Tramping Boots

Yes sure we can fix your Hiking or Tramping Boots ...

Tramping boot vs work boot, Tramping boots often have vibram soles, are narrower at the heel. Mendl, Asolo, Merrell, Salomon, Lowa, Timberland

Work boots, John Bull, Blundstone, Mack, Redback, Blue Steel, Bata

KEYLOOK UP "Sebolet" measure closer than normal. as we are not trimming any off the toe.

View soles here 1033 Sebolet

Main Steps - This is a BIG JOB. Only remove midsole if it's going rotten, else just glue onto existing.

Take a look at the width of the boot from the back compared to your new sole width, you may or may not need to add the first layer of EVA to build width.

1 Record heights H+S+T

Else you don't know what you are rebuilding. Measure from a point that is not getting ground or removed.

2 Cut new soling

3 Remove old soles +Grind clean

4 If heel is too narrow for holes in sole -Glue 6mm eva full sole up edge

5 Run Topgum around edges

Run the topgum 20mm past where toe cap will end, try the sebolet on and draw a line where the cap comes to and then grind the top gum ready for glue.

Pull the edging a little as you put it on, this will make it fit better and be easier to roll under. Here we are putting a gap in the edging at the front as the 1033 sole we are using has a toe cap. If using other soles you would butt join the Topgum near the back at the side.

Edging needs to go close enough to the front to be covered by the toe cap of the sole.

EVA, Topgum, EVA, Sole 1033 Sebolet with toe cap, many others would be suitable.

Taper edge of topgum from back.

Knife off what you can then grind.

Then trim back keeping it "Square" at edges. Or run strip around edge. Basicly you are trying to add a little triangle to bulk out the heel width.

6 Add heel Wedge

7 Fit outer sole

Add EVA, longer is better, forepart cutter the edge of eva then grind to wedge.

Heat the new outsole properly, as you want the heel soft enough to trim.

A blast on high on the reverse side helps.

1 Record heights H+S+T

2 Cut new soling

EVA 4mm that goes over full sole and up edges to top of where new edging will run.

Topgum, 35mm wide, long enough to go around boot from side of toe cap to other side of toecap - a bit longer is better than tooo short!

EVA 10mm from the back to 3/4 of the way to the toe - to build up wedge


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