Taking Dress Boots In with No Zip

Taking in boots where there is an additional piece of leather over the top of the back seam.


Mark out with the pants that will be worn

Before it got the snip

After, not sure why it looks so much fatter in the picture! Different boot tree and pushed in too far?

Taking in

1 Unpick piece of leather down back

3 Mark out lining and stitch lining.

Use the cut out bit of leather folded in half to guide you. Cut off excess lining.

5 Stitch lining and boot across top.

2 Mark out and cut excess leather out

Usually 5mm less than lines. You can do one side then fold it over to easily do the second side.

4 Glue and stitch leather back on

Leave the strip of leather poking out the top so you start stitching on it then down one side, then stitch down the other side. Now glue the little bit of leather over the top.

Best to glue in place first.

When there is no strip - Add strapping or a strip of leather




Marked out

V of leather cut out

20mm Cognac strapping stitched up back

Customer comment after repair via email

"Very happy with my shoes and boots, thanks to Shannon and Stu in the Mt store.Would

definitely recommend to my friends and will be back without hesitation in the future. Cheers guys!"

Niki - Mt Maunganui