Resoling Flat Soled MX Boots

Yes sure we can resole your motocross boots

Important notes: Some mid soles are made with Polypropylene which has a thin layer of Fibre on it, if you grind the

Fibre off you will be left with Polypropylene, which doesn’t glue to well, so if you notice woolly looking stuff when

you are pulling the old sole off, don’t grind too much off. If you do take to much off, remove the Polypropylene

midsole and stitch a new one on made out of 3/4/5mm Business. Remember to grind both sides of the 3mm before you

glue and stitch it on. Can use 3/4/5mm Buffalo or anything else you prefer eg resin.

1. Remove toe clip bottom screws then top screw nails.

2. Heat sole not Boot and remove sole

3. Grind new soles & boot, avoid stitching

4. Do Builds if needed

5. Glue

6. Assemble (need to remove soft insoles on some) grind edge

7. Trim soles close with knife

8. Grind edges with rough belt only

9. Replace toe clip, bottom screws then top nails/screws

1. Remove toe clip bottom screws with screwdriver if the heads are okay or otherwise get a big flat screwdriver and hammer it under the back of the toe clip to lift the toe

clip and screws up. Then take the screwdriver out and let the toe clip sit back down,

now you should be able to pull the screws out with pincers. Now take the staples, screws or nails out of the top of the toe clip.

If you can’t get a hold of the staples with long nose pliers, lever them up with a small

screwdriver first then use pliers.

A good idea to mark toe clips left and right with a scratch or a Vivid Marker as

they will go back on easier.

2. Heat sole in oven, don’t put in too far or else you will melt the upper. Keep an eye on

them at all times while in the oven. They have Plastic sides! Once the sole is hot enough it will pull off easily with pincers.

4. Grind bottom of Boot, If BOTTOM of boot has a furry texture DO NOT GRIND

This is a felt like coating on top of a layer of hard plastic that does not glue. So just

glue straight to the fur with 2 layers of clear glue.

Watch out for the stitching if any are cut you will need to restitch them.

Glue and Stitch on Business or grippy as suits

5. Glue on, Need to use Primer on most (TPR) (esp. Sidi, Gaerne, Alpine Stars)