Rivets, Eyelets, Domes etc


Punch holes so eyelets are a press fit.

With Boot and Shoe eyelets you should be able to use the revolving punch to

make the holes and the eyelet pliers to set the eyelets.

Can’t decide which way up for the pliers?

Check the diagram on the side of the pliers!

With the bigger eyelets you may need a hand held punch to make the holes and

then a setting tool and base to set the eyelets.

When doing eyelets in webbing, especially big ones – you may need to put the

hole punch into the drill and make the holes that way, as it can be tricky to

hammer through the webbing.

Too thick for the eyelet?

Whack with hammer!

Or do the eyelet through something thinner, and then stitch it on.

Melt, skive and whack, till it fits! Good luck.

Eyelets-Pulled out and nasty

1. Remove old eyelet

2. Atom or other glue all the torn bits back together, clamp tightly to make it thinner if it is thick

3. Stitch closely around hole

4. Atom the stitching and the stitch holes

5. Atom new eyelet in

6. Set new eyelet with eyelet pliers

1. Add a leather washer behind the torn eye

2. Glue and stitch washer in place

Could try inserting a piece of heel seat fibre board if you can get in between the lining?