Squeaky Shoes

Yes sure we get a few squeaky shoes from time to time ... we charge 19.90 to take a look at it ... whether we can fix it or not ... if we need to pull it right apart and glue each layer back together as we go ... to stop the squeak ... then it'll cost ?39/69 in total ... but only if it's squeak free!

So the least you will pay is $19.90, even if we can't fix it - and the most you will pay is <insert> and that's if we fix it.

Main Steps Squeaky Shoe

1. Decide where squeak is.

2. Start on left shoe or one with squeak.

3. Remove insole or sole.

4. Pull apart insole board from shank until you find the problem.

The rivet in shanks can make a squeak.

5. Glue all pulled apart bits back together methodically and thoroughly.

6. Recheck squeak has gone

7. Do the right shoe