1st Week Playlist

Welcome to the first Isolation Room Listening Booth playlist as selected by RPM-ers, weekending Friday 27th March 2020. This week in alphabetical order, it’s over to…….

Alan – “I'm taking refuge with some 'soul' and 'girl groups' at the moment.

Here's my choices”:

Inez and Charlie Foxx- I stand accused


Otis Redding- Pain in my heart (here's the RSG version)


Shangri Las- Leader of the pack (here's a US TV performance)


“Bit downbeat but that's how we all feel at the mo' probably so, with Tim's forbearance, here's something to lighten things up a little!!!”


Dave – “…here’s my 3……”

Crecilia Anne by Pixies


Ghost Train by Gorillaz


The Chopping Block by Oh Sees


Philip – “This week I have been mostly listening to....... New Orleans Rhythm and Blues.

So, without further ado, here are three little gems, purposely omitting anything by Fats Domino or Little Richard.”

Let The Good Times Roll by Shirley and Lee (1956). “You gotta love this, and I'm sure we'd all say hear-hear to the sentiment just now.”


Downhome Girl by Alvin Robinson (1964). “A humorous Lieber and Stoller number covered by The Stones, but no-one sings it like Mr. Robinson. If this doesn't make you chuckle or at least raise a smile, I'd advise that you check the condition of your laughing gear.”


Tell It Like It Is by Aaron Neville (1966). “Looks like a real hard case and sings like an angel... eat your heart out Art Garfunkel. The Neville Brothers were of course one of The Big Easy's most celebrated groups - find their 1984 live album "Neville-ization" if you possibly can.”


Jean – “Here are my picks of this week…..the theme being ‘Always Rock to lift the spirits and get the feet tapping!”

We Weren’t Born to Follow by Bon Jovi from The Circle – “Rock Anthem!”


She’s My Baby by Travelling Wilburys from Travelling Wilburys 3 – “Fun Rock!”


Evil Mama by Joe Bonamassa from Redemption - “Blues Rock!”


John – “Here are my 3 tracks for the Isolation Booth. Not really a theme as such but there is a 'Soulful' connection……”

Slip Away by Clarence Carter


All for you by Earl Van Dyke & The Soul Brothers


Bring It On Home To Me by Otis Redding & Carla Thomas


Morra – “My 3 choices are...”

Something In The Way by Nirvana


Emergency by 999


Solitary Confinement by The Members


Nina – “Here's my 3.”

Denny's Brew by Yve Mary B (Album; High on a Mountain)

(Sorry.......can't find any audio for this one..........)

I Want the World to Stop by Belle and Sebastian (Album; Write About Love)


Come Away With Me by Norah Jones (Album: Come Away With Me)


Sal – “Here are my 3 tracks for the first Isolation Room Listening Booth…….”

Tiny Tears by Tindersticks


Jezebel by Depeche Mode


For Tomorrow by Blur


Tim – “So, here are 3 faves of mine from the past week………”

Are You Gonna Be My Girl by Jet – “…teaching this to somebody was one of my last guitar lessons before social distancing kicked in…………and now I can’t get it outta my head. Getting a couple of plays a day.”


Out of the Woods by Smoke Fairies – “Released in early Feb, the girl’s new album Darkness Brings the Wonders Homes is a constant on the turntable.”


When I Hear My Name by The White Stripes – “…taken from live BBC Radio One John Peel Session. Picked up this LP of the show at the last VIP Record Fair and just keep on playing it. Proof, if it were needed, that Jack White is a bluesman!”

(Note: can’t find the track on its own…..so, go to 1.55 along the play time line)