Cleaning Shoes

Yes sure we can clean your shoes,

as you can probably imagine, it's a tricky task to guarantee as results do vary. We are happy to clean them, we use the same products that we sell here in store. We have successfully cleaned hundreds of shoes, with the products we currently use we have not wrecked any shoes, only issue is sometimes we just can't get them as clean as we would like, but if we use anything stronger there is a good chance of removing colour or making the leather dry and stiff.

So it costs <$> and we will to do our best, but we can't guarantee what they will come out like.

To clean

  • general dirty griminess,
  • blue from jeans,
  • random spots,
  • salt and water marks.

1 Remove surface dirt

Soft brush, or Suede brush on suede.

If you leave bulk dirt on it will turn to mud as soon as you apply cleaner and water, so better to remove at start. Helps prevent scratching, as you wont be rubbing dirt and grit around as you clean.

2 Apply Combi Cleaner to entire shoe

Put plenty of cleaner on, rub it around with cloth or brush. Gently on softer or delicate leathers. Suede brush is fine on suede.

3 Wipe off and rinse

Wipe the bulk of cleaner off and take a look, if not clean enough go back to step 2.

If they look good, go ahead and rinse off the cleaner with some water and damp cloth.

4 Dry

Wipe dry, using your hands like a squeegee. Then pat dry with clean towel or rags. Hang or stuff with shoe trees, paper or whatever it takes to get them to dry in a sensible non crumbled state. Many shoes can be just sat empty.