is. So, here's the other delights of the week which caught my ear..."

The Girl At The Airport Pt One; CanciÓn by Richard Durrant - "Some tranquil acoustic guitar..."


Climbing Plants by Ozric Tentacles - "Some floaty, spacey meandering..."


The Mystery Inch Set performed by Damien O'Kane - "Some up-tempo banjo twanging...."


'Til Next Time..