Yes sure we can fix your heels, have you been into our store before?

1 Remove old heel and pin

Remove heel starting from inside front corner of shoe Read more

2 Grind Right Heel Block Flat

Grind Right heel flat and square at the edges.

3 Check Angle, Max 5mm gap

With the heel block sitting flat on the heeling, the sole of the shoe needs to be 1-5mm from the bench.

4 Check Heights, Grind Left heel

Check heights as in the picture, or you can top and tail them to make it easier on some heel block shapes.

5 Do Builds, only if needed

Grind build area flat. Put Atom on shoe, then place build on and hold firmly for 10 seconds. Knife off excess and then machine trim sides,then base.

6 Atom heel block

Thin coat to the edge. UNLESS suede, fabric or light coloured leather. Then use clear glue.

7 Hammer in new Heel

Check for, and deal with any gaps. Wipe away any excess atom.

8 Heel Trim

Smooth and follow the shape of the heel block. Adjust guide so you do not scratch heel block. Redo if undercut.

9 Cone

Note the angle of cone lines up with the inside of heel block. Gentle! Use masking tape on block if unsure.

10 Paint and Polish Till Pretty

If you get polish or paint on Caramel heeling, re heel trim very lightly.

11 What it should look like MPS

Should take less than 10min

Heel shape should generally follow the flow of the heel block

Both heels should look the same

No burrs

Shoe should sit nicely with heel flat, a 1mm gap under back edge is ok, but not under front edge

RKM PU Top Pin Diameters

  • 3.0mm – Standard Pin Thickness (.115)
  • 2.2mm – Thinner Pin Thickness (.101)
  • 3.2mm – Thicker Pin Thickness (.125)

Loose Pin?

Just a bit loose

Hammer pin flat - if it almost fits

Really Loose

To take up a bit more room use a flexi tube, they are in the 8 or 10mm RKM bin. Push the flexitube right in then atom and hammer in the PU TOP


If PU Top pin is to big and the small ones are to small what do you do?

Grind the standard one on the cone to fit tight, or if closer to 2.2mm. Hammer pin flat - if 2.2mm almost fits.

No PU tops left

Use Vulcotop and drill 3.5mm hole and put a cheese head pin thru.

If stilleto tube comes out with pin stuck in do you just replace the tube with a new one?

Remove pin by holding tube in vice, or just flip tube upside down and reuse