Build up basics

Yes sure we can build your shoes up for you, do you have any shoes that you've had built up that worked out really well? Lets copy what worked.

You will need to provide us the measurements mm Heel Sole Toe

Drop off

  1. Add HST measurements to Invoice header, copy to both panels
  2. Click the day of the week before the currently displayed ready day

Doing the Job

  1. Start 1 wk early
  2. Fill out the pad
  3. Get the first layer glued on
  4. Put back into day bin ONE DAY EARLY

Ask Shane to take before and after photos. Add to blog with customer surname for easy retrieval next time.

Cut and insert build, or Glue onto bottom of sole?

Have a think about each method and then pick one!

The good thing about inserting is you get to keep the same sole pattern, but it can only be done if the sole is thick enough to cut or if you can remove the bottom layer.

Gluing onto the existing can be easier.

Pic B4 □ Pic RFT □

Inserting build into existing sole

1. Cut EVA

You'll need the build amount plus 5mm

2. Mark out and cut sole

Draw a line right around the sides of the shoe on the sole to show where you will cut. Remember to consider airbags, gel sacks, shanks etc. Also bear in mind where it is going to be easiest to grind the build edge once it is all together. Best to cut where sole bulges outwards rather than inwards and not on existing grooves as these are hard to finish tidily.

To easily estimate how far down the sole to cut; measure from top of upper down inside the shoe to insole, now measure down the outside of the shoe the same amount. Now you know if you add approx 10mm for insole board etc you are on the safe side.

3. Glue EVA to shoe

Unless it is an even build right through, start by building the heel first then grinding flattish before building more.

4. Grind to shape

There is no need to cut 3 full sole layers out, cut out only what is needed, otherwise you will have to grind the excess off!

Best to glue a bit on then grind it in to a wedge shape once it is glued to the shoe, as you grind flair it out a bit so that it doesn’t end up too narrow! You can always trim it later.

5. Repeat 3+4 till height is reached

Check that soles are sitting flat BEFORE you glue the sole back on.

Before gluing the sole on try walking in the shoes to see if it feels comfy.

Consider if it rolls nicely or it it feels bumpy or stepped, does it throw you to one side or the other?

6. Glue sole back on

7. Finish edges

8. Paint and polish


Shoe with build up inserted

  1. Measure heights HST
  2. Cut shoe open
  3. Grind both sides flat
  4. Fill out form below
  5. Glue first layer on-usually 10mm eva as it conforms well to the shape
  6. Grind ready for next layer, if Sole build up is less than Heel build up you may only need to run some layers 3/4's of the way
  7. Keep adding layers till you reach the correct height
  8. Check that it "walks" nicely, not leaning or bumpy as it rolls forward
  9. Mark out where sole will sit, line up a bit back from front
  10. Glue sole back on
  11. Grind edges

Shoe before build up

Plus build needed HST (numbers are provided by customer or in our files)

Equals height once complete

Minus the sole you cut off (after it is ground flat)

Equals height before sole goes back on

How to calculate existing raise measurements

Need both shoes. Unless we have accurate measurements and shoe has no existing alterations

You can't just measure the existing build as it is probably higher than needed to allow for what was ground off once the shoe was cut open or to allow for the original sole tread being ground off if the build was on the outside.

Gluing onto bottom of sole

1. Measure tread depth

You'll need the build amount plus 5mm

2. Cut out EVA and soling 3. Grind tread off 4. Glue EVA to shoe

5. Grind to shape 6. Repeat 4+5 till height is reached 7. Glue Sole on 8. Finish edges

It is best to grind tread entirely off before starting. This means you will have to put a slightly higher build on to compensate for the height lost. Measure it don’t guess.

Heels under 30mm wide may need to be built up with strong or cellotop as EVA will compress and be unsafe as the shoe will be wobbly

Removing Build ups

If it’s built into the shoe sole you can just cut through the middle of the build material and grind them down till the height is the same as the other shoe. Then glue back together. If the build is on the outside of the shoe, the chances are that the tread has been removed, so you may have to resole it. May as well do both shoes to keep the pattern and grip consistent.