Week 35 - Fri 27 Aug

Welcome to the RPM Seven Day Soundtrack, week ending Friday 27th August 2021, a week in which we lost two rock 'n' roll legends; Don Everly and Charlie Watts.

Nina -

"Hi Everyone. Yet another bonzer selection last week, thanks. Gutted I missed Benjamin Zephaniah at N.A.C. , absolute godlike genius. Speaking of, Sean Lock's passing is deffo comedy's loss and this week Charlie Watts died. So, it may be obvious and I'm sure I won't be alone but my 3 are drummer tributes."

Song for the Dead (Live) by Queens of the Stone Age - "...with Dave Grohl on/destroying drums. Epic, awesome and everything. Mark Lanegan seems away with the fairies during this stonker, but if heroin abuse prevents your alcoholism I guess you're in a different realm most the time."


Bullet With Butterfly Wings (Live) by Smashing Pumpkins - "Jimmy Chamberlin proving you can rock out whilst sporting a natty, arran sweater. Luv the French voiceover at the start."


Just Coolin' by Art Blakey & the Jazz Messengers - "Change of pace. Jazz club.. nice."


Bonus track - Give It Away Now by the Red Hot Chilli Peppers - "Chad and Flea are sooo funky. Admittedly Smith's snare work was slightly overshadowed by Anthony Keidis posing in his shiny briefs, but funky nonetheless. 1 of my school friends had a goat called Gaylord..."


Tony -

"Well, quite a week where we've sadly had to say goodbye to Don Everly and Charlie Watts. I'd like to pay tribute to Don in particular but I already had my three lined up for this week inspired by background tracks in a great film I watched called "Green Book" starring Viggo Mortensen and Mahershala Ali based on the true story of Tony Vallelonga and Don Shirley. If you haven't seen it I can highly recommend it not only for the powerful storyline but also the brilliant soundtrack. It should still be available on BBC I-player if anybody's interested.

We're off to the Red Rooster Festival at Euston Hall near Thetford at the weekend so looking forward to a big dose of Americana. Best wishes to all you RPMers "

I Count On Me performed by Aloe Blacc - "From the trailer for the film - included as it has scenes from the movie."


One Mint Julep performed by The Clovers -


A Letter From My Baby performed by Timmy Shaw -


Farewell Don...

Since You Broke My Heart by Don Everly - "Here, demoing the song he penned and subsequently recorded with his brother Phil."


Jean -

"Must make a point of playing Charlie Watts music this week. Not the most flamboyant member of the Stones but had weathered decades with the group and also went out on his own with Boogie Woogie gigs / being with the Alexis Korner’s Blues Inc at one time and having a Quintet. In interviews he came across as a very private person but willing to open up on his other interests in music. RIP Charlie."

What's New performed by the Charlie Watts Quintet -


Philip -

"This week I have been humming "Borrowed Time," but each time I do it morphs into "Break My Mind." That's 2 John D. Loudermilk references in as many weeks!

As to this week's selections I think they have to constitute a Charlie Watts tribute, so I've chosen three numbers I'm sure Mr. Watts would have enjoyed, each featuring one of his favourite drummers- Jo Jones, Sonny Greer, and Chick Webb.

R.I.P. the irreplaceable Mr. Watts.

Best wishes to all RPMers."

One O'Clock Jump by The Count Basie Orchestra -


Take The "A" Train by The Duke Ellington Orchestra -


Stomping At The Savoy by The Chick Webb Orchestra -


Alan -

"Never mind breakfast at Tiffanys, dinner at the Ritz or even tea with the Queen.... this looks like the most fun anyone could have at mealtime!!!

I would imagine there's no chance that any of these 'tracks' will ever gain a commercial release so revel for around 7 minutes in 'Toyah and Robert's Sunday Lunch', broadcast on Youtube every week since last May (and all available online)........................ whoever would have imagined Fripp besporting himself in such a manner? And Toyah??? 'Phew'!!!!"

Satisfaction (RIP Charlie!!!) -


Hopeful bonus seeing as the tracks are very short.........

Purple Haze -


Piers -

"The recent posts of King Gizzard have had me listening to some Australians recently. I have been a big fan of Daddy Cool for years. Eagle Rock was one of those tracks that provided a significant part of the soundtrack for my 1970s (Coincidentally? Released on Wizard records!)

I suppose that Daevid Allen of Soft Machine was a bit Ozzy, (but not enough to count here), and I know that Frank Ifield, that bloke with the wobble board, (that we don’t mention any more), Crowded House, The Easybeats, AC/DC , Men At Work and more recently the Vines garnered some critical acclaim in the UK, as did Split Enz, - but not them as they are from New Zealand (sad really, as ‘I Don’t Know’ is all but perfect pop), but generally, apart from The Bee Gees and, almost as tiresome, Nick Cave, and, oh, I nearly managed to forget INXS, Aussie music hasn’t made much of an impact here. A surprise given that we share a language and there are some really famous Canadians… perhaps I should have a look at Joni’s chums at some point!

But for now three tracks from from 'a land where women glow and men plunder' that were much bigger at home..."

A Pub With No Beer by Slim Dusty -


Somebody Left Me Crying by Billy Thorpe & the Aztecs -


Dave -

"Hi RPMers, hope you are well . Enjoying your tunes. Here’s my 3 faves."

Shine a Light by The Rolling Stones -


$1000 Wedding by Gram Parsons -


John -

"Hi RPMers. I hope you've all been keeping well in the week that we heard the very sad news about the passing of Charlie Watts."

Monkey Man by The Rolling Stones - "I remember an interview from quite a few years ago (I think still have it on tape somewhere) when Charlie was asked about his achievements as the drummer with The Rolling Stones. His answer was brief and humble, something along the lines of, 'I quite like what I did on Monkey Man'. I liked what he did on just about everything..... a great loss."


Fight Apartheid by Peter Tosh -


Nothing I Can Do About It by Idlewild -


Jayne -

"Dear RPM Colleagues, I trust that you are all faring well as summer starts to seep into autumn (already had our first blackberries of the year). Here are my three for this week."

Owl Song by Cosmo Sheldrake -


Mérua by The Garifuna Collective -


Morra -

"3 4 this week."

Quit This Town by Eddie & the Hot Rods -


Poor Paddy Works on the Railway performed by The Dubliners -


Far Away Eyes by The Rolling Stones -


Tim -

"Here's my three; a couple dug out of the vaults and finishing with a new one."

The Analog Kid by Rush - " Another case of RPM synchronicity...week before last, John chose a Rush track and although I hadn't played any Rush LPs that same week, I'd been thinking a bit about the band and the loss of their Drummer / Lyricist Neil Peart and had watched a few interviews with Geddy Lee (bass, vox, synths) and Alex Lifeson (guitar). Deciding upon which album to play first, I went to my favourite, Signals from 1982. The Analog Kid has all the Rush trade marks for me; great opening riff, brilliant bass lines, intelligent and evocative lyrics, inventive guitar solo, seamless time changes and, of course, exemplary drumming."


Children of the Sea by Black Sabbath - "For me, Black Sabbath's Dio years are the best and the Heaven and Hell album is their pinnacle. Here's my favourite track."


Ferryman by Johnny Flynn and Robert Macfarlane - "Still playing Lost in the Cedar Wood. Johnny and Robert feature in the latest Folk on Foot podcast. Check it out another time here https://www.folkonfoot.com/episodes/

This, the closing track to the album, just seemed very appropriate this week."


'Til Next Time...