Yes sure we can fix your Tips on your ... Boots, Shoes, Sandals

1 Grind 20-30mm flat

2 Atom new tip on, can hold pincer handle tip inside pointy ones

Grind right heel flat

3 Knife closely

4 Grind base off

Check heel heights match, now grind the left to match.

5 Miniband/Forepart cutter edge

Grind build area so edges are square and crisp. Atom build onto block. Knife off excess and machine trim sides,then bottom. More

6 Remove burrs

Select precut heel,Quick choice, bigger is fine, make sure right colour,

7 Paint and Polish till Pretty!

Want heels soft enough to trim.


Worn Tips for people who drag the fronts of their shoes

Grind flat and add a chunk piece of Vulkotop. It slides and wears well without gripping which adds to tripping.

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