Week 37 - Fri 16 Sep

Welcome to the RPM Record Club Seven Day Soundtrack, week ending Friday 16th September 2022. Over to...

Piers -

"Loosing track of time what with all the dashing about weve been doing.... This should have come up a couple of weeks ago.. I thought that I had posted it but clearly not! Luckily I am still impressed by it and have played it a couple of times this week ! I know nothing about them - selected by algorithm ob the day it was released. I can't remember that happening before, the tracks that I get sent are are usually ones I hate, stuff like Chinese lumber jacks having accidents, lorries stuck in rivers close up magicians with bikini clad assistants, or something to do with cats but I don't know how this one got through! So just a random track out of the blue which I liked...and a couple of gems..."

Pay As U Glow by Call Super -


Old Number 7 by The Devil Makes Three -


Down Home Girl by Alvin Robinson -


Tony -

"I've spent the week trying to pull myself out of my despond and not made too much time to play music (apart from our little weekly collection) but here's one that sprung to mind because of a news item.

Best wishes to everyone in RPMland."

Piggies by The Beatles - "I try to keep politics etc out of the way, but the news that once again the mega-rich banking fraternity are still not content with their lot and want their limitless bonuses reinstated brought to mind a track from the Beatles' White Album called Piggies....so that's my choice this week.

This song was penned by George Harrison and was an angry comment on the excesses of capitalist 'pigs'. Unfortunately Charles Manson interpreted the lyrics (particularlly in the bridge) as a call to murder.

George's manuscript shows that he penned two extra sections that didn't get played as part of either the Esher rehearsal tapes or included in the final recording which go:

It's a pity that the piggies always deal in dirt

Having played their games for years they've become experts

Pressures they exert from every angle

Everywhere there's lots of piggies playing piggy pranks

You will see them on their trotters at the piggy banks

Paying piggy thanks to the pig brother

The new chancellor (the pig brother?) is obviously feeling the pressure.


Alan -

"Three 'unusual' covers this week............... hope everyone is keeping well out there?"

tATu- 'How soon is now' (from '200'KM/H in the wrong lane' LP released 10th December 2002. Interscope label) - "Puppets or popettes? This is an album full of surprises and probably features producer Trevor Horn's densest production."


Cornershop- 'Norwegian wood (This bird has flown)' (from 'When I was born for the seventh time' LP released 8th September 1997. Wiiija label) - "Nothing much added here to the original except the song is transposed into Punjabi. Excellent cover version tho' methinks."


Peter Hammill- 'Balada para mi muerte' (from 'In translation' LP released May 2021. Fie label). - "Especially for 'classical' music lovers out there in RPMland, this is one of two covers of Piazzolla songs from Hammil's sort of 'Pin Ups' covers album which also features songs by Mahler, Faure, Hammerstein and Kern and (unavailable on Youtube) Leiber and Stoller's classic adaptation of the Italian 1961 biggie "Uno dei Tanti" which they translated for Ben E King to record in 1963 as 'I (who have nothing)', which was made slightly more famous by Burly Chassis of course."


Jackie -

"We had a trip out to the Palace Cinema in Malton and saw the new Fisherman's Friends film, so here's some related music."

Wellerman performed by Fisherman's Friends -


The Union of Different Kinds by Fisherman's Friends -


"And this song was in the movie but thought I'd have the more well know version."

Sloop John B performed by The Beach Boys -


Kevin -

"Made it for this week, I hope everyone enjoys my selection and is managing with their medical appointments being cancelled and food banks being closed on Monday out of respect.

Here we go…"

First Day of My Life -


"Next, a band I used to love...I remember catching them at a festival in Brighton in the mid 90s sometime."

Get Myself Arrested by Gomez-


"And lastly..."

You Wont Let Me Down Again by Isobel Campbell and Mark Lanegan -


Nina -

"Hi everyone. My choices this week are another 3 that are new(ish) to me.

Enjoy your long weekend folks. I'll be kitesurfing, seeing bands, surfing, partaking in sea swims, beach cleans + barbies.


Weird Goodbyes by The National featuring Bon Iver - "Two of my favourite soulful and evocative vocalists combine; superbly sad & sublime. Poignantly beautiful track."


There'd Better be a Mirrorball by Arctic Monkeys - "Alex channeling his inner rat pack crooner isn't everyone's cup of tea, but delighted me."


Out of My Head by First Aid Kit - "Amazing music & lyrics from Klara & Johanna as ever. Not sure about the running around in meringue-y frocks part, each to their own I guess."


Jayne -

"Thanks RPMers for creating a definitive playlist every week."

"Stumbled over this whilst looking for something else (proper ‘rawk’ © Alan)."

Shakin’ All Over performed by Cheap Trick with Alex Harvey -


"Some noise…"

Kill Them With Kindness by Idles -


"As true now as it was when released 13 years ago."

Arrogance, Ignorance and Greed by Show of Hands -


Philip -

"Greetings from Swanton Morley. Further to Alan's comment on where we stand with our new P.M., isn't "trickle down" the opposite of "levelling up?" (and of course, equally mythical).

This week I have at last received a copy of an album that a different supplier had previously told me was no longer available. Was it worth the wait? Oh yes, it might just be my album of the year so far. It's Tami Neilson's "Kingmaker," from which I selected a song for RPM a few weeks ago. Having finally got the album, here's another track- possibly the most talked about on the record since it is a duet with Willie Nelson. I'll follow with songs by two artists to whom Tami Neilson has been compared.

Best wishes to all RPMers."

Beyond The Stars by Tami Neilson with Willie Nelson -


I Fall To Pieces by Patsy Cline -


I'll Never Fall In Love Again by Bobbie Gentry -


John -

"Hi Everyone, hope you're all safe and well. Some excellent selections last week; the video to Nina's choice by Sprints could have been from a Sally Rooney mini-series.....

My first two choices this week are from albums I haven't played in ages and the third is from a recent Car Boot purchase."

Hunting Girl by Jethro Tull - "A live version from the 1978 'Live - Bursting Out' double LP."


Bullets by I Am Kloot - "From the 2013 LP 'Let It All In'."


Walk The Streets Of Glory by Israel Vibration - "From the 1978 LP 'The Same Song'."


Dave -

"Hi RPMers...hope all is good. Here’s my 3 this week."

Hurts So Good by John Cougar -


She Used To Love Me A Lot by Johnny Cash -


Tim -

"Here's my week's triumvirate of tunes...."

Seen The Sun by Ed Wynne - "And yet more from Ed's new solo album...which is the album with the most plays this week, probably 2 or 3 times a day. Yes, I'm liking it."


John Brennan's / The Ships Are Sailing / The Holy Land performed by Sharon Shannon, Mary Shannon, Majella Shannon, Garry Shannon & Tim Edey - " Two new tunes learnt this week on the ol' banjo; Ships Are Sailing and the Holy Land. Mighty tunes indeed, made even mightier by the jaw droppingly good Shannon family."


Far Cry by Rush - "Over the past few months I've been revisiting 2 or 3 albums from each of Rush's just over four decades of activity. This is from 2007s Snakes and Arrows album....saw them at Birmingham NEC when the tour came to the UK. Brilliant."


'Til Next Time...