Zips In Boots


After PIC

1 Find matching zip

Pic of zips

2 Unpick old zip

Pic of knife and boot

Avoid pulling too hard or you will stretch the leather out of shape

Unpick from the top left and go to the bottom.

Cutting the old zip is ok but be gentle on the upper and lining.

3 Glue new zip then boot

pic of gluing zip and boot

Keep the slider done up to 5cm from to while gluing.

Put a coat of yellow glue onto the front of the zip,from the edge and in 8mm so none will show once it’s all together.

Glue the boot starting at the top left hand side of the boot; you may need a second coat of glue on the zip, wait

till tacky (3min) then start putting the zip in.

4 Press zip to upper

pic of zip going into boot

Start at the top on the left side and continue down to the bottom.

Keep everything straight and as it would be when the boot is being worn. Check to make sure the right side is OK for length

Put the right side in, starting at the top.

Width should be even all the way up.

Keep the boot as close to how it will be worn as you put the zip in, this will save all sorts of bother.

Ensure the zip tape is in downways far enough at the bottom; otherwise it will bulge out when it is finished.

5 Glue lining and zip

pic of lining getting glued

Once the zip is in, glue the lining onto it, do this by putting 1 coat onto both lining and zip then press together after 3min.

6 Press lining to back of zip

pic of lining getting pressed on

Do the zip up and check, length, bulges, does it catch anywhere.

7 Stitch

pic of boot on stitcher

Keep the slider down while stitching until you get close to it then with the foot up slide the slider past the foot about 5cm. Continue stitching down around the base of the zip, back up the side until you get near the slider again. With the foot up slide the slider back down and continue stitching.

Start at the top left. Go down and around and back up the other side. If you need 2 rows start

again from the top left. Watch out for the flap as you go around the bottom. Don’t want to stitch it on both


Where is the slider during all this?

While gluing? While stitching? Esp when going around the bottom

How to hold boot as we go to ensure lining is caught

8 Test

pic of zip


Top Stops

Ideally use a readymade zip.

If you have to do it yourself – make the entire zip up before going any further

5 coil/9 coil– use ykk top stops, easy option!

Otherwise unpick 15-20mm of the thread that holds the teeth to the tape and then cut the teeth off

Fold the tape over onto itself and then over again onto the teeth by 4mm.

Glue it in this position with yellow and then stitch it

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