Resoling Moulded Tec 10 MX Boots

Yes sure we can fix your MX boots.

Main Steps

1 Remove old sole

Use heat gun only for 6min or so. Use wide flat screw driver to peel the sole back from the

upper. You need enough heat so that it peels away nicely without leaving little bumpy bits behind.

2. Clean boot with thinners

Thinners where possible, grinder ok but don't remove any boot ... just the glue!

Don’t round the top edges of the sole.

6 Assemble bottom

3 Check for glue line height

Put the new sole on the boot and take a look at how far up you are going to need to glue – if necessary mark lightly with pen or tape.Have a trial run at putting boot onto last stand, you may need to undo straps, remove liners or insoles. Better to try now than when they are hot and gluey!

7 Heat sides with heat gun

4 Glue

Apply clear glue to boot, go 2mm further up than you think, especially at toe and heel. Then glue sole making sure you get it right to the edge and that the glue doesn't pool in the bottom. Let glue dry.Do a second coat.

8 Check edges, really check!

5 Only Heat bottom of boot and sole not sides

• sole in oven on low to start with

• Boot with heat gun on high

Use temp gauge!

1 Put sole on bench, across ways in front of you

Press sides firmly onto boot upper with hands and then knock them with hammer while boot is on last and again with boot lying on it's side on a firm piece of bench.

CHECK glue line is sealed and consistent. ALL the way around. If loose reheat and hammer. If still loose atom.

RECHECK both boots all the way around. Like all the way around both!

2 Put boot into sole – have a flat screwdriver handy in case sole gets stuck as it slides down into place. Push boot firmly onto sole then slip onto last and knock heel and sole area with hammer.

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