Tricky Stitched PU Resole

1 Measure height HST

Write on ticket H= S= T=

2 Remove sole in one piece

By cutting the stitches. Also if there is one, keep toe cap in one piece. And keep the bit that goes up the back of the heel. Just in case!

3 Cut new soling

At this point you could trim off the inside edge top corner of the little bit we have glued on, with a knife or sandpaper if you think its going to be uncomfy. This pair had a thick insole that fitted nicely inside the lip.

Now at this point it gets tricky if the shoes have a toe and/or heel scuff cap. Click on the pic to the left and check out the heel, have to cut a bit out of the sole to make it work. Same at the toe, but if you cut too much out you will cut through the little edge bump you have glued on.

Heat the EVA up from the back so you can give it a bit of a bend, else the boot will be too flat.

Micro runner 2 pr, exactly the same size as the old sole.

  1. Usually best to trace the old sole upside down.
  2. Grind the micro on both sides.
  3. Then cut the middle out of 1pr, leaving 10mm around edge, you just want the edge.
  • EVA midsole layers to suit
  • Out sole to suit, Unit or sheeting

4 Glue Micro to Micro

Glue the Micro edge on top of the other piece of micro. Yellow, 1 coat.

5 Glue onto the shoe and stitch in place

6 Glue EVA midsole on

Grind to wedge. Keep gluing EVA on till correct height.

7 Sort out the toecap and heel rise, if needed

8 Glue out sole on and trim to shape

9 Done Done

Not yet painted or polished so can see joins better.