Zip Sliders

Sure we'll put a slider on there for you ... you've been here before ...


  1. Are all the zip teeth still OK?If not need a new zip.
  2. Do we stock this slider size? Otherwise need new zip.
  3. We do not stock or supply any opti zips. New zip.
  4. I'll just check that we do have a slider that will fit...

Slider size

one side/done up

measure with calipers in mm

Sliders that footcom stock

If it looks like it may not work

If the slider doesn't fix the problem do you want us to refund your money or go ahead and replace the zip for $95? Ok great, just pay for the slider now, and if we need to do the zip we can sort that out later.

Slider replacement from the top

If you can easily get at the bottom of the zip then do it that way. Otherwise ...

1. Choose correct slider

2. Unstitch top corners

Straighten out tail of zip ends and remove top stops

3. Remove old slider

Insure the zip stays done up completely as you remove the slider, especially at the top.

If there is no slider on the zip and it has come apart you will need to prise a slider open a bit and slip it on backwards and then once you have it at the bottom, squash it back to normal and do the zip back up, slide the slider right off the top and then put a fresh one back on, throw the bent one away.

4. Back on new slider

Holding pull tag out, and gently pulling apart the zip. The Sliders brake mechanism is disengaged by pulling tag out & gently pulling apart the zip. Poke a needle down inside to start the zip coming apart if it is stuck together when you are backing the new slider on.

5. Glue zip ends back in

6. Replace top stops - if any

7. Stitch

8. Check

Check the slider stops at the top stops. If necessary, stitch across the teeth at top.

Ordering Zips

1. Length

2. Type of teeth


3. Size

coil 3/5/9 – Vislon 5/10 - Metal 3/5

4. Colour


5. Slider type

locking or non locking?

6. Open ended (jacket) or closed ended (boot)


Normally Metal zip sliders only go on from one end only. There are some that go both ways but they arent much good. Take a good look at the teeth and compare to a new metal zip in our zip stock.