Laces , loops,

Hush Puppie Sandal elastic lace mens 39cm


Putting leather laces into boat shoes

Remove old, cut if knotted

Put lace into lace tool, you may need to taper the last 8mm of the new lace by skiving the back off the

lace at the end.

Poke the lace tool out through the first hole, and then lay the lace around the shoe to get the ends even,

then go back and thread it through

Cut taper off

If laces keep breaking, consider replacing just the front part with a standard lace. Keep the

leather bit around the sides by cutting and gluing just inside the front eyelets, or on some

you can stitch them by going from the outside in.

Make the laces the same length as the ones you remove, or about 20cm poking out at

each end – if in doubt

Leather Lacing




Main Steps

1. Measure the correct length

2. Cut leather out or add webbing / leather

3. Take any old loop out, glue new in

4. Start centre sides, end in centre

Repairing Existing

Cut long enough loops!

On ones that you want to keep the existing loop material for

looks you can line the existing with 10mm? webbing or other

(leather or suitcase material or…)

Or replace with lace dees? Or lace hooks?


Pull Tab Loops

RM WIlliams usually 45mm visible, so cut 2 pieces of webbing 125mm long

Lace ends Aglets

Atom the lace

Slide Heat shrink tubing over

Heat with heat gun