Adding Straps

Yes sure you can have straps added,

* Colour of Strapping

* Show Strapping

* Measure Length

* Note Angle

* Buckle, velcro or Elastic?

Adding Straps

Mark out while the customer is wearing, guessing does not tend to work too well!!

Adding a strap around the back of the ankle

Adding a strap around the front of the ankle

Buckle on outside of shoe eg: on left of left shoe and right of right shoe

Mark out on shoe

Position of strap

Angle that strap will go on

Mark out strap length

Stitch strap and buckle elastic on with a nice tidy square, just a line will often tear out

Leather strapping? Or will we have to make some?

With buckle?

With elastic?

With velcro?

How wide will the strapping be?

Where will the elastic be?


What angle will the strap sit at?

How to attach to shoe?

Laces removed and velcro straps added.