Zips Added

This is an alteration, not a repair! Charge lots! It will often take a lot of time

  1. Decide where zip is going to go, make sure it comes down far enough so that the foot will easily get into the boot without stressing the zip, but not too far down or it will be hard to stitch.
  2. Cut out a 8mm for 5coil, 14mm for 9 coil slot right down, make sure lining is lying correctly as you cut! (cut lining and outer as you go)
  3. Glue zip in, make sure you are going to catch the lining when you stitch
  4. Stitch, line edge of foot up with edge of leather, or as suits
  5. Feel for the lining as you stitch so that you ensure it is getting caught by the stitching

With horse riding boots, where you decide to run the new zip down the back seam, sometimes there is a piece of leather over the back seam, cut this off about 25mm (as low down as you will be able to restitch –try the boot on the stitcher) up from the bottom, it will cover up the bottom of the zip.

Remove the rest of the piece of leather that runs down the back.

Insert the new zip between the upper and lining.

Take 2

  1. Mark the zips out on the inside of the leg, in the middle at the top, straight down to just in front of the heel cup. Go down as far as you will be able to stitch – try on stitcher first.
  2. Cut out a slot – unless the boots are too tight. (In which case you can just cut and add in. and make a widening at the bottom.
  3. Glue in
  4. Stitch

This is the right side of the left boot

This picture is only if you are trying to widen the boots as you put the zips in!!!!!!!!!!