RPM Themes List

Can't remember if we’ve had a particular theme? Wonder no more; it’s the RPM Themes List.

My First Single

A New Discovery – a song which was the catalyst in finding a new band.

At The Movies

Cover Versions

Guilty Pleasures – a song you enjoy by a band perceived as not the coolest on the block.

Review Of The Year – your favourite new release or something you’ve played a lot.

Songs of the Unexpected – An artist or band who are not immediately recognisable as being themselves.

Desert Island Twist (or the one that goes down with the ship) – You’ve bundled up your 8 must have songs and made it to the desert island; but what will be playing in Davy Jones’ locker tonight?

Cover Art – a song from an album bought on the strength of the cover artwork.

Unplugged – songs performed acoustically.

EP Evening

What’s In a Name – songs which include a person’s name.

Party Time

50s and 60s Retro


B Sides

Cool Britannia

My First Album

It’s Alive

The Irish Connection

Rock ‘n’ Roll

Far Out! – takes us on a mind expanding trip….of the musical sort, of course……man!

Life’s A Beach

Musical Genius Awards

Keep It Simple – 3 chords in 3 minutes and simply brilliant.

Born In The USA – a song that could only have come from America.

Crime and Punishment – law breaking or the consequences thereof.

Songs To Bring Down The Government – a song to start your revolution.

The First Band I Saw

Swan Songs – Farewells, last great performances or a song that says “thanks and goodnight”.

Breaking The Rules – the songs subject or breaking boundaries such as genre or technical?

Greatest Album Openers

Party Political – Bored with elections? What would you choose for your new party’s theme song.

Come On In…The Water’s Fine.

Local Heroes

The Song of the Book

What a Debut!

Time Machine – a song from a year you wish you could go back to.

My Generation: Songs Your Parents Hated

One Hit Wonder

A Sense of Place – that song just takes me back to……..

The Difficult Third Album

Gone But Not Forgotten

Power To The People – protest songs.

Nautical But Nice – ships and boats.


Any Colour You Like

Are You Sitting Comfortably – Songs which tell a story.

Walk On The Wild Side – A song safari. Song titles or artists using animal names.

Road Trip

My Favourite Band

All In A Days Work – songs about work or its avoidance.


This House is a-Rocking – songs which remind you of a live venue.

Rubbish Cover….Great Album.

Sun Worshippers – songs with a solar link.

Summer of Love; Songs from 67

What’s Your Poison? – songs with a drink related title or subject.

Mainlining – drug songs

Songs That Go Bump in the Night – songs for Halloween

Iconic Record Labels

Best Dressed – clothes and fashion.

Starting With A Bang – great intros.

It’s A Grower – Not too keen at first, but now I think it’s great.

Better Late Than Never – songs about being late or not on time.


Some Like It Hot

Creating Musical Fusion – a blending of musical styles.

Music of the Spheres – heavenly bodies.

Whatever The Weather – Rain or shine, there’s a song in there somewhere.

Questions Within Question – songs with an enquiring nature.

Back in the UK – songs including a British place name.

The Poster On My Teenage Bedroom Wall

London A-Z

It’s Elemental – chemical elements from the periodic table.

Cat Person or Dog Person?

Living In The Past – historical people.

Your Holiday Essentials – what do you need when you go on vacation?

Beware of the Flowers – songs with a plant link.

West Coast – songs from the west coast of the USA.

One Small Step For Man – 50th anniversary of first man on the moon.

In Perfect Harmony – songs performed as a duet.

Burn It All! – fire songs.

On My Radio – radio related songs.

Waiting For The Weekend - Saturday night or Sunday morning?

Picture This - Art and artists in song.