Gluing - Patching Side

Gluing Insoles

3/4 Insoles re gluing front edge

1. Pull insole out enough so you can get at it

Use heat gun if needed,

2. Remove heavy creases by tapping insole on with hammer

3. Set back in and mark where front edge goes to with silver pen

4. Sand shoe and insole

5. Apply clear glue to shoe then insole

6. Roll insole in while wet and press gently into place by hand

Remove any excess glue

7. Wait 10 min or so then heat to c40 deg and re press by hand

8. Check all edges look well glued

Gluing Insoles into Fluffy boots without zips – neat fun!

1. Use an off cut of leather ½ sole or rubber, cut it so that you have 20-25m of the skived back

edge on the end of a skinny bit.

2. Dip the skived bit into the 1222 and reach down inside the boot to spread the glue on the front

half of insole board

3. Roll the front ½ of the insole back onto it self

4. Line up the back ½ of the insole inside the boot

5. Unroll the front ½ of insole into the boot and press down

6. Lift back ½ of insole and glue under it and press down

Gluing Uppers

Gluing for patching

Generally use Ortec – 1 coat onto each surface, wait 5-10min then push together, if you wait too long

and the glue is not tacky enough, put another light coat onto 1 surface, or both if the glue looks like it

has all soaked in.

Thickness of glue

Glue needs to run of the brush, if it is too thick it will go on too thick and then won’t set properly, then

when you come to stitch, things will move and look yuk.