Week 40 - Fri 1 Oct

Welcome to the RPM Record Club Seven Day Soundtrack, weekending Friday 1st October 2021; your undoubted highlight of the week...over to...

Jackie -

"My choices this week are inspired by a chat we were having at home about Goblin Core.Tim didn't know what it was but a song he'd chosen for 7DS, unbeknown to him, kind off fitted with the idea. So here's a few more possible contenders...."

Going Up The Country by Canned Heat -


Morra -

"My 3."

Ain’t No Mountain High Enough by Diana Ross -


Walking In The Rain With The One I Love by Love Unlimited -


It’s In His Kiss by Linda Lewis -


Jean -

Life On Mars by David Bowie - "I saw a great framed, signed photo of Bowie at an auction this week and it’s a while since I last picked any of his songs, so here’s Life on Mars."


"While I’m being planet minded, I’ve picked..."

Blue Moon performed by Billie Holliday -


"I’ll finish with our planet. This is..."

Earth Song performed by Jessie J -


"Keep well everybody and get out and about before the winter kicks in."

Tony -

"Today is the second anniversary of my dear wife's passing and my selections

are by singers we both loved. I miss her."

Wasn't It Good by Tina Arena -


Dave -

"Hi RPMers, feels like autumn is upon us . Time very soon to get the thermals out! Here’s what I have enjoyed this week."

Raag Bhimpalasi performed by Debasmita Bhattacharya -


Glory Box by Portishead (live Later 1994) -


Alan -

"Here's this weeks three goodies from the vinyl vaults."

Walking on thin ice by Yoko Ono/Jason Pierce - (from 'Walking......' 12" ltd edition picture disc, released February 2007. Parlophone label)


The Final Resting Of The Ark by Felt – (from 'The final resting place....' 12" single, released September 1987. Creation label)


The Parable of Ramon (live) by Richie Havens- (from 'Richard P Havens 1983' double album, released December 1968. Verve label)


Piers -

"Sending these off to Tim is a bit like keeping a journal. Looking back through the choices, and re-reading my comments, makes me recall what I was doing when I was listening to the various tracks. This week will be easy to invoke. These songs have been part of the soundtrack. I'll get around to telling you what I have been up to, shortly...

I don’t often go for just one artist for all of my choices for an RPM post, but, I hope you won't mind, when you hear these tracks. I have come to the conclusion that Nidia Góngora, is very special. She has been on repeat for a few days.

This first that I will post is a 'work song' which accompanied gold-panning in the area of Timbiquí on the Pacific coast of Colombia. It is hard backbreaking work, standing, stooped in the water, sifting the gravel, washed down the fast flowing rivers. It was and still is, traditionally women’s labour. Nidia Góngora sings the lead, (Nidia is entitled to use the honorific musical title of ‘cantora’, as could her mother and grandmother, as they were also notable singers in the area) and her gold panning colleagues sing along with her. There is simple guitar accompaniment. The result, I find truly moving."

Plegaria-Cantoras de Timbiqui performed by Nidia Gongora -


Dub del Pacifico by Quantic & Nidia Góngora -


"And something more modern still..."

Que Me Duele? by Quantic & Nidia Góngora -


"Nidia Góngora is now rapidly becoming a star on the 'World Music' circuit. Her new album is called Almas Conectadas. It has been released and it has had spiffing reviews. But can I find a copy? Nowhere!!!! Bah! Just have to put up with this for a bit longer… Not really a hardship…

The activity which that music accompanied was designing and drawing up some 'knotwork' to use on a flyer for a sing around, in Fakenham, Norfolk. (Of course if you are interested enough to come along Jayne and I will be be happy to see you there.

I asked a very talented friend, Neil, if he would like to be the first featured artist, (He performs as 'And Now The Owls Are Smiling'). You collectors will be delighted to know that, Neil was so taken with the idea that he has produced a very limited edition (30 copies) CD EP which will be on sale on the night!"

Nina -

"Ahoy, me hearties!

Hope you're all in fine fettle & scurvy free. Still enjoying an extended vanlife trip in Cornwall. Rubbing shoulders with pirates & smugglers in Penzance, so it's swashbuckling & sea shanties this week. Hoist the mainsail & shove fuel panic buyers off the plank 😁"

The Northwest Passage by the Longest Johns & El Pony Pusador -


Cornwall My Home by Bone Idol - "Fine voiced fellas from the Scilly Isles. Fortunate to visit the isles of St Mary's and Tresco on Wednesday. Beautifully sunny, amazingly clear water & sugar sand."


Keep Hauling performed by Fisherman's Friends -


Bonus Track -

Wellerman by Nathan Evans -


Jayne -

"I trust that all RPMers are fine and thank you for your varied choices each week.

This week our home library took delivery of a book about British Folk Songs of Crime and Punishment (Who Killed Cock Robin? by Stephen Sedley & Martin Carthy) and hence I have selected three songs referred to in the book which deal with the topics of prison, false accusation, and piracy respectively."

I Wish There Was No Prisons performed by Jim Eldon -


The Sheffield Apprentice performed by by Hedy West -


The Golden Vanity performed by Sam Kelly Trio -


John -

"Greetings RPMers, I hope you are all keeping fit and well. My choices this week are all inspired by acts I witnessed last weekend at Deepdale Festival. A great event (and the weather was very kind). In addition to those listed below, other highlights were Martin Simpson, Man The Lifeboats, Cut Throat Francis, Joe & Mary and the very wonderful Congolese band The Zong Zing Allstars."

Wolf by Katherine Priddy -


Theme Song from the Detectorists by Johnny Flynn - "Johnny Flynn wasn't at Deepdale but this was performed by a great duo called Drystones..... who seamlessly tagged the Time Team theme on to the end of The Detectorists theme. Sublime."


Year Of The Clown by 3 Daft Monkeys -


Tim -

"Here's three from the week's listening."

Leopard-Skin Pill-Box Hat by Bob Dylan - "Another one from the Real Royal Albert Hall LP."


J S Bike by Richard Durrant - "...from his Cycling Music album of 2014, the tour of which stopped off at Fakenham Community Centre to play a rather super gig. And yes, Richard was cycling, complete with all his gear and a sound man, to each venue on the tour."


Petronella Says by Alabama 3 - "Oh yes! New stuff from Alabama 3 entitled Step 13, and on orange vinyl too, to boot...and a seamless link/homage to my 1st choice, even."


'Till Next Time...