Week 10 - Fri 5th Mar

Welcome to the RPM Seven Day Soundtrack, week ending Friday 5th March 2021......now broadcasting from (cue fanfare) The North. A pint of Black Sheep or a brew of Yorkshire Tea will keep us lubricated while we listen to this week's selection.....over to....

Morra -

She Came In Through The Bathroom Window by the Beatles - https://youtu.be/o14wVjw3HfQ

Sightsee MC! by Big Audio Dynamite -


London Girls by The Jam -


Nina -

"Hi folks.....Hope you're all well & greetings from Coventry. Wandered through the "ghost town" of the city centre today, even more bleakly miserable, ugly discoloured concrete than I remember.......made worse by the pouring rain. Funky listening required to elevate above the dismal doldrums. Take care, all. Cheers!"

Going Back To My Roots by Odyssey -


Going Back Home by Roger Daltry & Wilko Johnson - "Raucous, raw & fun also works....."


Destination Unknown by Sly & Robbie - "Won't be staying long, but where next? Who knows.....?.....hence this one."


Bonus track.....

Skin & Bones by The Sundays - "Used to listen to the Sundays..a lot.. "found" them again this week, quite pleasant."


Alan -

"Three guitar instrumentals this week, all different to say the least! Stay safe......."

A Sailors Tale by King Crimson -


Cycle-delic by Dave Allen and the Arrows -


Cats Squirrel performed by Jethro Tull -


Piers -

"As the world turns, and at last it feels as though there might be musical events in the future, I am looking back a few weeks, and have returned to thinking about 'The Byrds’. This time from a slightly different angle….. Their cannon is littered with gems, including one of my early favourites ‘Why?’, and another, '2-4-2 Fox Trot (The Lear Jet Song)’. Either will conjure up for me, other times, places and friends, (some long since gone). Many of their tracks are still important to me, and we may come to those later, but The Byrds have informed my musical taste through the years…. "

The Lighthouse by Gene Clark -


Wildflowers by Chris Hillman -


Sweet Desert Childhood by Gene Parsons & Meridian Green -


John -

"Hi RPMers, Hope you're all OK. Glad to hear that Tim and Jackie have arrived safe and sound in Kirkbymoorside - lovely place. It's been one of those weeks when a lot of my listening has been albums I haven't played in a while, such is the case with my first two choices...."

A Cry For Everyone by Gentle Giant - "Formerly Simon Dupree & The Big Sound, they morphed into Gentle Giant, becoming a highly respected Progressive/Underground band. I saw them at Borough Road College in West London on October 9th 1971 supported by Black Widow and Supertramp (before they were famous). This is from their fourth studio album, Octopus, which was released in 1972."


If You So Wish by Kaleidoscope - "This is from their second album, Faintly Blowing, released in 1969. Another band that would fit in with Alan's theme of a few weeks back. In simple terms there was a UK Kaleidoscope and a US Kaleidoscope. This is the UK version...."


Soul Rebel by Bunny Wailer - "I've cheated a bit with my third choice. The Wailers version of this song is the opening track on their 'Soul Rebels' LP. I didn't actually play this album in the last seven days but I did play it a couple of weeks ago. With the passing this week of Bunny Wailer, I thought I'd pay tribute to him with this solo version from YouTube. All three of the original Wailers have now left us; Bob Marley in 1981 (cancer), Peter Tosh in 1987 (murdered) and now Neville Livingston, AKA Bunny Wailer in 2021. RIP."


Jean -

Here’s my picks on the theme of new beginnings. Take care everyone. Cheers.

Just Like Starting Over by John Lennon -


Wanna Be Startin' Somethin' by Michael Jackson -


Starting Over by Chris Stapleton -


Jayne -

"Good wishes to RPM collaborators. This weeks choices are tunes that regularly appear in Perce’s repertoire and seem to fit this week. "

It’s Moving Day by Charlie Poole -


The Panic is On by Hezekiah and Dorothy Jenkins -


Dave -

"Hi RPMers, hope you are well . I am enjoying your tunes . I was sad to find out that Denise Johnson had passed last year . So here’s two songs in my 3 showing her lovely voice. Cheers."

True Faith by Denise Johnson -


Don’t Fight It Feel It by Primal Scream -


Ball and Chain Janis Joplin (live Monterey pop festival) -


Tony -

"Here's my 3 for this week and keeping it simple..........."

I Can See Clearly by Johnny Nash -


Woman Like You by Kenny Wayne Shepherd Band -


Philip -

"This week I have been listening to "The Chess Blues-Rock Songbook" and "Chess Pieces: The Very Best of Chess," prompted by having read the Howlin' Wolf chapter in Mr. Guralnick's excellent "Looking to Get Lost" and having listened to the San Franciscan guitar noodling version of "Who Do You Love" on "Happy Trails" last week. Of course I am quite partial myself to a bit of San Franciscan guitar noodling. After all, who doesn't like to go, while we can, through the transitive nightfall of diamonds? Not every day, obviously, but- you know- now and then. Best wishes to one and all. "

How Many More Years? by Howlin' Wolf - "Has there ever been a more electrifying performer than Howlin' Wolf? This song was covered - rather well I think - in a medley with "44Blues" on Little Feat's first album."


You Can't Judge A Book By Its' Cover by Bo Diddley - "I saw Bo Diddley once at the UEA back in the 80s... he was great of course but he spent a lot of time warning everybody not to damage their hearing by listening to music at too high a volume!"


Rescue Me by Fontella Bass - "Deep soul vocal plus Motown-style arrangement equals one of the greatest singles of the greatest era in pop music history... and that's Maurice White on drums by the way."


Tim -

"Moving North has brought to mind some favourite "North Themed" tunes........"

Northern Winds by Steve Earle - "Short and sweet guitar instrumental found on the Train A Comin' post-prison comeback album."


Girl From The North Country by Bob Dylan - "......the Freewheelin' version of course."


By Northern Light by The Oyster Band - "Found on their best album, the Shouting End of Life."


.............more music next week.