"Kumfs" with Heel

Yes sure we can resole your... Boots, Shoes, Sandals ...ANY Footwear!

Main Steps

1 Record Height H+S

2 Cut out new soling

3 Remove old sole+grind

4 Glue Rand on

Mark on the upper where the front of the heel block will go

5 Glue Full Sole to the rand

or the EVA if needed for height.

Yellow Glue.

9 Glue Peeblechip on

1 Full sole EVA if height needed

2 Full sole Soft.

3 Heel block EVA as needed for height, use a 10mm first.

4 Heel Rubber 6mm Grippy.

6 Grind sole at heel area and glue EVA on

Yellow Glue.

7 Grind EVA heel block flat - check heel angle

Yellow Glue - leather to resin rand.

Check the rand to make sure it is sitting nice. BEFORE the next layer goes on. It generally needs to be sitting so the bottom is flat, ready for the new sole.

8 Repeat 6+7 to get height