Make them fit the customers foot, Don’t just put them on the stretcher

  1. Put next due at the front left of the stretching bench
  2. Empty stretchers then Fill stretchers!
  3. Use bumps, spacers and men’s heels to ensure a tight fit, before winding the stretcher out
  4. Tighten slowly while looking at and feeling the shoe
  5. Re tension after 20min if needed
  6. Wait 4-8 hours
  7. Caution Watch “vees” and stitching and glue around edges, as this is where they are most likely to split
  8. If you damage one, show the store manager, they may be able to repair it, if not we will buy another pair.
  9. It is far easier to stretch small local areas than to stretch the entire shoe.
  10. With a Ladies court shoe, you don’t want to stretch the sides or they will gape.
  11. Stretch spray can be used, but may stain some shoes
  12. Tap sharp or bulky seams on last with hammer

Stretching Calf of Boots

Check that the lining is a good fit with the outer, if the lining is much smaller you may end up tearing it!

Elastic gussets – stitch a sturdy patch under the gusset first, go in the old stitch holes and then remove

once you have done the stretching.

Slide the handle in to stretch lower on the boot, slide the handle out to stretch the boot more at the


Adding packers made of soling will also help stretch localised bits.

• Use Vulcotop if you need a sharp defined bump.

• Use cellotop if you need a gentler look.

Stretching Common Problems

Not getting enough Stretch

1. bigger last

2. side packers

3. mens heels underneath

4. bumps

5. spray

the shoe needs to be a firm fit when it goes on – before you start winding it out.

Trying to stretch a work boot up on the top of the foot.

Use a hand stretcher and put it into the boot on its side, you may need to use some men’s heeling to

make it a nice firm fit – before you start winding it out.

Stretcher is wound right out and shoe hasn’t stretched much yet

See “Not getting enough Stretch”

Make fronts fit well, but then too loose in the back


Add product "Str picture of feet"

Add sign on back of front door with the basics

Add sign above str bench, same or similar to front door

Add common descriptions to notes on the str products, ie:

pls circle

more on right or left


Little toe

Bunion to little toe

Big toe tip

Length at heel