Resoling Socked Lasted Shoes - Where entire sole is rotten and needs removing

Yes sure we can resole these, the tricky part is the edging... I'll show you some before and after photo's to give you an idea of what they'll look like...

1 Measure heights.

Remove Sole and Cut stitches.

2 Cut 2 leather strips 20mm wide to go

around the shoe.

Just cut the stitches around the toe area, so it's possible to stitch edge on. Don't have to cut as

far down the side as in picture. Remove insoles.

3 Stitch leather strips around shoe

Cut with knife rather than scissors for a quick and neat look.

Choose softish pliable leather. Trim ends square.

4 Glue insole back in and fold leather over

Glue if needed so leather will be 1-2mm above glue line. Don't pull too tight, else shoe will be tighter and a little scrunched!

5 Run edging around

Glue up under the new bit of leather. Fold over and knock with hammer. Grind flat if it scrunches up at toe and heel. Lightly sand so next layer glues.

6 Glue EVA Midsole Layers to correct height

Low wall in this case.

7 Glue Sole on and Trim

8 Another pair all done