Work Boot Resole

Rotten PU that needs removing

Measure, remove Existing Sole, cut EVA

Grind boot Clean

Depending on the heights you will most likely need just the 4mm EVA.

If you need more height you can add more layers of EVA. Unless the rand ends up perfectly flat it is still usually best to run the 4mm first, maybe a 10mm would be ok. Heat 10mm EVA through on low oven setting so the EVA bends down to the rand. Not the rand gets bent back up of the side of the boot to the EVA.

Grind Rand

Go gently where steel cap ends, else you will make holes through the leather which will need patching.

Glue Rand on and atom from bottom

Run the edging carefully down the edge of the grit wheel. Holding it on a bit of an angle, so that you slant the rand top edge a bit.

Run a bead of atom onto the teeth of the rand so that it dribbles in between them. Add dust so that the atom sets. LET DRY! Grind flat and atom dust bumps.

One on right has had a bit of a lean ground onto it. This make the rand sit better on these rounded boots and also cleans the rand up for a better gluing result.

Add 4mm eva layer

It's ok if edging is on a bit of a slant, the EVA midsole will allow us to make a flat surface for sole to glue to.

Grind flat, thin at toe

Knife of next to the rand, slightly flared out so no undercutting!

Grind EVA flatso that sole will sit nicely. If it looks like it will work, grind just thru the EVA at the toe. This way you will only have the one join that can come undone at the toe. EVA is soft and can split at the toe on work boots.

You can see where the EVA has been ground through to the rand. 2 coats of glue on the EVA, just the one on the rand, unless it's clear then 2 thin ones will be fine even on the rand.

Glue Sole on


Heat the sole on low for a while so that it gets a bit softer and easier to cut.

Knife off closely. Grind on the rough wheel only, remove burrs.