Work Boots-Extra High Rand

Yes sure we can take a look at your boots for you ...

Watch the Video

Main Steps

1 Measure Existing Sole Height

Heel =


Toe =

Write the numbers onto the back of the job ticket.

2 Remove old sole

3 Grind clean

4 Run Thin Edging

use a scraping action when grinding off rotten PU foam, this helps get a nice clean dry looking leather to glue to.

Use screwwdriver right around edge and you may be able to pull it all off in one go

Width of Topgum, measure the highest bit of mess on the side of the boot that you are trying to cover, and add 15mm. Keep a little tension on as you run it around.

Stitch around the top edge once done ...

but not where the Steel Cap is!

5 Run Rand

6 Glue Shoe then new Heels

7 Heels in Oven, Shoes not

8 Push together, Nail, Hammer

9 Knife, Heel Trim, Cone, Deburr

Select precut heel,Quick choice, bigger is fine, make sure right colour,

10 Polish Till Pretty

Want heels soft enough to trim.

CHECK glue line is sealed and consistent.