Week 30 - Fri 29 July

Welcome to the RPM Record Club Seven Day Soundtrack, week ending Friday 29th July 2022. Here's this week's tunes brought to you from RPMers North, South and East...over to...

Dave -

"Hi RPMers, enjoying your tunes. Here’s my 3 this week."

Season of the Witch by Donovan -


Tony -

"Hi All...I've picked out 3 tracks this week which feature talent that was taken from us far too soon. I don't know where the time is going lately, it wasn't like this under lockdown! Best wishes to all my RPM pals as ever."

You Don't Mess Around With Jim by Jim Croce - "The face definitely doesn't go with the voice - this guy looks like a gangster but sings like a saint."


Cats In The Cradle by Harry Chapin - "The original and best version of a song that Harry acknowledges came from an idea that his wife gave him. I'm sure there are many parents who can identify to some degree with the sentiment of the lyrics - as there are as many crusty old DJ's who believe that WOLD was written about them too."


Reason To Believe by Tim Hardin - "Tim was a source of inspiration to one of my favourite singers of all time - Bobby Darin."


Jackie -

"Here's 3 from Robert Balanas who played a concert last Sunday in Kirkbymoorside church as part of the Ryedale Festival."

Paganini Caprice No.23 Op.1 performed by Roberts Balanas -


AC/DC's Back in Black for solo violin by Roberts Balanas -


Jayne -

"Hi RPMers, and thanks for your weekly input to the musical multiverse. Here are my three for this week."

Broken Bicycles by Tom Waits -


Udhero Na by Arooj Aftab (with Anoushka Shankar) -


Alan -

"Thar's bin a whole heap o' talkin' bout 'geetar slingers' in these here parts just a' lately. Dang me, but here's three more fer yor dee-lec-tashun."

Change Is Now by The Byrds (From The Notorious Byrd Brothers LP released January 1968. CBS label) - "McGuinn and, probably, (Clarence) White couldn't get much higher..."


Baby's On Fire by Eno (From 'Here Come the Warm Jets' LP released January 1974. Island label) - "The world's greatest living electric guitarist....in my opinion anyways!! Step forward Mr Wilcox..."




Love Is More Than Words or Better Late Than Never by Love (From 'Out here' LP released December 1969. Harvest label) - "The totally unknown Gary Rowles on guitar, soon after this to jam with James Marshall Hendrix on several occasions and, later, become a member of the, ahem, 'legendary' 'Phlorescent Leech and Eddie!!!"


"Stay safe y'all!!"

Piers -

"It's yet another slab of 'Deep Nostalgia' from me, nothing consequential... but the Joni is culturally significant I guess - her first gig in 20 years!"

When Somebody Thinks You're Wonderful by Fats Waller -


"This has memories attached, and I still choke up every time I hear it..."

Running On Empty by Jackson Browne -


"...But not as much as hearing this for the first time - of course this - pass the tissues! But maybe you have all heard this already…. (But even those hardened backing singers are choking up!)"

Both Sides Now by Joni Mitchell -


John -

"Hi Everyone, Here are my three for this week."

Cinnamon Girl by Neil Young - "From the album 'Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere' (1969). This was Neil Young's second studio album, his first with longtime backing band Crazy Horse. Kind of set the template really..."


Rejoice by Capital Letters - "British reggae from the sons and daughters of the 'Windrush' generation. This is from their debut album 'Headline News', released in 1979. I may have mentioned this before, but if you want to sample the delights of British reggae from this period, check out the 'Tribulation Times' series on YouTube. Excellent stuff - especially Vol.2."


Do It Again by Steely Dan - "Track one on their debut LP 'Can't Buy A Thrill'. They released an album per year between 1972 and 1976 and all five are excellent. After that, I think they were over-thinking their modus operandi and things became a little sterile. I know a lot of 'Dan Fans' will vehemently disagree with this and claim that 'Aja' is a classic, but hey, it's only my humble opinion!"


Kevin -

"Here’s my choices for the week."

Sharon by David Bromberg - "This popped onto my “Spotify daily mix”. One of the few times I have to thank analytical cookies or whatever does it."


Honest I Do by Jimmy Reed - "Managed to get a great copy of this recently from would you believe the record shop/ home brew making and serving / host of the air bnb we recently stayed in. Needless to say, we will return."


The Freedom Highway by The Specials - "Another one recently picked up whilst on our couple of nights in far flung Richmond."


"And lastly one for my dad who died after a short illness last week. He was an avid Radio 4 fan and involved in radio throughout his life."

Sailing By: The Classic BBC Radio Theme Tune -


Tim -

"Quality rather than quantity this week; three tracks from the only three albums I've listen to, in fact."

The Gulf of Mexico by Steve Earle - "I'll Never Get Out of This World Alive is still on repeat play in the boy Ewan's car..."


Daisy's Dance by Damien O'Kane and Ron Block - "...and the Banjophonics album is on repeat play at home..."


Radio Nowhere by Bruce Springsteen - "...and Bruce's 2007 album, Magic, is still on repeat play in our car."


'Till Next Time...