Kumfs Wedge

Yes sure we can fix your soles ... thats all gone a bit rotten, we'll remove it all so you are right back to the leather, run a new edge around, build up the height with soft light material and then put a grippy harder wearing sole right thru on the bottom, with no joins so you wont get any splits ... now you've been into our store before ....

1 Record Height Heel and Sole

Eg H=30, S=10

Heel will be, rand 4+ 2 layers 10 eva plus 6 Zephir = 30mm

Sole will be Rand 4+ Soft 6=10mm

2 Cut out new soling

1 Full sole EVA if height needed

2 Full sole Soft

3 Heel wedge EVA as needed for height, use a 10mm first.

4 Heel rubber if needed

3 Remove old sole+grind

Dig right around with wide flat screw driver, then pull off by hand or with pincers.

4 Glue Rand on

Yellow Glue - leather to resin rand.

Run rand clockwise, move around shoe as you do it. Join on "inside" near back

5 Glue EVA to the rand

Keep shape of shoe, don't allow the EVA to flatten the shoe out.

Yellow Glue.

6 Grind EVA to wedge

Take almost none off at heel

Remove almost all at front of wedge

Grind wedge flat so shoe sits flat.

7 Repeat 5+6 to get height

While you are putting on blocks of EVA, you are then grinding them to

wedge shapes as you build up layers.

8 Glue Sole on and Trim