Half Soles

1 Select sole and mark line

    • Choose colour and thickness to suit

2 Grind shoe then sole

    • Taper back edge of shoe and sole

3 Glue shoe then sole

4 Assemble

5 Trim with knife

6 Finish on machine

7 Paint edges

8 Polish

Leather 1/2 Soles

  1. Pay particular attention to grinding and dust removal prior to glue.
  2. 2 coats of clear glue.
  3. Allow plenty of time for second glue coat to dry.
  4. Use temp gauge to ensure both surfaces are warm all over, then quickly put together.
  5. Check around edges BEFORE putting into press. Edges must be touching before putting into the press.
  6. Use welt expander as soon as they come out of oven.