Week 39 - Fri 24 Sep

Welcome to the RPM Record Club Seven Day Soundtrack, weekending Friday 24th September 2021. Here's a bunch of Indian Summer songs heading your way; over to...

Jean -

"Hope all is well with you. Here’s my picks. Have a good week and enjoy the Indian Summer while you can."

Rocket Man by Elton John - "I’m going to the village cinema tonight and it’s ‘Rocketman’. Therefore, I have my first choice."


Notches by Joe Bonamassa - "Next is Joe Bonamassa who I am going to see at Brighton next April. This is from his new album, Time Clocks."


The Way Old Friends Do by Abba - "Last week we heard that Abba were recording again. I’ve picked an old song thinking of all the RPMers who I miss seeing."


Dave -

"Hi RPMers, enjoyed your tunes last week . Here’s my favs this week."

Catching Smoke by King Gizzard and the Lizzard Wizard -


Philip -

"Cover-mount CDs on magazines. Very often they provoke a reaction of "Thanks, but you needn't have bothered," or sometimes there will be two or three numbers that repay repeated attention. Once in a while though, you come upon a "keeper," and the CD on the new edition of "Uncut" is one such. It is entitled "Rollin' and Tumblin' " and I can't fault it. Here are three tracks included on it..."

How To Love by Buffalo Nichols - "His album is on my "wanted" list."


Hangover Blues by Amythyst Kiah - "Author of "Black Myself" as heard on the Our Native Daughters album... there's a new version on her "Wary and Strange" album, from which this song also comes."


Brand New Shirt by Eight Point Star - "Album currently available only on vinyl. I'm hoping for a CD release."


"Best wishes to all RPMers. There will be no Week 40 contribution from me, but I expect to be back for week 41".

Piers -

"Wotcha chums, my postings are all about friendships this week...

It has been hard keeping in touch with old friends for the last couple of years, especially as many of mine are such old gits that they have nothing to do with social media and are widely dispersed geographically."

Moon’s A Harsh Mistress performed by (the late Norwegian jazz singer) Radka Toneff - "... who died in 1982 at the age of 30. She is an artiste that I hadn’t heard of until this week, when a friend, whose musical taste is always impeccable, introduced it to me via facebook, he tells me that all his Norwegian friends have copies of this album(!). It’s a classic Jimmy Webb song, named after a door stop of a Sci Fi epic, written by Robert A. Heinlein, in the mid 1960s. (The book is about a break out, from the Penal Colony on the Moon). This is more soothing. I love this version. I wonder how I could have missed her?!!"


Hand Me Down My Walking Cane performed by Cleoma Breaux Falcon (1937) - "I dug this out for another old mate in recognition of his recent, regretful recognition that, like me, he needs a stick to get around more comfortably. It comes to us all if we survive long enough! But it is an interesting vid too. Anybody know what the clips are taken from?"

Addendum from Alan: "The film clip is from 'Caged' released in 1950 and starring Eleanor Parker and Agnes Muirhead (mine a Guiness, cheers!!)."


Lily & Diana’s Waltz performed by The Chair - "Every Thursday evening I get together with my mate Fred, and, for a couple of hours we reminisce about our shared home town, and 'run on' about the week's happenings, and, just for fun, we play through a few tunes. This week Fred suggested that we should take a crack at the first of these tunes, 'Lily’s Waltz' which he learned from a Norwegian accordionist… Not quite as easy as it sounds, although, eventually, a fist of sorts, was made of it... So finally, these tunes from a band I know nothing about, other than that they are Scandinavian, and might know someone that owns a Ford Granada (?)."


Bonus Track - "And, If I may (as a kind of public service), because I know that some of you are fans of The Beatles, if any of you haven't seen these greasy fingered out-takes from 'Magical Mystery Tour' you might find them interesting..."


Morra -

"This weeks are not for right minded people or those not approving of very rude, crude and bad language."

Ullo John Gotta New Motor by Alexi Sayle -


So What by Anti-Nowhere League -


Rasta Chat by Judge Dread -


Alan -

"From this weeks mixed bag of turntable plays it's three cover versions from three scarce EP's for your delectation."

St Louis Blues performed by Helen Shapiro - (from 'A teenager sings the blues' EP released October 1962. Columbia label).


Stephanie Knows Who performed by The Move - (from 'Something else from The Move' EP released June 1968. Regal Zonophone label)


I Can Tell performed by Bern Elliott and the Fenmen - '(from self -titled EP released January 1964. Decca label)


Bonus Track: RIP to Richard H Kirk, pioneering Sheffield musician: here's Cabaret Voltaire's classic Rough Trade single from December 1979, 'Nag, Nag, Nag'


John -

"Hi Everyone, Here are my selections for this week..."

Travelling Solo by Pentangle - "The opening track from their 1993 album 'One More Road'."


Fight Apartheid by Peter Tosh - "From his seventh and final studio album 'No Nuclear War' released in 1987 - the year he was murdered."


Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues by Bob Dylan - "My copy of Highway 61 Revisited is in Mono; I couldn't find it in Mono on YouTube but hey, this would sound amazing on any format."


Jayne -

"Greetings RPM faithful, I hope everyone is keeping well and managing to enjoy the autumn rays we’ve been having. This week I’ve got a track courtesy of my brother who found a copy of the eponymous Rutles album on import in a charity shop in North Walsham on Wednesday, and two relatively new releases."

Get Up And Go by The Rutles -


Bidayat (Holocene) by Maurice Louca with The A Trio -


I’ll Get By by The Lathums -


Tony -

"Here are my 3 (and maybe a sneaky 4th) for the week inspired by a 3 hour look back at OGWT this week. Whispering Bob at his very best. It used to be the law as far as I was concerned that you rushed back from the pub to round off Friday night with the Whistle Test."

Rock and Roll Doctor and Fat Man in The Bathtub by Little Feat - "I've chosen Rock and Roll Doctor before but it's definitely good enough to be given another spin. If you want to skip Bob's preamble and get straight to the music click just before 2 minutes but do watch the OGWT theme tune at the start."


One Of These Days by Pink Floyd (played to a visual work by Ian Emes) - "I've picked this one because the program was praising the work of various animators that the OGWT used to accompany tracks where the act concerned couldn't be booked to appear personally. This track also comes from 'Meddle' - still one of my favourite Floyd albums. I have very vivid memories of seeing lots of these animations when they first appeared - the forerunners of music vids really."


Trampled Underfoot by Led Zeppelin (played to a visual by Philip Jenkinson) - "Here's another good track and it was married up to this old bit of film from an archive that Philip Jenkinson had amassed. The trick was to find something that would fit in with the beat - this did."


Bonus Track -

Long Live Rock by The Who - "I don't often try to sneak a bonus track in but if you don't much like any of the above how about this fabulous live version of Long Live Rock by The mighty (and hairy) Who?"


Nina -

"Hi folks. Hope you're all well. I'm away in Cornwall still, having a lovely time and was fortunate enough to see the Idles and Black Honey at the Eden Project. So, 2 from that and a Chaka Khan track."

Model Village by Idles -


I'm a believer by Black Honey -


Like Sugar by Chaka Khan -


Jackie -

"A few weeks ago, Tim and Ewan played as the LongShoreDrift Duo at the Helmsley Arts Centre open mic night. Whilst there, I got talking to a young woman who also performed and who was wearing and Northern Soul - Keep The Faith t-shirt. Turns out her dad is an aficionado...and she had also written her dissertation on Northern Soul at UEA, Norwich now being one of her favourite cities. Small world.

Here's 3 Northern Soul tunes for you from the Catacombs, Wolverhampton."

Everything Gonna Be Alright performed by PP Arnold -


The Girl's Alright With Me performed by Joe Simon -


Try A Little Harder performed by The Fi-Dels -


Tim -

"Hi Everyone...bit of a mirror image of previous weeks, but it's what I've been listening to, which is what 7DS is all about, isn't it?"

Bluey Brink interpreted by Spiers and Boden - "Lead off track from new album Fallow Ground. Trad (?) song covered in the past by the likes of A. L. Lloyd, Peter Bellamy and Trevor Lucas, but here given a right boot up the bum....which is what a lot of folk songs need, in my view...but don't get me started..."


Stratego by Iron Maiden - "There is a LOT of music on Maiden's 17th studio release...so here's some more."


The General by Sam Sweeney - "Another class "English style" fiddle tune from a master musician."


'Til Next Time...