Road Bike Resole

SIDI Sole Darby Accessories 09 4153565 Might have soles. Did not last time I called.

Sz10/44 Sport Boot Sole 8777929455

  1. Measure existing boot heel width 5mm down from top edge. (At the bottom of the "rand" you are going to leave)
  2. Compare this width measurement to the width of the holes inside the heel on new sole.
  3. If you have more than 7mm on each side of the holes go ahead - take care to mark out position at heel for when you assemble.

If you have less than 7mm on either side.

  1. Fill holes in heel block with eva, atom little blocks in and then grind flat
  2. Grind exisiting sole off leaving a nice tidy rand and leave toe rub.
  3. Glue a piece of 5mm buffalo onto sole from back to under ball of foot.
  4. Trim off with knife flaring out by at least 45'.
  5. Grind base flat and glue sole on